MacCast 05.03.2006 - Show #135
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V Welcome new listeners
* Got a featured spot on the iTMS so welcome if you are new.
* MacCast is for friends
V News
V Apple running new "Get a Mac" Campaign
* 6 new TV ads and a supporting website on
Apple, Get a Mac Ads
* Features Justin Long who played Warren Cheswick on the NBC show ‘Ed’.
V Apple already hiring a new Aperture team?
* If you believe this guy then yes. Says he started Monday on Apple's new Aperture team.
V Daring Fireball blog attempts to clean up some of the Think Secret mess
* Mostly right, codebase does require major re-writes and the project was a mess
* The team was "dispersed" (re-assigned) and thus many left as a result, but they were hardly "axed"
V ITunes tracks still a buck.
* Apple has re-signed deals with Universal, Warner Music, EMI and Sony BMG and the per track price will remain $0.99 USD
* At this point the labels need iTunes for on-line and really don't have much leverage.
* The problem for the labels is singles are not profitable and more people buy singles on iTunes than albums. A $0.99 sales vs a $15.00 sale.
V French DRM law update
* The legislation that would require Apple to make tracks interoperable with all portable media players was re-written in committee and no longer contains that requirement.
V Bigger Nano with Video
* Rumors that Apple is set to release new iPod Nanos in September
* Double the capacity and support for video
* New Nanos should have Samsung chips
V Portal Player is not out yet
* New reports say that Samsung has only won the Flash based business and the high-end is still up for grabs
* Broadcom, PortalPlayer and Samsung are all trying to win the next gen video iPod business
* CEO Gary Johnson, "We're working to win back that business"
* Portal players upcoming chip will do "full high-end video playback". The current Portal Play 5021 chip doesn't.
V Next OS X files system may come from Sun
* Apple is considering porting a filesystem developed for Sun's Solaris 10 to OS X
* The ZFS file system is a 128-bit filesystem and offers virtually unlimited capacity and extremely fast performance because it is based on a transactional object model which gets by constraints of issuing I/Os
* The system is also "self-healing" (repairs itself) and "endian-neutral, which means it should work in different computers with different processors.
V Apple Store Openings in Colorado and Toronto
* The FlatIron Crossing Apple Store in Broomfield, Colorado, opens at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 6.
* Has a Genius Bar and The Studio
* The Apple Store Eaton Centre in Toronto, Ontario Canada, opens at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 6.
V iPods sent in to trapped miners
* Several listeners from down under alerted me to this story
* Two men trapped in a Tasmanian gold-mine for the past nine days were given iPods to help pass the time.
* How will they recharge them?
V Battery defect makes MacBook Pro issues a trifecta
V In addition to heat and noise issues AppleCare is now quietly replacing batteries on some early models
* General symptom is rapid battery loss or lack of capacity
* MacBook Pro models produced in the first two weeks with serial numbers up to W8608 are likely to have the bad battery.
V Possible reason for overheating
* A poster on the SomethingAweful forum claims that Apple is applying too much thermal grease to the MBP GPU and CPU chips and it causing them to run hot.
Somethingaweful - Cooler MBP
* The MPB service manual says to use "0.2-0.3cc" of thermal grease.
* Lowering the amount dropped the temp 15 degrees C to 35 to 40C (Apple says 45 to 60C is in spec)
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Feedback on my Parallels comments
* My mouse and graphics issues seem to be from the fact that I did not install the VM tools. When in guest OS choose install VM Tools.
* Multi-User OS was really VirtueDesktop (Virtual desktop)
Virtue Desktop Software
V Can Parallels use Boot Camp Partition?
* Play comment from Tom
* Not in the current version, but it is in the roadmap
V Virus Story on AP is a re-run
* Many listeners sent me links to this article
* The Korean-localized version of its online Apple Store was hacked (defaced) last Thursday.
V Listener Review: MacBook Pro 15"
* Play review from Dan
V Washing your iPod. Don't try this at home
* Play comment
* Don't try and turn it on. Best to just let it dry out naturally. Place in warm dry place for a few days.
V MacNurse can help cure your Macs ailments
* New "free" live chat support web site
* Available from 6-10PM GMT and 6-10PM Central in the US
* Also offer a forum and ticketed support
* Requires registration and I found the web site a bit confusing.
V Tip: Merging images with PhotoMerge
* Play Tip from Odis
* Need at least PhotoShop CS for this tip
* Great for stitching panoramas too
V Interview on Typical Mac User Podcast
* I was interviewed by Victor from Typical Mac User and it was posted Tuesday
V MacCast at MacGathering, with others
* May 19th and 20th in N. Hollywood, CA
V 2-Day seminar pass is $109 ($89 student/Teacher/Mug/Coupon). $39 with a one-night hotel stay at ($109/night).
* COUPON CODE: maccast
* The MacGathering, regional L.A. Mac and Home Office show
* Victor from Typical Mac User, Dan Klass from Bitterest Pill, Doug Welch of Career Opportunities
* Keynote from Sinbad and Mac Jeopardy with René Auberjonois
V Closing
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V "Contact High" by Lindy Dobbins & The Red Velvet Manx
* From listener John who is in the band
* Band web site