MacCast 09.03.2007 - Show #198
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
V News
V New iPods on Wednesday?
* Apple has invited press to it's "The beat goes on" event on September 5th
V New "Stubby pod" Nanos.
* 2.5" 320x240" display
* video support
* games?.
* New colors (9to5 Mac): Black-matte, Silver , Cranberry/Wine Red, Lighter Blue, Light Green
* New "iPhone style" widescreen video iPod
V Beatles music on iTunes?
* On April 10th of 1970, Apple Music released a statement on behalf of the Beatles (about their break-up) that read, "The world is still spinning and so are we and so are you. When the spinning stops--that'll be the time to worry. Not before. The Beatles are alive and well and the beat goes on. The beat goes on."
* "The Beat Goes On" Sonny and Cher song from 1967
* "And The Beat Goes On", The Whispers 1980
V Ringtones for iPhone via iTunes
* Ambrosia "iToner", let you add them now without hacking.—itoner
* MacNN report on a Washington Post piece that claims they have documents from an Apple partner that prove Apple is developing a "iPhone Nano", cheaper version of the iPhone and a Wi-Fi enabled, touchscreen, "iPhone style" iPod to be released within months.
V Apple brings TV shows to UK iTunes
* FInally. Mostly US shows with content from ABC, Disney and MTV
* Pricing is much higher than in the US. £1.89 (USD $3.81) per episode or
* BBC shows for free with BBCs iPlayer (currently NOT Mac compatible)
V NBC and Apple fight over iTunes
* The AP is reporting that NBC announced it would not renew in December
* Apple will not sell new fall TV shows rather than cut off mid-season
V NBC reportedly wanted double the wholesale price which would have forced the iTunes price to $4.99 per episode.
* NBC denies that, saying they wanted flexibility to market and price on a show by show basis.
V They don't get it.
V "It is clear that Apple's retail pricing strategy for its iTunes service is designed to drive sales of Apple devices, at the expense of those who create the content that makes these devices worth buying," said NBC Universal spokesman Cory Shields.
* Me thinks they over value their content. Funny that it's the 4th place network not renewing. Good luck.
* NBC Universal also wants iTunes to stiffen anti-piracy provisions so computer users would not have easy access to illegal downloads.
* Disney Channel sticking with iTunes saying ratings are up. Keep in mind Jobs is a majority shareholder and on board at Disney.
V 1 in 6 US Laptops an Apple
* A PC World piece cites an NPD Group report
* 17.6 percent of all laptop sold in retail in June 2007. (excludes direct and on-line)
* Puts Apple 3rd in retail behind HP and Toshiba.
* IDC reports that Apple's notebook share is 5.6%, still in 3rd behind HP and Dell.
V Apple Store Glasgow Opening
* Live report courtesy of Mark from the Coffee Break Spanish Podcast
* Play report
* Mark and his team are launching Coffee Break French on 26 September!
V iPhone unlock on sale tomorrow?
V MacNN reports that, iPhoneSimFree claims they will begin selling their iPhone unlocking solution on September 4th, but only to resellers.
* $36 per phone for 50 licenses, or as far as $25 per phone for 5,000 or more licenses.
* Reseller have to install a .APP file on the iPhones, then provide some information to iPhoneSIMFree's back office app, and then finally use the .APP to connect the iPhone to iPhoneSIMFree via Wi-fi to have the unlock complete.
V Some big problems with their methods:
* Won't guarantee Apple can't break their unlock
* Resellers could be in violation of the DMCA. The exemption language is written in a way that would make it seem it only applies to an individuals rights and not that of a "reseller".
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V iChat SMS Correction
* I think I left something off when I gave this tip.
V In iChat add an AIM contact and for the username use the number of the persons you want to SMS using this format:
* +1 + "area code" + "number".
V Some WalMart/iTunes follow-up
* Walmart has no Mac support, they also only sell "radio-safe" tunes.
* may be a bigger iTunes threat? Isn't it about convenience?
V Tweaking mouse setting for different users
* Play question from Joe
* Use multiple user accounts
V Software to better control mouse settings
* USB Overdrive
USB Overdrive
* SteerMouse. Updated in July 2007, but can't tell if it is Universal.
V VM, Swapfiles, and Sleepimages. Oh my!
* Listener Shawn was using Disk Inventory X and saw a bunch of files in the /private/var/vm directory and wondered what they were and if he could delete them.
V vm = virtual memory
* hidden folders and file, and generally shouldn't be messed with.
V swapfiles are created when you exceed the physical memory of your system
* use less resources or buy more RAM
V sleepfile is created because of Macs "Safe Sleep" feature.
* Places entire contents of RAM onto disk in case you lose power
* file equals the amount of physical RAM in your system
* Can can switch back to old style "un-safe" mode through a 'pmset' command in the Terminal. Not for the fait at heart and details in Macworld article.
Disable "Safe Sleep"
V How to become a Mac developer
* I get asked this a lot, but Henri was the latest person to bring it up.
V I am not 100% sure, but here is how I would go about it
* Dive in and, to steal a corporate tagline, "Just do it".
V Get into the Developer community, hang out where they are.
* Cocoa Dev Central
* Email your favorite developers and ask for advice
* Go to MacWorld and meet them
V Join the ADC
Apple Developer Connection
V USD$499.00/yr. Select Membership
* Get all versions developer builds of OS X
* Hardware discount
* $99.00 Student membership
V Get educated
* Computer Science, C++, Objective-C
* Big Nerd Ranch Cocoa Bootcamp
V Books
* Hillegass, "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X"
* O'Reilly, "Learning Cocoa"
V Double duty backup hard drive
* Play question from Michael
* One will work, but two is better
V Recipe Software for the Mac
V Listener John's wife is interested in Better Crocker Cook'n software for the Mac
Cookn' for Mac
* Developer will create Mac version with 1,000 pre-orders.
V Already some great cooking apps for Macs
* YummySoup
* MacGourmet
* Connoisseur
* Easily import recipes from the web
V Closing
V 200th show coming and I'm giving gifts.
* Maccast Blue 4GB iPod Nano, and whatever else I can scrounge up.
V Other giveaways:
* 5 copies of ReceiptWallet - A one of a kind Macintosh program for scanning, storing, and organizing receipts.
V 3 sets of Keyboard Characters, from Von Glitschka (Macroundtable Logo)
* Illustrative Designer Podcast
V 3 set of all the Pages templates from One Eyed
* 13 different sets of Pages templates with at least 8 different document designs per set.
* 5 copies of Disco and 5 copies of AppZapper from Austin Sarner
V A Smile on my Mac Productivity Suite
* One of every app they make: PDFpen, DiscLabel, TextExpander, PageSender, BrowseBack, and PhotoPrinto
* 1 hour of free one-on-one video training from Blake Tucker. Member of Alex Lindsay' Pixel Corps and Maccast Loop regular.
V Send a card or postcard via snailmail with your name and address to:
* Maccast 200
* 6965 El Camino Real, Suite 105-442, Carlsbad CA 92009
* Go to for details
V Keep emails coming. Audio comments.
V 206-222-2788 (20-MACCAST-8)
* MacCast Forum
V New music, "Derek Malone" by 3 Blind Mice
* Courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network
* Band site
* Get album on iTunes
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