MacCast 08.26.2007 - Show #197
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V The Gadget Locker
V iPod Recycling program
* Get rid of your old iPod properly
* They send you free shipping label
* You get 20 bucks store credit.
* Maccast Pick, iHome iPod Clock Radio, $79.99 (save $20).
The Gadget Locker
V News
V New iTunes rivals surface
* RealNetworks, MTV, and Verizon team up
* Wal Mart, with DRM free tracks from Universal and EMI
* At least one analyst says these new services may help Apple. Focus seems to be on delivering DRM free tracks which would work on iPods. Apple make little to no money from ITunes sales.
V iPhone Update 1.0.2
* Apple official: "This version includes bug fixes and supersedes all previous versions".
V User reports
* Better Wi-fi reception and cellular reception.
* Better speakerphone volume
* Better Safari performance.
* Drastic improvement to the camera phone preview with higher refresh rate
* Refurbished iPhones now available at $100 savings
V IPhones unlocked in hardware and Software
V Earlier in the week George Hotz, a teen hacker in NJ, hardware unlocked the iPhone and published the results on YouTube.
* Requires soldering circuit board connections
V Then on Friday a six-man team from announced they had a software SIM unlock.
* Engadget says they can confirm the hack is legit and is "restore-resistant"
* The team says they will start selling licences of the hack next week.
* Uniquephones in the UK says they will post their software unlock hack on Saturday. Between $25-$50 for their solution.
V According to a post on the blog (a subsidiary of UniquePhones), they were contacted by a lawyer representing AT&T and have decided to delay the launch of their software:
* "the law firm presented issues such as copyright infringement and illegal software dissemination. Uniquephones is taking legal advice to ascertain whether AT&T was sending a warning shot or directly threatening legal action."
V The problem for them may be that they are a UK company. In the US changes to the DCMA are supposed to allow for the "hacking" of cell phone to allow use on other carriers.
* "Computer programs in the form of firmware that enable wireless telephone handsets to connect to a wireless telephone communication network, when circumvention is accomplished for the sole purpose of lawfully connecting to a wireless telephone communication network." (added in 2006)
V The iPhone hacks seem to go deep so there could be violations elsewhere or using you phone on another carrier may be a violation of your AT&T service contract
* Hacks also allow you to activate the iPhone without AT&T
V A piece point out the irony of the "blue box" which was a device the Steve's made and sold at UC Berkeley.
* The device allowed you to make free long distance phone calls. At the time. the early 1970s, AT&T still held much of a monopoly over the Phone system.
* Money from sales of the illegal devices could have possible even went into some of the components that made the first Apple's and eventually launched the company.
* VIsual Voicemail won't work, but almost everything else will.
V Hacks might arrive not too far in advance of official European launch of iPhones
* Germany’s T-Mobile Deutschland, France’s Orange SA and Britain’s O2 (UK) are reported to have signed exclusive deals to sell the iPhone in their respective markets.
* Orange has said they are in talks, but denied that a deal had been signed.
* Support the iPhone Dev Team, the ones who made these commercial hardware hacks possible, and get a software unlock for free.
V New iPods September 5th?
* Rumors are flying that Apple plans to hold another special event September 5th.
* Since Apple has announced new iPods like the original Nano and the 5th gens at September events, speculation is that it will be to announce new iPods
* Leading the rumors are new Nanos, fueled by more new "stubby Pod" photos that surfaced and Apple ordered take-down to 9to5 and Gizmodo.
* Also still speculation of an iPhone style 6th gen.
* Rumors of dwindling supply also propping up speculation.
V Apple slow to patch JAVA bug
* A ZD net blog post outlines a JAVA security bud discovered by a Google engineer in October of 2006, that Apple has yet to patch
* Sun issued an update for Windows, Solaris, and Linux in May of 2007
* An integer overflow in the embedded ICC profile image allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service (JVM crash) via a crafted JPEG or BMP file.
* The image file could be delivered via a maliciously crafted web site.
* According to the engineer who discovered the hack, it is "difficult to exploit". No known attack in the wild.
