MacCast 04.01.2006 - Show #129
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Apple Computer vs. Apple Corps. Round 3.
* The court case of the Beatles Apple Corps. vs. Apple computer started this week
* To settle an earlier trademark dispute in 1991 they had a settlement where Apple was allowed to continue to use their name as long as they agreed to never enter the music business. Doh!
* The Beatles don't object to Apple selling music, they object to Apple using the Apple logo to do it.
* Apple Computer claims their 1991 agreement with Apple Corps only applies to music that on a cassette, vinyl record or CD and not downloads.
* Apple Computer offered Apple Corps $1 million for the right to use the trademark prominently before the iTunes Music Store was launched. Apple Corps declined.
V iPod Update adds ability to control volume limits
* iPod Update version 1.1.1 for 5th Gen iPods and the Nano
* Adds the ability to restrict the maximum volume level and to set a combination lock to prevent someone from changing it.
* There have been complaints and even lawsuits stating that the iPod volume can go too loud and lead to permanent hearing damage.
V New iTunes content and Season Pass
* Scrubs is now on iTunes
* 10th season of South Park is being offered with a "Season Pass" option. You get the current episode, plus all the episodes for the rest of the season for $11.99 USD.
* "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives" also have the Season Pass option for $34.99 USD. A $15 savings.
* The Season Pass feature debuted with the addition of NCAA Tournament games.
V Big execs leaving Apple
* Avadis “Avie” Tevanian, Apple’s Chief Technology Officer, is leaving the the company at the end of March to “pursue other interests,”.
* Long regarded as the brains behind OS X this has stirred a lot of speculation and buzz as to the future of OS X and Macs.
* In July 2003, "Avie" stepped aside as Apple’s vice president of software engineering and took the new title of “chief software technology officer”. Since then rumor has it he really has not been involved much, if at all, in the engineering at Apple.
* Jon Rubinstein, senior vice president of the iPod division, is also set to retire on March 31.
V FinalCut Studio Universal now shipping
* Several listeners told me they received notice that the Universal version of FinalCut Studio is now shipping.
V Apple Crossgrade Pricing
* Final Cut Pro 5: $99.00 USD
Final Cut Pro 4 or HD (4.5): $199.00 USD
Motion 2: $199.00 USD
Soundtrack Pro: $199.00 USD
DVD Studio Pro 4: $199.00 USD
Production Suite: $199.00 USD
Final Cut Pro 1, 2, or 3: $699 USD
* No crossgrade option for Shake or FinalCut Express. They don't appear to be available as Universal apps yet.
* Logic Pro and Logic Express are also available with Crossgrade pricing of $49 USD and $29 USD respectively.
* In related news Apple pushed the release date for the Universal version of Aperture back one month from March to April.
V OS X flaw results in images that can crash Safari
* The "image of death" from Drunken Blog. WARNING: Opening link to the right will crash Safari in OS X Tiger.
Safari Image of Death
* A flaw with the ImageIO choking on EXIF routine and effects the Finder and and apps based on Webkit and WebCore.
V 30" Cinema Display quietly updated
* Brightness upped from 270 cd/m2, to 400 cd/m2.
* Contrast ratio also raised from 400:1 to 700:1
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Follow-up on Motorola RAZR V3 Mac support
* Play comment from Curt.
V Should work using Bluetooth, but support may be disabled by you carrier.
* Jon, points out if you use an adapter it needs to be class 1.
V iSync supports, but again may be carrier disabled.
* Alex from Mac 'N Cell explains that almost all phones work with BlueTooth, but difficulties come into play when you try using iSync. Different carriers sell different versions of the same phones. The RAZR for example has the v3 (supported) and the V3c (Verizon/CDMA), V3i (GSM w/iTunes), and the V3x (3G GSM), all not supported.
* Alex has a site that lists iSync plug-ins for phones that are not supported.
iSync Plug-ins
* Brian Troth plug-in for the RAZR v3C
RAZR v3c iSync Plug-in
* Listener Mark recommends OnSync 3rd Party Sync app for contacts that works with RAZR v3c
V Watching videos with AirTunes
* Play question from Will
* Will not work because there is a hardware latency with the AirPort hardware. The audio starts playing on your Mac and then is heard on your speakers with a delay.
* AirFoil from Rouge Amoeba has the same issue, but will let you play audio from any source via your AirPort Express.
Rogue Amoeba AirFoil
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