MacCast 05.27.2006 - Show #140
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Apple and Nike team up for iPod Shoe
* The Nike+iPod Sport Kit was announced Tuesday and expected to be available within 60 days. It consists of a receiver that attaches to theiPod Nano and a sensor that can be inserted into a special pocket inside Nike+ shoes.
Apple Nike iPod Kit
* As you run the sensor collects data and delivers it to the iPod. It is collected and displayed on the screen and spoken through audible alerts.
* When you get home the data is transfered to your computer and can be sent to the Nike+ web site. Where you can keep track of all your runs and analyze the data.
* The sensor and receiver are wireless (proprietary 2.4GHz not BlueTooth)
* Has a PowerSong feature which is a song you pre-select in your Nike+ playlist and will be played when you press the center button on the iPod to give you that extra workout boost.
* Requires iTunes 6.0.5 which the Apple site says will be available soon.
* The kit sells for $29.00 USD
V Apple also recently filed a patent in which they describe an iPod where song tempos would be changed based on your running speed.
* JogTunes is a site that offers "running playlists", so it gives you a series of songs from iTunes that will give you a Music paced workout.
* Nike is making a line of clothing with Nano pockets.
* You may also want to checkout the JamBand. This is a new product that is a sweatband that goes around your wrist and has a pocket for your Nano. $16.95 USD
* Also the Imo Shuffle Sweats, 2 for $18.95 USD
V XCode 2.3 released to developers
* A new version of Apple's integrated development environment (IDE) was released Tuesday
* XCode 2.3 includes bug fixes, a new DWARF debugging format and a new Distributed Network Build (DNB) scalable build architecture.
* The update is available from Apples Developer Web site
V MacBook Developer tools include Widget Maker
* A little bonus could be found in the DeveloperTools that ship with all new MacBooks
* DashCode is an application to help developers quickly and easily develop DashBoard Widgets
* Interestingly DashCode was not included with the recent XCode 2.3 release and is only available with the purchase of a new MacBook.
V PowerMacs lose 'Power' when going Intel
* Apple has filed for a trademark for the term 'Mac Pro'
* Speculation is that the name will be used for the next generation of Apple Intel Pro Desktops.
* The keeps in line with Apples new Mac centric naming strategy
V Apple Sells PowerSchool to Pearson
V Apple is selling PowerSchool, their educational management system which was purchased in 2001 for US$62 million in stock, to Pearson.
* Provides real time student performance feedback to teachers, parents, and students
* Pearson is the world's largest educational publisher.
V Pearson will develop iPod compatible content for students and teachers
* Educator content would cover topics like professional development and working with students.
* Students will be able to study guides and review notes for Pearson textbooks loaded onto their iPods for quick review.
* Apple said this spinoff does not decrease their commitment to education.
V Star Wars Clone Wars now on ITunes
* Lucasfilm Ltd. and Apple have made Cartoon Network’s Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 1 available for purchase on iTunes in the Short Films section.
* Volume 2 will be released in June.
* Clone Wars is an animated mini series and takes place between Episodes II and III of Star Wars
* Apple also recently added new NBC news content and will be selling NHL playoff and finals game recaps.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Listener review of the MacBook
* Play review from Katie
* Correction: MacBooks have a Dual Layer Read Only SuperDrive, no Dual Layer burning.
* Overheating on new MacBooks could be due to a blocked vent. Clear plastic packing material under the hinge that is not obvious to some people and not mentioned in the manual.
V Tons of Apple Fifth Avenue Store Feedback and Pictures
* So many of you went and many of you saw (and some even talked to) Steve Jobs.
* I received many audio comments (some too long or mixed quality) and photos.
Apple NYC Photos
V Backup: The Lion and Ants
* Play comment from Craig
V Recommended backup strategies
V Cloning
* SuperDuper
* Carbon Copy Cloner
V Backup with Incremental
* .Mac Backup
* Retrospect
V Copy/Syncing
* SilverKeeper
* Burn to CD or DVD (iPhoto,Finder, etc)
* Copy to external HD or other media.
V Closed Intel Kernel report was just speculation
* On the Apple Open Source mailing list, Apple product manager, Ernest Prabhakar said the report of Apple closing the kernel of Intel Darwin was speculation by InfoWorld columnist Tom Yager
* Ernest stressed that Apple has "not yet released" the source for the Intel Darwin kernel leaving the possibility that it may be available in the future.
* This could be a form of damage control, but it is important to point out that this only effects Darwin and is only t
V Turn off just iMac screen
* Not quite all the way off, but you can just adjust the display brightness all the way down.
* Easiest way is of course to just use the Energy Saver preferences. Set the computer to go to sleep 'Never' and set the display to go to sleep at a specific time interval. 1 minute is the shortest.
V A shell script on Mac OS X using 'pmset' Unix command.
Script to sleep display
* Essentially changes the value of energy saver preferences down to 1 min and then after 30 sec turns it back to 30 mins.
V Podcasting USB Microphones
V Play review from Chris
* Samson C01U
Samson C01U
* Logitech USB Mic
Logitech USB Mic
* I like Sweetwater for gear
V Powering your MacBook on a plane
* This came up on a previous MacCast as the MagSafe connector is proprietary and Apple doe not make an airplane adapter
* I guess different planes/carriers have different connector, but for the ones with Car style DC outlet Chris from the Amateur Traveler podcast recommends a Kensington Portable Power Inverter (KMW33060) for around $40 USD.
Portable Power Inverter
* Converts your car cigarette lighter into a standard AC outlet.
V MacBook Motion Sensor Madness
* Everyone seems to be looking to find ways to take advantage of the Sudden Motion Sensor (SMS) technology in the newer Apple notebooks.
* BubbleGym, Game controlled by sensor
* BumpTunes, a Python script to control iTunes by tilting your PowerBook
* MacBook Alarm, iAlertU uses the Apple remote to activate a car style alarm. If the notebook is moved it goes off. TheftSensor is a similar product, but will also use the built-in iSight to snap a photo of the thief and email it to you.
* MacSaber, Wield your MacBook like a Jedi Knight.
* Smack Book Pro, a guy named Erling Ellingsen created a patch for Desktop Manager (a virtual desktop manager) that allows him to tap the side of the screen and "slide" from one desktop to another.
SmackBook Pro
* Some of these tools will work with later model iBooks ( built after July 26, 2005) and PowerBooks (built after January 31, 2005).
V Apple overturned on appeal. Rumor sites are safe.
* Overturning the lower court's ruling, the three judge panel in the California court of appeals, unanimously said that both PowerPage editor Jason O'Grady and AppleInsider's publisher and editor-in-chief, Kasper Jade, should be protected--under both the California Shield Law and the First Amendment of the Constitution.
* Apple wanted to uncover the person who leaked information about an unannounced product called Asteroid (Firewire audio interface).
V Something missed in iWeb update
* There are six new templates to choose from.
V Using iWeb on more than one Mac
* Listener Darin pointed out this tech not on Apples .Mac Blog
.Mac Blog Tech Note
* When you create a website with iWeb, all your work is saved in a single file called domain.sites
V By default, iWeb stores the file in the iWeb folder located inside the Application Support folder in your Library (Users/username/Library/Application Support/iWeb/domain.sites).
* Quit iWeb (if it’s open)
* Locate the domain.sites file, and move it to a location where it can be shared by multiple Macs. iDisk (great if you need remote access), network volume, iPod.
* Double-click the file in its new location. iWeb will launch.
* From then on, iWeb will automatically save your work in the new location, and you’ll be able to publish your site from any Mac that has access to it.
V Closing
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