MacCast 07.26.2007 - Show #193
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V Apple's Q2 Earnings better than expected
V Profits of 92 cents a share
* 9 cents better than Wallstreet expectations and 26 cents better than Apple's predictions
V Peter Oppenheimer confirmed that Apple sold 270,000 iPhones in 2 days
* AT&T reported 146,000 activations for the same period
* 73% increase in profit over the same period last year. $818 million on $5.4 billion in revenue
V Mac shipments up 33%
* 1.13 million notebooks
* 634,000 desktops
V iPod shipments up 21%
* 9.8 million units vs 8.1 in the same period last year
V iPod sales for the quarter accounted for 1.57 billion in revenue
* NPD report iPods account for 71.5% of the uS MP3 player market
* iTunes sales grew 33% year-over-year
* iPods and music related revenue account for 40% of Apple's total for the quarter.
* With iPhones and Apple TV in the mix it is likely that Macs and OS X will account for less than 50% of Apple revenue sources next year
V MacNN is reporting on one intriguing statement made by Oppenheimer.
* He warns of lower than expected earnings next quarter
* Rising NAND prices, high cost back to school programs, and a "product transition" (no details)
V Duke Wi-fi not hit by iPhone
V Last week Duke was blaming outages on iPhones
* intermittent floods or storms of Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) packets) requests were taking 20 to 30 WLAN access points off line for 10 to 15 minutes.
* Kevin Miller, assistant director, communications infrastructure, with Duke’s Office of Information Technology blamed Apple and the iPhone almost outright saying, "I don’t believe it’s a Cisco problem in any way, shape, or form,"
* Cisco discovered that their wireless LAN controllers have “multiple vulnerabilities in the handling of Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) packets. that could result in a denial of service (DoS) in certain environments.”
* Cisco has issued a security advisory alerting customers of the issue and will issue a patch on Friday.
V New Leopard Build not well received
* Rumors that Apple is seeding the first new build of Leopard since WWDC.
* OS 10.5 Preview Release build 9A499
* It is said to offer dramatic performance gains over the prior build, but some developers caution upgrading.
* Report the new build is also "very buggy".
* Worries me a bit since October is not far off.
V iPhone hacking forges on
* Can activate the phone without AT&T. All but phone service.
* Run open source apps from the phone, Apache web server, Python, etc.
* Use the iPhone as a tethered modem on EDGE
* Apple and AT&T have seemed to not care so far?
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V The Gadget Locker
* Great place for Apple, iPod, and iPhone accessories.
* iPod Recycling Program
* Recommended product, Griffin iMic 2 USB Audio Interface
Griffin iMac 2
* Maccast specials and $5.00 off your order with coupon code: maccast
V 6th Gen iPod won't have the touch
* Think Secret is rumoring
* Will be 1in shorter, click-wheel and same 320x240 display
* Running all new iPod OS. Videos surfaced online this week, but all have been removed by Apple legal. Design has an iPhone feel to interface elements, buttons, etc.
* Black model will have more matte finish (like MacBook).
* May offer colors, like the Nano
* 9to5 Mac has a Photshopped "mock-up" and it looks stupid. I call it stubbyPod.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Listener tip and comment from last show
* Play audio from Peter
V I will be coming to Germany likely in late September or early October.
* Gauge interest in a meetup.
V The iPhone Gap
* Brought up in a cNet piece.
* AT&T Says 146,000 activated, Apple says 270,000 sold. Where are the other 124,000 iPhones?
* Activation issue were understated? Anonymous sources say 2% had issues. Account for between 5,500 and 11,000 phones.
V Procrastinators? AT&Ts number are through midnight Saturday.
* Related to this, gifts.
* Profiteering? People buying to sell on-line.
* In transit. Apple's numbers include phones that were shipped to AT&T stores which ran out on Saturday
V I have something to say
* Ryan in our inaugural segment
* How to convince PC holdouts to switch?
V Dvorak is OK with the Mac
* Robert pointed me to Dvorak's Wednesday PC Mag article
Dvorak on Mac
* He finds it every bit as good as his PC for everyday use. Office apps, email, web surfing, etc.
* Feels OS X is more solid than Microsoft Windows, but I cannot say why.
* Doesn't plan to switch himself, but is recommending Macs more to people who ask.
V 10.4.10 brings Airport Woes to some
* Seems to be some Intel Mac users having issues after the update
* Unreliable and dropped connections to Kernel Panics.
* I am plagued myself, but only on WEP or WPA connections. Isolated to some 3rd party routers?
* Workaround until Apple patches seems to be go wired.
V Migrating data to a new Mac
* Play question from Fuadh
* Mount clone image and use Migration Assistant
V Alternative Paint Apps
* Matt was looking for an app like Paintshop for the PC, but more affordable than Photoshop
* Of course there is PhotoShop Elements
* Graphic Converter, USD $34.95. New version 6
Graphic Converter
* SeaShore, FREE - Based on GIMP, but Cocoa app.
* Mac GIMP, FREE needs X11
* Pixelmator, new app soon to be in private BETA
* ArtRage 2, USD $25.00 - More like Painter. simulates real world tools
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* The album, "City Life", was all produced with Macs, ProTools, etc.
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