MacCast 02.04.2006 - Show #118
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Apple cuts prices on 20" G5 iMac
* Apple cut the price of the 20" G5 iMac $200 down to $1499
* The 17" Model remains at $1,299, but may no longer be available as Apple stores report they are out of stock.
* Availability of all the g4 PowerBook stock also seems to be dwindling. Will Apple announce other screen sizes soon?
V Adobe releases details on Universal products
* Adobe released a Q&A PDF document answering questions on support for Intel Macs
Adobe Intel Support PDF
V They will not update their current products, but will add support in the next major releases
* Won't comment on release dates, but typically release new versions every 18-24 months. CS2 launched in May 2005, so this Fall?
V Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe InDesign®, Adobe GoLive®, Adobe InCopy®, Adobe Acrobat® Professional, Adobe After Effects®, Macromedia® Studio, Dreamweaver®, Flash® Professional, Flash Basic, Fireworks®, Contribute®
* Why are the Adobe Macromedia lines not being merged?
* Also outlines issues with running apps under Rosetta (performance) and recommends 1GB of more of RAM or sticking with PowerPC
V Intel iBooks Rumored
* A 13 in widescreen iBook with Intel Core Solo processor
* Significantly different, light weight "stylish" enclosure. Black?
* Built in iSight, Front Row and remote, Firewire 400
* Release date rumors seem to range from November (to coincide with MacWorld SF) to as early as March.
V Lawsuit alleges iPod causes hearing loss
* claims the iPod causes hearing loss and Apple does not adequately warn users of the risks. Also claims the design of the white earbud phones increase inherent risks.
* one report has claimed that Apple''s engineers increased the sound output because Apple CEO Steve Jobs is partially deaf.
* Apple was forced pull the iPod from shelves in France and upgrade the software to limit the sound output to 100 decibels. The limit is 104dB in the rest of Europe.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V VidBits and MacRoundtable
* VidBits are NOT ads. Extra video content that people have asked for.
* I don't have enough content to do VidBits as it own feed.
* MacRoundtable was VERY well received and distributed in the main feed only temporarily.
* MacRound table will have it's own home in the next week or so. Stay tuned.
V iWork Review
* Play review from Charles
V Alternatives for MS Project
* Listener Heath was looking for Project Management software for OS X
* VersionTracker for finding OS X software
* Gantt Project, JAVA based open source
Gantt Project
* Shared Plan
Shared Plan
* PMX form Jtech softworks
* Merlin from Project Wizards (based on Screenshots this one looks good)
* XTime Project from App4Mac
XTime Project
V Basecamp from 37 Signals, online service
Basecamp (online)
* Plans range from free (1 project) to $99.00/mo (unlimited)
V Getting past 33 min GarageBand recording limit
* Play Skype voicemail from Ken
V Feedback on Darwine
V Darwine does run, thanks Alejandro. There is a binary and a couple of sample apps.
* Wine provides both a development toolkit for porting Windows source code to Unix as well as a program loader, allowing many unmodified Windows programs to run on x86-based Unixes.
* Helper app, but even after quitting there was something still running. I had to go to activity monitor and force quit 'wine_real'.
V International Pricing debate continues
* Play comments from David Cohen of the Podcast
* Listener James notes that pricing adjustment may also go the other way. Canadian prices went down $19 for .Mac. It was $149 but is priced now at $139. iLife has been $99Cad, but is now $89.
V Odds and Ends
* You can password protect iWeb sites
V Tip for running Powerbooks and MacBooks with lid shut from Phil.
* Just plugin the mini-dvi for 12" or DVI-VGA adaptor and just let it hang.
V Loud Intel Mac? Maybe your hard drive brand.
* Listener jamie says his new iMac was loud (contrary to reports that these are quieter than the G5s).
* After investigation he noticed it was his Seagate HD. AppleCare sent him a replacement Western Digital and the noise ceased. Apple also uses some Maxtor drives which are said to be quieter.
* British Royal Navy's new fleet of six Type 45 Destroyers feature cabins with iPod docks with 5 channel sound
V The Intellectual Property Action Committee (IPAC) is raising funds to buy a fifth-generation video iPod for a host of U.S. Senators who work on legislation affecting technology.
* They are NOT using tax money, but soliciting donations
V Mac DVR rumors still floating around
* Some still think as early as April
* What about simply an updated AirPort express or new set top box with ability to access and control your Macs media?
V Closing
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