MacCast 03.26.2006 - Show #128
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Windows Vista delayed until 2007
* Microsoft will not ship their next gen OS in 2006.
* Some analysts think the delay could help Apple which already has many of the features promised in Vista. Security, video and photo editing and advanced search.
V Microsoft has said the delay is due to additional work on security. It has been 5 years since XP was released.
* There have been 4 releases of OS X in the past 5 years.
* Mac OS X 10.5, or Leopard, is due as early as November.
V Rumor of Virtualization technology in Leopard
* MacOSXRumors is claiming they have info from reliable sources
* Code named "Chameleon" and is being developed alongside both Intel and Microsoft.
* Virtualization would allow running Windows along side OS X, eliminating the need for dual-booting. As far as I understand it you can think of this like Classic for Windows, but with a hardware kick from the processor technology.
* Feedback on "Q" emulator mentioned on last show is mixed, but mostly not positive. Basically I don't think emulation is really a viable long term solution,
V US supports Apple in French DRM ruling
* The French approved a bill that would require Apple force apple to share its FairPlay DRM technology so other could create compatible players and services.
* In May, the French Senate must now debate and vote on the new legislation.
* If it is to pass most feel Apple will simply close up shop in France to protect it's intellectual property.
* US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez came out in support of Apples right to protect it's intellectual property.
V Adobe CEO reveals dates for Studio CS 3
* Adobe chief executive Bruce Chizen revealed that they plan to release Creative Suite 3 in the second fiscal quarter of 2007
V Adobe developer has explained on the Adobe blog the reasons for the delay in getting Photoshop out.
* Not just a "recompile" because they used the Metroworks CodeWarrior IDE and must move to XCode.
* Explains that XCode is good and developing fast, but just is not as mature as CodeWarrior. Xcode at the moment does not handle a large application well.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Windows XP On Mac Review
* Play review from Nick
* Warning about installing XP on Mac.
V The GearLog blog has been benchmarking XP on Macs and the MacBook Pro beat four other Core Duo laptops on the Photoshop test, though it came in behind them on the Windows Media test.
Xp on Mac Benchmarks
* And remember video driver are not even available yet.
V Beware of Migration assistant with Intel Macs
* I have had a few reports of new Intel Mac users reporting issues after using Migration Assistant to transfer accounts from their old PowerPC Macs to the new Intel Macs.
* Most notably issues with printer drivers and help files with accessing both usually causing applications to crash. With Help a corrupt cache file may be to blame, so it may be a good idea to use a utility like Cocktail or Onyx to
* Also reported are issues with iLife '06. It is recommended to reinstall iLife '06 from the original disks. I would personally re-install all Apps from disk when I get a new system.
V Motorola RAZR V3 and G5 Software Longevity
* Play Questions from Chris
* Dave Taylor has instructions for hacking OS X to be able to access files and photos on the RAZR. Use at your own risk.
Hacking OS X for RAZR
V Universal apps run on both Intel and PowerPC so developers will have software that runs on either platform without any other development effort.
* Apple claims there are now over 1,200 Universal applications
* I feel OS X update will be available for PowerPC systems for at least the next 3-5 years and maybe longer.
* Apple just dropped support for Classic (OS 9) with the Intel Macs. That's 5 years.
V Airport Extreme Card Antenna Connector issue
* Listener Vlad was having poor Airport connectivity after installing RAM in his iBook and we couldn't pinpoint why.
* The issue turned out to be a not fully seated connector. It should be flush and there should be none of the collar showing.
* Important to note if you upgrade or install yourself
* Apple Support Article with explanation and photos.
Connecting Airport Antenna
V Extreme empty trash
* From ShanMac
* If you want to remove a file permanently so it its not recoverable by typical recovery methods you can use OS X Tigers 'Finder-->Secure Empty Trash'
V iTunes video playback issues
* Play question from Max
* Make sure Podcasts are not being checked
* Check for widgets or 3rd party software that run to get info based on iTunes. PearLyrics for example
* Active network connections seem to have some impact on iTunes. Quit browsers, ftp clients, etc.
* Get more memory
* You found the workaround, play in QuickTime.
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