MacCast 09.06.2006 - Show #157
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Apple release new Intel Core 2 Duo iMacs and revs Mac Minis
* 4 models topping out with a new 24" model
* All feature Intel Core 2 Duo processors. A 1.83 GHz and a 2.0 GHz 17-inch model, a 2.16 GHz 20-inch and the all-new 2.16 GHz 24-inch (can custom order with a 2.33GHz). The top 3 models have 1GB of RAM standard.
* Apple claims the new systems are up to 50% faster than previous models and also have brighter displays. The USD$999.00 17" has integrated Intel GFX while the 24" Model uses a NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT with 128MB of RAM (option for 7600 GT with 256MB). The 2.0GHz 17" and the 20" still use the 128MB ATI Radeon x1600.
* The Intel Mac Mini received a quiet update too. The top model was bumped to a 1.83 GHz Core Duo and lower end model is now a 1.66GHz Core Duo processor instead of the Core Solo. Mac Mini pricing remains unchanged at USD$799.00 and USD$599.00 respectively.
V Apple planning special "Showtime" event September 12th
* Apple is inviting reporters to a special event to be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, California on September 12th at 10 AM PST.
* The invite features Hollywood premiere style lights illuminating an Apple log and reads, "It's ShowTime". Leaves almost no doubt that Apple is announcing Movies on iTunes.
* Same day as the opening of Apple Expo in Paris
* Recent Business week article on Walmart mentioned that Apple would begin to sell full length movies starting in mid-September for $9.99 to $14.99, along with "full-screen" iPods
V The Wall Street Journal claims Apple will launch with only Disney movies, claiming Apple has signed no other Studios. This seems contrary to the claim of the Lionsgate Films report.
V Pricing seems to be the big issue here. Movie studios don't get it.
* Why would I pay $14.99 to download when I can get a DVD at that price?
V What do you get for your $9.99 or $14.99?
* Quality? Is it better than TV shows? HD option?
* Burn-ability? Do you need it if your Mac is your media hub?
* iPod compatibility, yes if new iPod what about backward compatibility?
V The WalMart Factor
* Walmart is on an anti-iTunes campaign with the movie studios.
* Walmart currently accounts for 40% of DVD sales in the US
* Has WalMart's infuance made a difference?
* An Airport Express like device for streaming content to your TV.
* iPhone?? The rumor that won't die. One analyst says it's ready for relase, but early next year. Carrier?
* New iPod Nanos? 8GB or 12GB? Metallic cases, colors?
* If we just repeat rumors for every event and announcement we will eventually be right, right?
V My personal opinion...
* A (very) limited number of Movie on iTunes, but it's just the begining. Snowball effect like TV shows.
* A video edition of the Airport Express so you have some way to deliver new content to your TV
* Possibly a rev to the iPod Nanos.
* I prefer being surprised rather than over-hyped and disappointed
V Apple settles iTunes patent lawsuit
* Back in June of 2005 Vermont-based Contois Music & Technology files a patent lawsuit claiming Apple iTunes infringed on their patent for a jukebox software interface design.
* Apple denied the allegations and filed a counter lawsuit seeing reimbursement of legal expenses.
* The suit has now been settled, the case dismissed and all legal actions ended. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.
V The future of the iSight
* Current lack of availability on-line. Apple store reports a ship time of October.
* Integrated into every Mac except Mac Pro, XServe and Mac Mini
V Cannot be sold in the EU because it contains components that are on a list of banned substances for import
* Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) adopted in 2003 and went into effect July 1st, 2006
* Other "banned" products include, AirPort Extreme Base Stations (not Express), iPod shuffle External Battery Pack and the eMac.
V Theories:
* New stand alone iSight
* iSight integrated into a new display
* Phase out of stand alone iSight
V iSight apps to checkout
* EvoCam
* Toy Sight Gold
Toy Sight Gold
* Delicious Library (Barcode scanner)
Delicious Library
* Boinx iStopmotion
V Enabling USB web cams for Mac use
* MacCam (open source) Drivers
* IOXperts Web-cam Driver
IOXperts USB Webcam
V Adobe may preview Universal apps next week?
* MacRumors is reporting they have information that some information indicating the Adobe may give a "sneak preview" of some Universal applications at the IBC Conference which takes place next week.
* MacWorld UK is reporting Adobe will preview the next generation of PhotoShop on September 7th at the Photoshop World conference.
* Something is definitely happening, but I wouldn't expect too much.
* Adobe already stated that CS3 would not be released until Q2 of 2007 so this is probably just a glimpse of what we have to look forward to next year.
V 2 New US Apple Stores, 1 Canadian set to open
* Apple Store MacArthur Center will open in Norfolk, VA
* Apple Store Smith Haven will open in Lake Grove, New York
* Apple Store Carrefour Laval will open in Laval, Quebec Canada
* Both US stores open on Saturday, September 9, 2006 at 10:00 a.m. EDT
* The Quebec store opens Saturday, September 9, 2006 at 9:00 a.m.
V NickStarr uncovers the Giselle "Get a Mac Ad"
* They appear to be running in the Apple Stores and show the Mac with Giselle and the PC with a guy dress like Giselle (cheap imitation?). There was no audio.
