MacCast 10.18.2006 - Show #161
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Apple sees (RED) with new iPod Nano
* Apple released a special (RED) version of the 4GB iPod Nano (USD$199.00)
* The product is part of the (RED) campaign backed by U2 star Bono. A percentage of proceeds from the sale of (RED) branded products goes to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Africa.
(RED) Campaign
* Apple also changed the logo above the NYC 5th Ave store to red and plans to sell a special (RED) $25 iTunes Gift Card beginning in November.
V Apple ships a few infected iPods
* Apple shipped some video iPods after September 12th with a known Windows virus on them.
* There is no official word on how many units may be effected but so far Apple has had reports of 25 iPods that contained the RavMonE.exe Windows virus.
* The virus should be detected and removed by any up-to-date anti-virus package.
* The virus is affects computer security, but does not appear to cause any direct damage. It is spread via mass storage devices.
* Apple recommend scanning your new video iPod and any attached storage devices, cameras, USB drives, etc. and then restoring the iPod using iTunes 7
V Apple purchases Silicon Color
* Silicon Color developed professional color finishing software for film and video editors working on Macs including "FinalTouch" a color correction software.
V Analyst claims 2 iPhones are in the works
* Jesse Tortora, an analyst for Prudential Equity Group, says he believes there will be 2 different iPhone models
* One, a smart phone, including integrated keyboard, video and music capability. The other a slimmer model with music support.
* At least one model with wi-fi.
* Last month Apple filed a trademark for the term 'iPhone' with the Far Eastern trademark office
* The smart phone sounds awfully close to the Ultra-portable Mac we discussed on a prior show.
* I wouldn't mind seeing a VOIP/Cellular iPhone with built in Skype.
V Apple plans support for BluRay and HD-DVD?
* Think secret is reporting that Apple may be planning support both format despite being a member of the Blu-ray Disc Association.
V This is not surprising to me for a couple reasons
* Apple is an active member of the DVD Forum which developed the HD DVD standard.
* The Mac Pro has two optical drive slots for a reason. Sony Blu-Ray license prevents manufacturers from making a single dual-format drive.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V A fix for rebooting iPods after 1.2 firmware update
* As near as I can tell the issue is with podcasts and audio files that are MONO. This problem has existed before and has seemed to return.
V Possible fixes until Apple issues an update:
* Convert the files to stereo. Set up the import options in iTunes advanced preferences, right-click the file in iTunes and convert it.
* Set the equalizer setting for the track to none. Get Info in iTunes
* Start the file past the first second. Can be set in the 'options' tab of the Get Info dialog in iTunes
V Find more music you iLike
* Great new service and iTunes plug-in from the folks at
* The site is currently in Alpha, but the iLike Sidebar in OS X is fun.
* It watches what you are listening to and gives you recommendations for other commercial music you may like, but more importantly for GarageBand artists with free MP3 downloads.
V Mac BT Keyboard and Mouse recommendations
* Listener Sam says he has a Logitech diNovo Media Desktop Laser from when he was a PC user and it works nicely. Only complaints are the price (USD $199.00) and if mouse range when trying to use it from his couch with a Media PC. Also not all mouse buttons are activated on OSX and the he has not tried the "media pad." No drivers from Logitech.
Logitech diNovo
* Listener David purchased the Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5000 combo. The mouse works great, but the keyboard has not worked at all.
Logitech MX5000
* Well we really didn't get a good answer and that seems to be the issue. Probably many devices will work with "basic" functionality.
* Many did recommend the wireless set I use, which is the Logitech S530 Mac. Runs approx. USD$75.00.
Logitech S530 for Mac
V iPod tax is wider spread than I knew.
* State with taxes on digital downloads: Washington, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, South Dakota, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Alabama, West Virginia, Maine. New Jersey just added and Vermont and Rhode Island have proposals in place.
* Listener Michael from New Jersey claims he has been buying iTunes music over the past few days and is not getting taxed?
