MacCast 04.09.2006 - Show #131
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Apple shelters its bottom line in Reno
* Apple recently incorporated Braeburn Capital, a wholly owned subsidiary and based in Reno, NV
Apple Boot Camp
* Nevada has no corporate income tax nor capital-gains tax, and the state does not share information with the Internal Revenue Service.
* Apple currently has about $9 billion in cash and short-term investments and the firm will help protect Apple from California tax obligations.
V MacBook as soon as May?
* Rumors of a MacBook arrival in May.
* 13.3-inch widescreen display with a 1280x720 WXGA resolution. Likely to have the same specs as the Mini (Core solo and Core Duo).
* Apple will drop the 14" iBook and keep the 12" G4 in limited quantities
* 117" MacBook Pro may arrive at the same time.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V The Boot Camp Aftermath
* Install warning. During install you are asked which hard-drive partition will be used for Windows, you must select "C." Choose wrong and you could kill OS X. Full back up or extra Mac.
* Installing Boot Camp voids your warranty rumor is a joke.
* Benchmarks seem to show Mac as as good, if not slightly better than similarly configured PCs.
* Mac can read only Windows NTFS and read write FAT32. PC can't normally see the Mac volumes, but software like MediaFour's MacDrive will get past that. Beware of security issues with this though.
MediaFour's MacDrive
V Running "other" OSs
* Report that the Windows Vista installer will load up (user bailed install)
* Report of Windows Media Center running
* Report of Linux CD distros running and one report of the Ubuntu installer loading, but no install either.
V Virtualization with Parallels
Parallels Workstation 2.1 Beta
* Free Public BETA, but will be $49.00 you bring the OS
* Will support MacMini (at least Dual Core) after firmware update.
* Supports Windows and mutil flavs of Linux/Unix as guest OS.
* Memory is a disadvantage with virtualization. And there is some strain on the processor dealing with 2 OSs at once
* Performance is much better than emulators, but Virtualization really won't work for gaming
V MacFanatics want to signal the death of Apple and OS X, while PC users are excited about the possibilities. Is something backwards?
V Boot Camp breaks down obstacles for some users who may be considering a Mac. More Mac owners means more evangelists.
* You can try a Mac almost "risk-free"
* They see touch, use, smell and Macs. And hopefully be possessed by them.
* Steve Jobs won't do Windows. Windows has no creativity, no vision, no passion.
* Apple has already said it will not support Windows at all and Microsoft is up in the air, so you may be on your own.
* OS X and it's software make a Mac a Mac. You cannot separate the two.
* Apple won't become a high end "boutique" PC maker running Windows.
* The iLife just doesn't work on a PC. QuickTime, Core Audio, Core Video, etc.
V Some think big developers will stop making apps for OS X
* Adobe NEEDs the Mac market.
V Brad Oliver from Aspyr, "It's possible that the Mac market share could increase so dramatically that the demand for Mac games increases enough to offset the costs of the loss of sales to dual-booting, but I'm not so optimistic about that."
* It will be hardest on Game developers, because dual boot is not as big an issue in that arena.
V It all becomes about market share.
* Gamers want Macs but do buy them
* Software developers
* Small businesses
* Apple could release OS X for PCs, but I don't think they would. Where is the advantage for them? Higher support cost on a $100 OS, but maybe the high volumes justify it?
* Buzz and having the choice of OS may up Apple's market share
* Mac Fans would never go quietly.
V Tip: Spotlight your Preferences
V Use the spotlight search in system preferences to file them. It picks up terms for features you may be looking for.
* Example: Sound not only does the sound control panel, but also "modem sound" which is a setting in Network preferences.
* Start typing a term and a dim "spotlight" will appear to highlight potential matches. Also a drop down list will appear.
* Use the down arrow key to fully spotlight entries and hit enter to select.
* Can also access system preferences directly from spotlight search toolbar.
V A OS X vs Vista joke to close the show
* From an anonymous comment poster to the Daring Fireball blog
* "What’s the difference between OS X and Vista?

Microsoft employees are excited about OS X…"
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