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V Circus Ponies
V NoteBook
* Replacement for paper. Clippings integrate with web browser and other apps via the services menu. Easily send items to your notebook for later review.
* Great way to get thoughts, ideas, and research organized. Try it and see for yourself, free 30-day trial.
Circus Ponies Notebook
* Free Screencast Online tutorial in episode Episode 0096 on 4/30/07.
SCO - Notebook Tutorial
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V iPhone dead spots correction
* A listener pointed out that I should have dug a little deeper on this one and he is right.
* I reported on a Marketwatch piece where an analyst said the recent issues with dead strips on some iPhone touchscreens may be due to the use of IP technology Apple purchased from a bankrupt Finnish company. The technology was chemical based.
* iPhone screens use capacitive technology based on electrical fields, not chemicals.
* Maccast is not a news source. A community based podcast where we share ideas and I review and comment on reports FROM news sources.
* You got my back. Thanks!
V Correction on Tiger Cache Cleaner
* Listener Steve pointed out that it does WAY more then clean caches
V Huge list of features, including...
* Clean and rebuild Spotlight metadata.
* Delete Virtual Memory swapfiles.
* Repair disk permissions.
* Rebuild LaunchServices database.
* Customize hidden Mac OS X and Safari settings.
* Many of the same things other tools like Cocktail do.
* Tiger Cache Cleaner, USD$9.99
Tiger Cache Cleaner
V Selecting a Video Camera
* Listener Timothy was wondering how to pick a video camera for use with the Mac. Great question with the new iLife just being released
* I turned to Maccast Loop contributor and Pixel Corps member Blake Tucker
* Play interview with Blake
V Migrating from PPC to Intel
* Play comment from Alexander
V Files that may cause issues
* # Classic Environment, and subsequently any Mac OS 9 or earlier applications
# Screensavers written for the PowerPC
# System Preference add-ons
# All Unsanity Haxies
# Browser and other plug-ins
# Contextual Menu Items
# Applications which specifically require the PowerPC G5
# Kernel extensions
# Java applications with JNI (PowerPC) libraries
* Create a full "snapshot" backup of old system prior to doing anything
* Do a check for these types of files before hand and remove any from your system prior to migration
* Check all your applications, hardware, add-ons, plug-ins, etc for Intel compatibility
V I don't recommend moving any applications, re-install.
* Move User files and folders and your (cleaned) Library or
* Move files manually following Apple discussion instructions
Migrate PPC to Intel Manually
V Re-installing Mac Bundled iLife
* Want to revert or re-install iMovie (or other Apps) that came with your Mac. OS 10.3.7 or later
V Reinstall some (but not all) bundled applications without erasing the Mac OS X volume
* Follow these steps to install or reinstall certain applications, such as iCal, iMovie, iChat, Safari, iTunes, and iPhoto
* OS X 10.4 or later iCal, iChat, Safari and some others are on the 10.4 Install disc under "Optional Installs.pkg". Custom install Applications.
* 1. Back up your essential files. This is a wise precaution even though you won't be erasing the volume.
* 2. Insert the Mac OS X Install disc that came with your computer.
* 3. Double-click "Install Bundled Software Only."
V 4. Follow the onscreen instructions as follows:
* 1. Select the destination.
* 2. Click Continue.
* 3. Click Customize to select which packages to install.
* 4. You'll see a list of applications that you can select to install, or deselect to not install.
* 5. Continue following the onscreen instructions to complete the install.
V I have something to say: Logic Updates
* Listener Kevin switched to use Logic Pro and is wondering where are the updates from Apple.
* Play segment
V Saving iWeb shared Web Gallery photos
* Play question from Nate
* iPhoto will ask when you try to delete the Web Gallery. Choose the "Import photos to your library before deleting…" option.
* Manually move the images to the main library
V Sending SMS in iChat
* Tip from listener Wayne
* Triggered by listener who wanted an OS X to send SMS messages via BT on his phone
* Can send them by setting up an iChat buddy using AIM with the username being +area code and phone number.
* Replies will even go back to iChat.
V Closing
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