MacCast 06.03.2007 - Show #188
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Symantec warns of Samba vulnerability
* Request Multiple Heap-Based Buffer Overflow vulnerability is present in all versions of SAMBA prior to the current 3.0.25 version.
* Mac OS 10.4.9 currently employs version 3.0.10. The exploit is only possible when Windows Sharing is turned on and it is disabled by default.
* If you are really concerned about this vulnerability and can't wait for Apple to issue an update you can get build the latest version from
V iTunes update support new "Plus" tracks
* iTunes 7.2 (34) was released late Tuesday night and offers the ability to, "preview and purchase iTunes Plus music—new higher-quality, DRM-free music downloads from participating music labels.”
* Plus tracks are now available in new iTunes Plus section from EMI
* Beside the tracks being called "Plus", the release also alludes to tracks from other labels being available.
* Jobs said Apple is busy adding "zillions" of independent labels and it will be available as they can encode it.
* As expected the Paul McCartney catalog was added and is in "plus" format.
* 7.2 also adjust the Podcast sort order so that "the" is not counted in the podcast name.
V Apple TV will add YouTube support
* Starting in mid-june AppleTVs will get an update to allow owners to browse and stream YouTube video content directly to their living rooms
* The YouTube videos will start with a few thousand in mid-June with more being added each week until the entire catalog is available near the end of the summer. The delay is due to videos needing to be moved to H.264 format to support AppleTV.
* Apple also announced a new AppleTV build to order option allowing customers to configure the unit with a larger 160GB hard drive for USD$399.00
V Another Quicktime security update
* QuickTimeSecurity Update 7.1.6 fixes two issues in Quicktime for Java
* One could lead to arbitrary code execution if your were ticked into running a Applet on a maliciously crafted web page
* The other may allow a web browser's memory to be read by a Java applet running on a maliciously crafted site.
V Microsoft enter Multi-touch game with Surface
* Announced on Tuesday at the D: All Things Digital Conference by Steve Ballmer
Microsoft Surface
* First applications will be table tops in hotels, bars, restaurants, and retail spaces and available only for commercial applications with prices ranging from $5,000-$10,000.
* Direct interaction by touch and gesture, Multi-touch. Surface computing, Multi-user Object recognition. Users can place physical objects on the surface to trigger different types of digital responses, including the transfer of digital content.
* Available in Winter 2007?
* All this has a very Minority Report-esque feel.
* Has Microsoft beat Apple to multi-touch computer interface? Rumors of multi-touch in next iMacs or Cinema displays
* Play Delmar's thoughts on the "Surface".
V Some Audiobooks won't play with iPod
* Apple recently ran into some issues with some new audiobook titles available on iTunes
* The issues several recent titles including Al Gore's book, "The Assault on Reason"
* The audiobooks play fin in iTunes but will not play on iPods
* Apple customer service is telling customers to not buy audiobooks for at least a week while the issues are resolved.
* Beyond checking the user comments for the books, there is not really any way of knowing if a book is effected prior to purchase
V Jobs notes on iPhone from D: All things Digital
* Asked about iPhone release date being the last day of June and said, "Yeah probably".
* On why no 3G, cited proliferation of WiFi and commented that 3G may not be necessary
* Said that Apple wants to open iPhone for 3rd party development but needs more time to work out security and stability issues.
* In talking about why the Mac and iPod are so successfully Jobs says it's all about the software, "“So the big secret about Apple is that Apple views itself as a software company."
* Jobs also hinted that HD AppleTV content may eventually makes it's way to the iTunes Store
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V TeachMac purchase
* Talk about the recent purchase of the TeachMac technology for $2 million dollars
* The technology is licensed back to TeachMac indefinitely, so the service does not change.
* Created Equal, the non-profit behind TeachMac, will give a matching donation to the Oasis Project of up to 1 million dollars.
Oasis Project Donation
V Apple support in other countries
* Play comment from Matthew
* I have heard of there getting success after a bad experience by contacting Apple directly. Emailing Steve Jobs (his assistant answers some email).
V iTunes 7.2 and DRM Free Gotchas
V iTunes purchased tracks contain you account data
* This is being discussed because of DRM free tracks bit has always been there
* Contains your name (purchased by) and email address (iTunes account name) in the metadata. Can be viewed by Get Info on track and looking at the "Summary" tab
* If you open the file in a text editor you can see the data. I tried editing the track and it killed the ability to playback the file.
* You can change the data with a HEX editor as long as you don't delete/or add characters (replace only)
* Changing a protected track breaks the authorization
* Re-ripping the tracks into MP3 or other formats will also strip out the personal data
V Chris Breen discovered that re-ripped MP3 files from burned CDs (analog hole) will no longer sync to an iPod. AAC still works and re-ripped tracks play in iTunes.
* Bug or done on purpose to limit DRM Free mp3 sharing?
V Launching attachments on Mac from Parallels
* Play tip from Raphael
V A couple items to add
* You will need to map a drive in Parallels
* You can save your script in ~/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts/
* You need to activate Folder Actions, open /Applications/Applescript/Folder Actions Setup and click "Enable Folder Actions", add the launch folder to the left pane and add the script to the right. You can also Right+Click (Control+Click) a folder in the finder and choose "Attach a Folder Action…"
V File compression on the Mac
V Built-in
* Right/Control+Click and choose "Create Archive"
* Great for sending attachments using Apple Mail, also check the "Windows friendly attachments" option.
V StuffIt
* Stuffit Expander (free)
* Stuffit Deluxe
* Recent issues with an update crashing the finder with contextual menus, but that should be resolved.
V Using restore disks with 10.3.7 or later
V Reinstall some (but not all) bundled applications without erasing the Mac OS X volume
V Follow these steps to install or reinstall certain applications, such as iCal, iMovie, iChat, Safari, iTunes, and iPhoto—Mac OS X must already be installed to do this.
* Note: On computers that ship with Mac OS X 10.4 or later use these steps to install bundled third-party applications, iLife and Front Row. For other Mac OS X applications such as iCal, iChat, Safari and others, use the system software install and choose a custom install.
* 1. Back up your essential files. This is a wise precaution even though you won't be erasing the volume.
* 2. Insert the Mac OS X Install disc that came with your computer.
* 3. Double-click "Install Bundled Software Only."
V 4. Follow the onscreen instructions as follows:
* 1. Select the destination.
* 2. Click Continue.
* 3. Click Upgrade to install all the applications or click Customize to select which packages to install.
* 4. If you click Customize, you'll see a list of applications that you can select to install, or deselect to not install.
* 5. Continue following the onscreen instructions to complete the install.
V Remote Desktop Maintenance
* Play question from Chris
V Hamachi & Hamachi X Client
* Establish a VPN via their service over the Internet using standard protocols
* No firewall router issues, zero config, deals with dynamic IPs.
* Hamachi
* Hamachi X
Hamachi X Client
V Remote control apps
* SpyMe 2, USD$15 for a 3 client license
* Netopia Timbuktu
V VNC Built-in to OS X
* System Preferences-->Sharing and clicking on the Apple Remote Desktop option. Then Click the "Access Privileges..." button and check the "VNC users may control my screen with a password" and enter a password.
* Chicken of the VNC to connect to and remotely
Chicken of the VNC
* Unless you use a VPN tunnel, not secure over the Internet. Need to open special ports.
V Closing
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V New music, "I Heard Ya Talking" by The Gathering
* Track from a band out of Santa Barbara a friend of mine was in in college
* Band is not longer around and I'm not sure what became of them.
V Jobs on iTunes for Windows
* "It's like giving a glass of ice water to someone in hell."