MacCast 10.04.2006 - Show #160
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Mac OS X 10.4.8 update, Aperture 1.5 released
* Fixes include: Connecting to wireless networks using the EAP-FAST protocol, increased Apple USB modem reliability, fixes for using OpenType fonts in Microsoft Word, improved compatibility with 3rd party USB hubs, better scanner performance, improved RAW camera support, fixes to printing documents with Asian language names, better performance of the Translation widget, improved broadband network performance, Security updates
* After installing the delta version of this update on an Intel-based Mac, the computer will restart two times--the first restart after installing this update may take several minutes; please allow it to complete.
V There is an OS X exploit in the wild that exists before this patch, so update ASAP
* could let a person with limited privileges gain full access to a system, but that person must be logged into the system first (can remote in, but they would need an account).
* The released expolit is non-destructive.
* Aperture 1.5 was also released and is a major update to the pro photo application.
* Apple also updated iWork '06 and iLife '06 applications adding Aperture 1.5 support among other updates and additions.
V iTunes 7.0.1 Update released
* Addresses many issues, improves cover flow performance and more
* Most users report good results, but some issues still seem to exist.
V Intel shipping "Quads" staring in November
* Intel will ship it's quad core server and gaming chips in November
* A "Core 2 Quad" chip for desktops is due to follow in the first quarter of 2007.
* Which Macs will be updated before MacWorld?
V Another Apple preview, .Mac Webmail
* Is this a new trend?
* The new version of .Mac Webmail ("coming soon") looks almost exactly like Apple Mail in your browser. Features include, drag and drop, message panes, message previews, built-in address book and more.
.Mac Webmail Preview
* They need to be able to compete with GMail, Yahoo! and others
V New Jerseys new iTunes tax?
* ArsTechnica reports the governor of New Jersey plans to put taxes on tattoos, landscaping, shipping & handling charges, periodicals and digital music and video downloads.
* The new items were added to a 1% state sales tax increase that went into effect on Sunday?
* If you are an iTunes customer in New Jersey are you paying more than USD$0.99 now or is Apple eating the tax?
V Apple and SecureWorks working together
* SecureWorks and Apple are working together in conjunction with the CERT Coordination Center.
* SecureWorks researcher David Maynor was one half of the team that demonstrated a Wi-fi hack taking control of an Apple MacBook. Controversy ensued as it was revealed they used 3rd party wireless cards and drivers.
* Last week Apple released a security update for the Airport cards and OS X that was focused on wi-fi, but denies that they were to fix the vulnerabilities demonstrated by Maynor.
* Maynor was set to speak at ToorCon, a hacking convention in San Diego, but was pulled out at the last minute allegedly at the request of SecureWorks and Apple.
V New iMacs have 802.11n capable chips
* According to ThinkSecret the new Intel Core 2 Duo-based iMacs have a Broadcom BCM4321-series system/chip which according to Broadcom is the " "first IEEE 802.11n draft-compliant Wi-Fi solution"
* The "n" features however appear to be disabled by Mac OS X
* If you ask some experts the Broadcom technology is the wrong tech to back. Many feel the Airgo chips and their MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out) is superior to broadcom and there have been allegations that the Broadcom implementation is buggy and prone to interference. Broadcom claims the issues are temporary and can be fixed before the specification is ratified.
* Since Steve Jobs only mentioned 802.11 technology in the upcoming iTV many feel Apple is trying to get ahead of the curve when it comes to adoption of 802.11n technology.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V I guess I need some pronunciation lessons
* Reuters (Roy-ters)
* Newfoundland (New-fin-land)
* Anandtech (Ann-aund-tech)
V Hide System updates you don't need
* 1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple Menu.
* 2. Choose Software Update from the View menu.
* 3. Click Update Now. The Software Update window appears, containing a list of available updates that you have not installed.
* 4. Click to select the update you wish to make inactive. You may also choose Select All from the Edit menu.
* 5. Choose "Make Inactive" from the Update menu. A confirmation dialog appears that says "Are you sure you want to remove the update <name of update> from the list? You may not be notified of new versions while it is inactive. To make inactive updates reappear, choose Show Inactive Updates from the Update menu."
* 6. At the confirmation dialog, click Make Inactive.
* The inactive update(s) will no longer appear in the list of available updates. An "Inactive Updates" counter appears in the lower right corner of the Software Update window.
V To make an update active, follow the same steps, but choose "Make Active".
* 1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple Menu.
* 2. Choose Software Update from the View menu.
* 3. Choose Show Inactive Updates. Updates that are inactive appear dimmed in the Software Update list.
V Transferring Outlook to Mac
* Play comment from Greg
* Makes mbox mail files for Mail, vcf (vCard) files for Address Book and ics (iCal) files for iCal
* O2M from Little Machines
V Will Flash memory bring us new laptops
* Intel demonstrated their upcoming NAND flash-based laptops and showed a PC booting up in half the time of a standard laptop without Flash
* Using flash caching technology to enable faster booting, wake from sleep, application launching and longer battery life.
V Rumors are circulating that Apple may be planning an ultra-portable PC for MacWorld in 2007
* would use NAND flash memory only.
V OS 10.4.8 Adds Click Wheel Zooming
* Can be turned on or off from the Mouse and Keyboard control panel if using the default drivers, but appears enabled by default with my mouse at least.
* Scroll wheel also can control CoverFlow in iTunes and in ITunes Store
* In Safari click on QT movie and you can scrub through video. Even works for video where no controller is present.
V Closing
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