MacCast 04.28.2006 - Show #134
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Next gen iPods to use Samsung chips
* Samsung senior VP of technical marketing, Jon Kang, confirmed.
* Kang referred to the company’s chip as the “PortalPlayer killer.”
* Samsung’s chip is based on 32-bit processor technology from ARM Holdings plc.
V Apple may be planning ads for iTunes
* According to Ad Age apple is looking at displaying ads in the lower left-hand corner of iTunes while you listen to Podcasts
* ESPN is supposedly working with Apple for the new "feature".
* I don't think this is really news. I believe ESPN is simply doing an enhanced Podcast with ads in the album art.
V Shake Universal coming in May
* Shake is Apple's professional visual effects and compositing application for film and television.
* Announced at NAB that the Universal version would be available in May and showed a demo on an Intel iMac
* Offers "major" performance boost over the G5 version
* US$2,999.00. No cross-grade pricing announced.
V iPod formated videos on Blue-Ray Disks
* An unconfirmed report that Apple is working to get iPod versions of movies included on new Blue-Ray disc movie releases
* Could be a great way t o have ready-made content for a new Video iPod and help push Blue-Ray DVD sales.
V Apple cuts Aperture developers loose
* Think Secret reports they have insider info that Apple has disbanded the entire Aperture engineering team.
* They says sources inside Apple describe Aperture's development as a "mess" and the worst they had witnessed at Apple.
* Will take a new team an entire re-write to salvage the project?
* Apple offered a $200 coupon for the on-line store to 1.0 purchasers after the recent price drop.
* Hilary points out that the new version won't launch if your screen resolution is lower than 1280 x 780. She has a 15" Wacom Cintique (1024 x 768) and it worked on that before the update.
V Chris let me know about the $200 coupon good for the Apple online store for purchasers of Aperture 1.0.
$200 Aperture 1.0 Coupon
* Good for one order only.
* Education buyers get a $100 coupon
V Jobs paints rosey Apple future for Shareholders
* Jobs is quoted as saying, “The new products in the pipeline are the best I’ve ever seen in my life.”
* When another share holder requested Apple make the "ultimate media center" Jobs responded by saying "We hear you loud and clear"
* He did not the Intel transition has resulted in some slowing of sales, but was overall very optimistic about the future.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V MacCast One Minute Tip #13 - Screen Views
* Play Tip
* One Minute Tip Podcast
V MacCast Mini BootCamp update
V Ran some tests with Unreal Tournament 2004
* Approx. 70 FPS running with everything on full under XP Direct X
* Approx. 35 FPS running under OS X OpenGL (not universal). There is a patch for the retail version.
V Installing Parallels Workstation 2.1 beta 5
* Install, set-up and configuration was pretty straight forward
* Performance is good, but did "stall out" a couple times.
* Full screen seems stretched even at same resolution
* Could not get UT2004 to launch, except in Safe Mode and using software render
* Didn't figure out how to move files from Mac to PC other than via networking. No copy paste?
* Still in one environment or the other, although did see a cool "Fast OS Switching" trick.
V A random listener comment
* Play comment for fun.
V Save money. Buy a 17" MacBook Pro
* Many have noted that a 15" MacBook Pro upgraded to match the specs of the 17" is actually more expensive.
* Just the $300 processor upgrade make it the same price and you don't get 8X SuperDrive, the larger grade drive or the Firewire 800 port.
* Could this be deliberate? Is Apple planning a price drop on the 15"?
V Is BootCamp Apple's push back into education?
* Listener Andrew (who is a high school teacher) shared an interesting story.
* Their IT department has been pushing PC while teachers prefer Macs. Now IT is considering all Macs. Why? Now they can set up one lab and depending on the needs of the class at the moment run which ever platform they need.
* Video lab --> OS X and iMovie, PE classes Swinger Pro (a Windows only motion analysis tool).
V More Apple products making animal noises
* Play comment from Ryan
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