MacCast 03.21.2006 - Show #127
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V XP Boots on Intel Mac
* The Windows XP on Mac contest is over and over $13,000 in prize money was awarded to the two developers who figured it out.
V Need a Windows PC to build a custom Windows XP Pro SP2 (will not work with other versions) install CD using a hacked bootloader.
* Someone at OSX86 project supposedly got Windows Media Center Edition 2005 running.
* The 20in iMac is not supported yet.
V What works?
* Optical Drive
* Network (Ethernet, Airport Extreme, Bluetooth)
* Connectivity (USB, Firewire)
* Sound (via headphone/speaker jack only)
* MacBook Pro Battery Status (charge level only, not charge/discharge status)
V What doesn't work?
* iSight
* Apple Remote
* Video Drivers (except Mac mini)
Until working video drivers are found, disable hardware acceleration to increase performance
Start -> Control Panel -> Display -> Settings -> Advanced -> Troubleshooting -> move the slider all the way to the left
* Mac Mini: Bluetooth (Waiting for confirmation)
* MacBook Pro: Screen brightness adjustment (remembers brightness from last OS X session), Numlock key, Delete key, Keyboard Backlight
* How to Instructions on Wiki
XP on Mac Instructions
* has posted a How-To video
Install XP on Mac (video)
V User reports "torched" MacBook Pro MagSafe connector. Also some owners report strange noises.
* Some scary images on Flickr (already removed at Apples request) from one user.
* Censored picts not on MacNed (Dutch)
Picts: Torched MagSafe
* Seems to be an isolated incident and Apple is already investigating and have replaced the users MacBook Pro.
* Several reports of a strange whine noise that some describe as a cow "mooing" in the distance.
* Noise seems to be mostly on early production models and may be from a fan.
V First "full length" movie surfaces on iTunes
* A 1 hour 40 minute made for TV Disney movie called "High School Musical" is available on iTunes
* Originally showed up priced at $1.99, but was quickly re-priced to $9.99
* Cannot find it in a search (just get music videos and soundtrack), but the direct link works.
iTunes "High School Musical"
V Apple posts new non-silhouette iPod Ad
* Add for the iPod Nano, features a city built from Album art that becomes a tornado and then funnels into an iPod Nano
* Tag line, "1,000 Songs in your Pocket" and features music from Rinôçérôse
* The ad on
iPod "1,000 Songs" Ad
V NCAA Tournament on iTunes
* iTunes has condensed versions of all 63 men's NCAA basketball tournament games.
V Mac "rumor" roundup
* Lots of rumblings of a new "iPhone" out from Apple in the next 12 months. Mostly spurred by comments of a PiperJaffrey analyst.
* Full screen Video iPod rumors and mock-ups still going strong. Reports that Apple placed the 60 GB iPod on it's retailers "60-day at risk" list, although that could mean many things from it's being replaced, to a price change, to a supply shortage, etc.
* Video iPod may have BlueTooth headphones.
* 13" Widescreen iBook (MacBook)
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V XP on Mac, do we want it? Do we need it?
* Gaming, gaming, gaming.
* Some office environments, developers, etc.
* Laptops
V Other non-dual boot solutions that may be better
* Buy a cheap PC and a KVM.
* Intel Virtualization Technology, allows a platform to run multiple operating systems and applications in independent partitions.
V Emulators
* Virtual PC, performance should be improved
* Q, a free Cocoa port of QEMU, the open source x86 emulator. OpenOSX also offers a paid version called WinTel ($25 USD).
"Q" X86 emulator
V Follow-up on Apple India Support Facility
* Reports that Steve Jobs will visit the new facility
* Sounds like it will also be a R&D center
* Apple is adding this facility and I have not seen reports that they are closing other facilities to use this one.
V Mixed feedback from listeners
* Apparently Apple already has call centers in India. Many Australian listeners (some other) say they have had calls to Indian reps. Some report bad experiences, but most say calls were handled fine
* Apple has standard procedures at the level one support level. Mostly "cheat sheet" procedures.
* You can get bad reps regardless of call center location.
V Keeping up with Software Updates
* Use the "notify of updates" feature if available.
V Websites that track software updates
* VersionTracker
* MacUpdate
* Check the "known issues" and use the read me files
* Beware of BETA software. Just know that there may be bugs and conflicts to deal with.
* Run repair permissions before and after software installations and updates can help.
* Backups are a good thing.
V Closing
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