V Converting WMA files for use in iTunes
* Listener Chris is a switcher had had a bunch of audio files (unprotected) that he wanted to convert to another format (MP3) so he could use them in iTunes on the Mac
* The Windows version of iTunes can do the conversion, but what if you only have a Mac?
V EasyWMA allows you to convert wma, asf and wmv audio files to aiff, mp3, m4a or wav. Good if you have an Olympus Voice recorder. USD$10.00, demo converts 12 seconds.
Easy WMA
* Does not support the WMA loss-less and WMA voice codecs
V How to remove old applications
* Listener Andrew was wondering about how to clean out old apps.
* 1) Re-run the installer for the app and look to see if it offers an uninstaller, some applications do. You may need to look for a "Customize option".
* 2) Look in your ~/Library/Application Support, ~/Library/Preferences, /Library/Application Support and /Library/Preferences folders for left over files and delete them. These are the most common locations for left over files.
* 3) Use an app like AppZapper, to remove the application
* 4) Spring cleaning when you upgrade OS X!
V Responses to my .Mac OS X support rant
* Listener Jeff recommends They say they offer free Mac OS X support.
* MacFixit
* MacOSXHints
* Apple Support Site
Apple Support
V iCal alarms pop up wrong after 10.4.8 update
* Listener David alerted me to this issue.
* Alarms pop off but not centered and possible partially off the screen. Some say it only effects alarms set prior to the update and new alarms are not effected.
* Apple is aware of the issue and I would expect a fix in the next update.
V Followup on creating an enhanced podcast
* Found out you can simply "hide" the podcast track before you send to iTunes
* Many wanted to know why I don't just encode the AAC to MP3 in iTunes and avoid the double mixdown.
V The latest on the MacBook "RSS" repair
* From a very reliable source and Apple Authorized Service Technician
* Apple is apparently only supplying a slightly modified (possibly reconditioned) heat sync with an extra sticky sponge in an "L-shape" to cover the two connectors which join the MLB (Main Logic Board).
* This technician says the heat sync fixes seems to work in about 30-40% of the cases. If they attempt to order a heat sync and MLB combo to fix the unit Apple will switch the order and only supply the heat sink. Only after the original heat sync only fix fails will they allow the replacement of the MLB.
* My feelings are mixed on this one.
* This is not the quickest or best way to respond to the issue in my opinion, but understandable as in at least 30% of the cases they save $300 on the MLB repair.
V New app to adjust your MacBook (Pro) fan speed
* smcFanControl allows you to set a new minimum fan speed, but not reduced it below the factory default. Fan speed will still increase as required by the system.
* Uses tell me they have had good results in using it to achieve cooler Macs
* only for Intel Mac and only tested on the MacBook and Mac Mini
* I would worry about wearing the fans before their Apple rated life-span and imagine battery life would also be reduced.
V ScreenCasts Online Enhanced Podcast Tutorial and Offer
* Don McAllister does the great ScreenCasts Online podcast and let me know that episode SCO0042 is all about GarageBand 3 and doing an enhanced podcast. It is available for free download in the archive section of the ScreenCasts Online web site.
ScreenCasts Online Archive
V That is great, but Don has done something special for me and you
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* Get access to the next 26 weekly video tutorials in High Definition (1280x720), Enhanced Desktop (960x540) or iPod (640x480) versions (or all three!).
* 6 Extra! Members Only shows, one each month
* Access to all available resolutions of the 70+ episodes in the archive covering topics like iMove HD, Keynote 3, iDVD, Flickr, etc.
* Optional free DVD of all the ScreenCastsOnline shows since January 2006.
* Special offers and great savings on Mac software, products and services. Some savings, like 40% off OmniOutliner Pro, could cover the $28 cost of your subscriptions
* Plus if you sign up using the MacCast code (17A77) a portion of your membership goes to support the MacCast.
* Go to ScreenCastsOnline/MacCast for details, the coupon code and to sign-up now.
ScreenCasts/MacCast Offer
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