MacCast 12.07.2005
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Apple adds NBC Universal shows to iTunes line up
* Apple added several new shows from NBC, Sci Fi, and USA Networks to the TV section of iTunes
V Shows include
* NBC - Law & Order, The Office, Surface, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O'Brien. As well as classics, Alfred Hitchock Presents (1950s), Dragnet (1960s), Adam-12 (1970s), and Knight Rider (1980s).
* The Sci Fi channel - Battlestar Galactica and Battlestar Galactica Miniseries
* USA Networks - Monk
* Tonight Show and Conan content appear o be mostly segments, with some hour long "specials" costing $9.99
* Of course the new additions are US only for now.
* Although no talks have happened yet, ESPN has also recently expressed an interest in talking with Apple about a content deal.
V Apple will use iTunes Video to drive Hardware Sales
* American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu said the company made it clear that paid video offerings on iTunes are being sold in order to help drive hardware sales.
* Apple views content as strategic, choosing to break-even while leaving the majority of the profit to the content owners.”
* VP of iTunes Eddy Cue and CFO Peter Oppenheimer made it no secret that the company’s is to expand their library of video offerings.
V Synaptics will again supply iPod Click Wheels
* Earlier this year, Apple abandoned Synaptics and its proprietary click-wheel technology and circuitry for the nano in favor of its own proprietary application based on a part manufactured by Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
* Cypress has been unable to keep up with increased holiday demand.
* It's also not known chips from Synaptics are using Apples own proprietary application or if the chip is using Synaptics software solution.
V Apple launches iPod 101 site
* To help new iPod owners become familiar with their iPods
* The site has guides for using hardware and software including video and photo management, iTunes Music Store and using calendars and notes.
* The web site
iPod 101
* Look and feel similar to Apples Mac 101 site
Mac 101
V Sonys "rootkit" CD appear to have hidden iPod code
* Princeton researchers doing work deconstructing SonyDMGs DRM CDs discovered the code
* The software had a hidden component that could convert songs from the CD, or other ordinary MP3s, into a file compatible with Apple's copy protected FairPlay format.
* What's worse, it appears to be using open-source, yet copyrighted code.
* EMI has recently claimed to have similar technology from Macrovision in the works. Apple denies EMIs claims.
V Apple store coming to Sheffield, UK
* The Apple Store Meadowhall will open Saturday December 10th at 9:00 AM in Sheffield, England.
* Meadowhall is Apple’s fifth store in the U.K. Other locations are Manchester, Kent, Birmingham and London
V Apple stock on the rise
* Up almost 2.25 today closing at 74.05
* The stock has more than doubled so far this year from about $32 in January.
* Some analysts are predicting the rise to continue up over $86 in the next 12 months
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V How To Save iTunes TV Show Previews
* From Andrew
* 1) In iTunes right click on a song, video, or album art on the page your interested in, and select “Copy iTunes Music Store URL.”
* 2) Visit Debug iTunes Music Store.
Debug iTunes Music Store
* 3)Past the URL in the field provided and submit.
* 4) In return the XML markup of the page is sent back. (right+click and view source on the frame, search for the "previewURL" key). Your looking for a url that end in .m4v as these are the video preview files. Copy a url.
V 5) Past the url in your browser. In Safari, open the Downloads window and past the url.
* If you paste the URL in Safari you will get a grey image, but if you save out the file (Quicktime Pro) it will play fine.
* 6) Move/Copy the file into iTunes.
V Audio Recording on a 5G iPod
* Play question from Jason
V Does offer high quality recording
* Low (22.050 KHz, mono)
High (44.1 KHz, stereo)
* Needs to connect via the dock connector and there are no devices yet. No iTalk yet.
V Additional Intel Mac Switch Concerns
* Listener Brian is wondering about Classic apps and peripherals like printers and scanners
* First know what you are in for!
* It is my understanding Classic is not supported. Good reason to keep and older Mac around, especially if you have older Mac software (kids games)
* I would think printer and scanner drives would be made available for new devices (1-2 years old), but like other OS X upgrades may not be available for older devices
V Review of CastEasy
* Play review from Blair
* CastEasy
* I still prefer Feeder, but this my be good if you require less control and are overwhelmed by all the Feeder options
V Give your MP3s a memory
* From listener Tod
* In iTunes 6, Select a track and hit Apple-I for Info, select Options tab, look toward the bottom and there is "Remember Playback Position".
* You can also prevent a track from being included in Shuffle playback. 'Skip when shuffling'.
V More Drag and Drop Tips
* Play tips from Quentin
* Can drag photos to Mail and iPhoto as well.
V 8 Mac Preventative Maintenance Tips
* Listener Darin pointed out this helpful article on MacWorld
Prevent Mac Disasters
* Has a great table listing all the top Mac Utilities and their features
V Some examples
* Verify Preferences - These can become corrupt. You can verify them from the command line or Jonathan Nathan’s free Preferential Treatment application
Preferential Treatment
* Repair Permissions - Use Disk Utility or an app like Cocktail or Onyx
* Delete Cache and Log Files
* Update your pre-bindings
V Another GarageBand sharing site
* Listener Richard recommends MacIdols
* They also have a podcast featuring the music
V Workaround for iPod Photo Syncing Issues
* Play tip from Brian
V Closing
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