* The site says there are 2 other ads also running. Checkout for the picts
NickStarr Apple Ads
V Let the Airline notebook banning begin
* Korean Air has banned Apple and Dell laptops from it's planes due to the risk of exploding batteries.
* Late last month, Australia's Qantas announced a similar policy.
* Luckily I have heard of no US carriers doing this yet.
V Possible cure for MacBook Random Shutdown Syndrome (RSS)
* O'Grady's PowerPage is reporting one user saying that Apple has isolated it to a design flaw in the heatsink.
* One customer reports his MacBook repair for RSS is on hold while Apple awaits a replacement heatsink
* No word on the exact cause. Thermal grease? Bad design?
* One German blogger has a theory that centers on a cable that runs between the heat sensor and the CPU's heat sink being too short. The heatsink expands, melts the insulation and then causes a short. After shutdown the heatsink cools and contracts breaking the short.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Question on burning a data DVD
* Play question from Jason
* From Finder, insert the DVD, copy the files and organize them (name the DVD), then choose File --> Burn Disc. Burns and HFS+/ISO 9660 hybrid disc.
* Burn Folders. If you have things that you commonly burn or if you want to set up a burn over a few days.
V Multisession burning with Disk Utility
* 1. Create a disk image that contains the files you want to burn to the disc. The files must be from a volume with a Mac OS Extended disk format.
* 2. Select the disk image in the Disk Utility list and choose Images --> Burn. Select the "Leave disc appendable" checkbox. If you don't see this option, click the triangle in the top-right corner.
* 3. Insert a blank recordable disc in the optical drive, and click Burn.
* Repeat these steps when you need to add more content to the disc.
* If you want a little easier and more versatile disc burning application, I like Roxio Toast Titanium 7. VCD, SVCD and DVD burning has a built-in feature that will compress to fit on a single DVD (used to be a separate app called Popcorn). USD $99.00 but currently offering a $20 mail-in rebate.
V IPod on a Plane follow-up
* This claims to be authored by the actual guy whose iPod was the "device" in question
iPod on a Plane Story
* Was a WOW player going to visit a friend from the game in Canada
* Accidentally dropped the iPod in the toilet which started the whole fiasco.
* Told the stewardesses, but they apparently had already followed procedure and phoned in TSA.
* It's a strange dilemma. There are procedures to follow, but at the end of the day doesn't it all seem a bit excessive?
V How to keep iTunes in Sync with an external library
* Listener David from the FredCast Cycling Podcast
The FredCast
* How to keep his home iTunes Library on an external drive in sync with his laptop when on the road.
* Also wants to keep "auto-sync" enabled on his iPod
V The key is the iTunes "Consolidate Library" option in the "Advanced" menu.
* Please make a complete backup of your iTunes folder before attempting any of this.
V First step is to get your iTunes library onto the external device.
* Connect the drive and create a folder to store you music.. Launch iTunes and select Preferences from the iTunes menu (Mac) or Edit menu (Windows). Click the Advanced tab, click the Change button, and in the Change Music Folder Location dialog box, navigate to the new location you just created and click Choose. In this same dialog also check the options for "Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized" and "Copy Files to iTunes Music Folder When Adding to Library".
* Go to the iTunes "Advanced" menu and choose "Consolidate Library". This will all your music, podcasts, videos, etc to the destination you designated and will maintain your playlists, play counts, ratings, etc.
V Now you can remove your iTunes Music folder from your local drive.
* IMPORTANT: DO NOT remove the iTunes folder, iTunes Library File or iTunes Music Library.xml file from your Music folder on your local drive.
* These files are the key to this working.
* Now when your Mac is connected to the external device it will use that location for your iTunes Music, podcasts, iTunes purchases, etc. When it is not connected it will default back to the iTunes Music folder in your Music directory in your Home folder. Anytime you are on the road and add Podcasts, new music, etc and then return simply connect the external drive and then choose 'Advanced-->Consolidate Library' and any new items will be transfered over to the default library you have selected in the iTunes preferences (in this case the external drive).
* Now you can remove the music inside your iTunes Music folder (~/Music-->iTunes-->iTunes Music) to free up space on your internal drive
* When you go on the road, you may want to copy the music you want to listen to over to your local iTunes Music folder as iTunes will not be able to locate or play it when disconnected from the external drive.
V Now the big deal part... Your iPod.
* If you use auto-sync, your iTunes library data is maintained, but iTunes won't be able to locate files that are left on the external when you are on the road. This means if you add files on the road they will be added to the iPod when you sync, but as long as you don't delete files (or the pointers to the files really) from the iTunes Music Library then nothing will be removed from your iPod.
V Downsides
* On the road you will not have access to any music that you don't move over manually.
* Can't really use Party Shuffle
* If you delete any music from your library on the road you will have to manually re-added to your iTunes Library from the external to get it back in iTunes.
V Closing
V Call for Bloggers
* Response so far has been great and I am reviewing emails.
* Details of what I am looking for.
V Podcast Expo is Coming
* Will be at the PME in Ontario California from September 28th through September 30th
* Will be on the show floor in the Orange County Podcasters Booth on Friday and Saturday
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V "Get Up" by The Rigbees
* From listener Jason who is a friend of the band and got permission.
* New CD, "Treading Water In An Angry Ocean" was released this summer.
* Artists web site