MacCast 06.17.2007 - Show #190
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Safari for Windows. Popular, but risky?
* Over 1 million downloads in the first 48 hours.
* In as soon as the first two of those 48 hours security experts tore the new browser apart finding as many as 18 security exploits and holes.
* Apple patched the browser a few days later with version 3.0.1 BETA. Yes, remember it is a BETA.
* Real world speed tests not matching Steve claims. How could they?
V Why would Apple do it?
* Play comment from Chris.
* Revenue from Google and Yahoo search
* Expose more Windows users to Apple tech
* Apple working to port more Cocoa to Windows, testing for future projects? iLife for Windows?
* iPhone development. Testing environment.
V The "truth" revealed on Apple Gaming
* EA will use a "portability engine" called Cider from TransGaming
* Will not be native and thus not achieve native performance.
* Intel only
* Cider loads Windows programs into memory on Intel-based Macs using an optimized version of the Win32 APIs
* Gamers should likely stick with BootCamp and buy the PC editions of the games to achieve the best experience.
V The "idTech5" game engine shown off by co-founder John Carmack was a Mac build. An could be significant should developer choose to use it for games on the Mac.
* The big selling point on the new engine is that it, “practically eliminates the texture memory constraints” placed on game designers and artists.
* Carmack promised more details and s big announcement for Mac at E3 in July
V Last minute iPhone details
* Only available at Apple Stores (online and retail) and ATT& T stores at first.
* Apple BT headset has FCC approval
V Expect supply to be limited, long waits, and shortages
* Flash memory supply problems, prices
* One experts says as long as 2 month delays in shipments.
V Overseas demand seems to be high. Recent survey from M:Metrics is suggesting that UK demand could be as high as 7 million units or 16% of their total market.
* Apple EU head said contact only in Europe too. No carrier announced, with rumors Apple is having trouble finding one.
* Apple announced that the iPhone will feature up to 8 hours of talk time, 6 hours of Internet use, 7 hours of video playback or 24 hours of audio playback.
* The entire top surface of iPhone, including its 3.5-inch display, has been upgraded from plastic to optical-quality glass to achieve a superior level of scratch resistance and optical clarity.
V New Apple iTunes Ad with Sir Paul McCartney
* "Dance Tonight" from his new Memory Almost Full album
* Ad is available for viewing on Apple's web site in the iTunes section
Apple iTunes
V ZFS in Leopard? Well... kind of
* In a "leak" prior to the WWDC keynote, Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz, said Apple would announce the inclusion of Sun's ZFS file format in Leopard.
* After his statement Apple officials completely denied the inclusion of ZFS in Leopard, which went against details know about early developer builds.
* This week things are a little clearer. Now Apple has confirmed that 10.5 will have limited, read-only, support for ZFS from the command-line.
* This is a big disappointment for me. ZFS is a new 128-bit file system that offers almost limitless expandability, along with a fail safe and checksuming scheme to keep data safer (safer, not SAFE).
* Listen to the great first episode of Mac Break Tech on ZFS
* HFS+ will still be the default file system in Leopard
V iMercedes Apple GPS system?
* The rumors sites are flush with a rumor that Apple and Mercedes are teaming up to develop an in car GPs navigation system based on OS x and with an iPhone style touch screen interface.
* Google's new "street view" feature does show a Mercedes parked in front of Steve Jobs house so maybe this is something ordered up by the man himself.
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V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V 3rd party iPhone apps using Web 2.0
V Share my thoughts
* Stop complaining and get creative. Many already are!
* Concerns over needing to be connected. Google Gears, Adobe Apollo? Can Apple allow local install, read, writes, but keep apps sand boxed to Safari?
* How deep will the hooks go? Can I send data to a flat file format in a note or to email on the iPhone's built-in app?
V Question and tips for recovering iPhoto Library
* Play question from Chris
V Where was his backup? CD, DVD, External hard drive (ChronoSync, SuperDuper)
* Be careful with SuperDuper, not incremental with SmartUpdate feature. Mirror.
* Pat copied her Library from her internal onto her external, but in place where her Super Duper clone was. She then deleted the local copy. On SmartUpdate it removed the copy on the cloned volume.
V Importing and restoring iPhoto
* Try to use rebuild options on the Library. (Option+Command) iPhoto 5+
* iPhoto 5+ will not typically import thumbnails from old library. Creates a roll for each day and will not bring in albums, keywords, etc.
