MacCast 02.27.2006 - Show #123
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Apple to reveal "Fun New Products" February 28th
* Apple has invited the media to a special event at the Apple Campus
* Invite features and iCal icon image with the Feb 28th date and a message saying they will be unveiling of some "fun new products" .
V Predictions?
V True video iPod. This rumor accompanied by many new "fake" images.
* There are now some "how I did it" videos, supposedly from the forger, but even those are rummored to be fakes.
* Mac Media Cube. Picts on the net look a lot like Apples Design Award trophies.
Apple Design Awards
V 13" Widescreen MacBook (iBook) or Intel Mac Mini
* Reports that new iBook will continue Apples use of magnets (iMac Apple remote and MacBook MagSafe power connector) and have a magnet latching system.
* Intel Mac Mini
* Possible introduction of Universal pro apps
* A service for downloading feature-length movies from the iTMS
* iPod "Hi-Fi" boombox
* Not many of these products seem like "fun" announcements. More like expected ones.
V Safari/Mail security vulnerability
* Michael Lehn has discovered a vulnerability in Mac OS X
Safari/Mail vulnerability
* The vulnerability is caused due to an error in the processing of file association meta data in ZIP archives (stored in the "__MACOSX" folder) and mail messages (defined via the AppleDouble MIME format).
* Trick users into executing a malicious shell script renamed to a safe file extension stored in a ZIP archive or in a mail attachment.
* Don't open attachments from unknown sources and disable the "Open safe files after downloading" option in Safari.
V Apple sells one billionth iTunes song
* The billionth song ”Speed of Sound” was purchased as part of Coldplay’s “X&Y” album by Alex Ostrovsky from West Bloomfield, Michigan
* He will receive a 20-inch iMac, 10 fifth generation iPods and a $10,000 gift card.
* Apple will also establish a scholarship to the Juilliard School in his name
V Apple shows off Intel native Aperture 1.1
* Apple is showing an updated version of Aperture at the Photography Marketing Association (PMA) show in Orlando, Florida
* This version is Universal and claims significant speed increases on both Intel and PowerPC based systems
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V MacCast One Minute Tip #12 - iChat Images
* Play MacCast One Minute Tip
V What gives the Mac it's "Soul"
* As several people pointed out, and may not have made completely clear, it is the tight integration of hardware and software that creates the user experience we all love.
* It is THAT user experience that creates the connection that becomes the "soul" of the Mac.
* Also with PCs and Windows the machine is just that, a machine. Often that machine is a hinderance, something to be "dealt" with. It is tool and people often equate using a PC as work.
* Macs are enabling. The technology (hardware and software) is designed in a way that helps us get stuff done. The Mac feels more like an equal participant in the task. This is why it feels so personal. It is what makes Macs fun to use.
* PC owners work on their machines. Mac owners, work,but more importantly we use Mac to explore, play and create.
V Are Macs no longer safe?
* All the security and vulnerability talk in the news lately is overblown
* Macs are inherently more secure because of the OS handles user accounts. User rights are separate from "root," or "administrator," rights, which helps limit the damage a hacker might do to a system.
* I agree with Dvorak this time. These reports are good for Mac owners. We can be pro-active about security.
Dvorak Mac Viruses are Good
* Your best protection is knowledge, awareness and common sense.
* No computer system is immune from attack.
* Most exploits rely on "social engineering". Don't open attachments or download files from unknown sources.
* Use good passwords and don't use auto-login.
V Don't run in Admin or root modes.
* Go to the Accounts preference pane and authenticate by clicking on the gold lock, create a new admin account, now select your old account and remove the “allow user to administer this computer” check box. Authenticate again and you are all set.
* You can use Fast user switching to make installs quicker and easier.
* Run software update and install security patches.
V If you want you can run Anti-virus
* Norton AntiVirus
* McAfee Virex
* ClamXav (Open Source)
V Backup. Backup. Backup.
* Carbon Copy Cloner
* SuperDuper
* Apple Backup 3
* EMC Retrospect for Macintosh (Dantz)
* LaCie Silverkeeper
* For extra security you can set a Firmware password
Setting a Firmware Password
V MacBook Pro Review
* I don't have one, but my listeners do!
* Allison Sheridan from the Nosilla Podcast got one and sent an audio review with some of her first impressions
V Issue with FrontRow Enabler on G4
* Geoff reported issues with his 17" PowerBook G4 and FinalCut Pro after running FrontRow Enabler. The Viewer and Canvas would no longer play video
* I have not heard other reports of this issue, but this is a hack and unsupported so anything is possible
V To uninstall Front Row:
* Delete Front Row (/System/Library/CoreServices/Front
* Install/reinstall the the latest Mac OS X Update Combo for your version of OS X
OS 10.4.5 Combo Update
V Correction on
* On the last show I gave credit for a story to information from It should have been
* Thanks Ryan, for paying attention.
V Closing
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V "Djilawurr"(Orange-Footed Scrub Fowl) by Saltwater Band
* Michael from Skinnyfish Music (Independent Indigenous Australian Music)
* The songwriter, and singer is Gurrumul Yunupingu, a blind left handed
guitarist, singer and multi instrumentalist(including yidaki or digeridoo)