V I noticed the new folders in Finder in 6 now nest directories differently from the root iPhoto Library folder
* old: /YYYY/MM/DD/ files and folders for Originals, rolls, data, etc.
* new: /Originals/YYYY/Roll and /Modified/YYYY/Roll
* Metadata, additional info, and stuff in Library6.iphoto and files.
V Lastly use Spotlight to help you manually rebuild
* Choose File-->Find from the Finder
* Change the search scope to find files in "this folder" that are "Size is greater than 30KB", or Pixel Width is greater than (under "Other") and "Kind is Images". (You can click the + or - buttons in the Find window to add or remove search terms if needed.)
V Recovering keywords, albums, & smart albums
* Not sure there is anything I can do for keywords
V iPhoto Album Extractor
iPhoto Album Extractor
* Point it at the iPhoto Library and it will extract to a folder with the album name
* Drag that folder back into iPhoto to re-create album
V Setting up additional libraries and sharing
* Permissions is the big issue and two people will not be able to use the library at the same time (iTunes 6)
V External Drive
* Hold option key when launching iPhoto to crete new library in an external drive.
* Select the external volume and choose "Get Info.." from the file menu. In the Ownership & Permissions pane (if the pane isn’t visible, click on the triangle next to its name), make sure the Ignore Ownership On This Volume option is turned on, and then close the Info window.
* Import the photos you want to share into this library
* From your second account, launch iPhoto holding down the option key, and choose the shared library when prompted.
* If you use fast user switching only one account can have iPhoto and the shared library open at once.
V Shared Folder (not recommended)
* Hold option key when launching iPhoto to crete new library in a shared folder on the local drive (/Users/Shared).
* Set up script or use an Access Control List (ACL) set up from the terminal to ensure all users have permissions to read and write form the shared library.
V Can use a hybrid solution with a sparse disk image acting like an external drive
* Set the owner to 'Unknown' in the Get Info pane for the mounted image volume
* Put library on the image and connect iPhoto to it using the option launch trick
* Only one user can use it at a time and need to mount and unmount before and after using iPhoto
V Network Drive
* Hold option key when launching iPhoto to crete new library on a shared network drive.
* Use the same account to connect to the drive from all Macs, or possible use the 'Get Info...' "Ignore permissions on this volume" option.
* Add photos from first Mac.
* Connect to network drive from 2nd Mac (use account from first Mac to log-in).
* Launch iPhoto holding down the option key and select the network library
* Only one account (Mac) can be using the library at a time. IPhoto will error when second Mac tries to connect.
V Use Built-in Sharing
* Do this on each Mac
* Set up an album called "Shared Photos" or some thing like that.
* In the iPhoto Preferences, click on the Sharing tab and check 'Look for Shared Photos' and "Share My Photos' --> and select the 'Share Selected Albums' option and make sure the new Shared Album you just created is selected. You can also share other albums, the whole library and add a password if you want.
* Now you can view each others shared albums and copy the files between iPhoto libraries. You can edit or add to images in shared albums, you must copy them locally before doing that.
* Use "Photocasts" to set up a similar scenario between Macs over the internet.
V Some other cool iPhoto tricks
* I found these cool tricks on Work in iPhoto 6
* When browsing in the main library window you can press 0,1, or 2 to quickly change the scale of the images in the window to one of 3 presets. 0 = smallest, 1=largest, 2=medium (~2 images per row)
V Advanced editing options for the Red Eye and Enhanced tools
* Need to be have Preferences-->General-->Edit in Main Window, option set.
* Double click a photo to get in edit mode
* Click on either red-eye or enhance tool and then press the Control+Caps Lock+9 key at the same time. Nothing will apparently happen on screen, but you will have enabled the advanced features. hit the tab key and you will see the cursor change from cross hair to something else.
V Red-Eye
* Use the [ or ] keys to change size of the effected area
V Enhance
* Use the [ or ] keys to change size of the effected area
* Use the Shift+[ or the Shift+] to adjust the amount of enhancing applied
V Dynamic Port Forwarding with Lighthouse
* Play comment from Ted
* Limitation of number of port forwards.
V Printing to unsupported printers in OS X
* Play question from Alex
V Foomatic open source print drivers from Linux
Open Source HP Drivers
* Need to install XCode, Apple's developer Tools
* ESP Ghostscript 7.07.1 (ESP GS) is an open-source PostScript interpreter
* Foomatic-RIP
* Foo2zjs drivers which include support for your HP Laserjet 1600
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