MacCast 09.13.2007 - Show #199
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V The Gadget Locker
V iPod Recycling program
* Get rid of your old iPod properly
* They send you free shipping label
* You get 20 bucks store credit.
* Maccast Pick, iPod and iPhone cases.
The Gadget Locker
V News
V Apple Updates
V Compatibility Update for QuickTime 7.
* "delivers increased compatibility with iLife,"
V Keyboard Software Update 1.2
* For aluminum keyboard
V Install this software to take advantage of your aluminum Apple Keyboard's special features.
* They were working fine for me before, so?
V Apple releases Logic Studio
* Logic Pro 8 featuring a redesigned interface
* Introduces MainStage, an innovative new live performance application
* includes SoundTrack Pro 2
* Studio Instruments and Studio Effects, 80 plug-ins like vintage compressors and amp models.
* Studio Sound Library. 18,000 Apple Loops, 2400 channel strip settings, and 1300 sampled instruments
* USD$499
V iPhone unlocking continues
* iPhone dev team releases free iPhone unlock, iUnlock and a hacker, Erica Sadun, has been developing a GUi for it. The hack requires Jailbraking the iPhone.
iPhone Dev Team
* The MacNN piece notes, as I have stated. While DCMA allows unlocking phones, other steps in the process may be illegal
V 2 other commercial solutions. IPhone SIM Free and Uniquiephones
V Listener Guido's (German) experience with 2 iPhone SIM Free vendors.
* Horrible instructions and software he paid $70 dollars or more for only to be referred to the free hack.
* Shooby has pretty clear instructions on how he used iUnlock on his site
V iPod Touch available now
* Listener Luis says he picked his up at an Apple Store in Florida today.
* The Apple Store still say ship date is by September 28th, but Macworld has confirmed that several Apple Stores have at least the 16GB units.
* iT does have and support the WiFi iTunes Store, no update of the iPhone yet.
V Secretive Apple UK Press event
* MacFormat received an email invite to an Apple press conference to be held September 18th at the companies Regent Street Apple Store.
* The email is titled, "Mum is no longer the word".
* Finally announcing the iPhone? Rumors of 3G support for Euro launch.
* I would figure they would do it at a larger venue like Apple Expo in Paris, France September 25th-29th..
* Possibly Beatles on iTunes with an in store performance? They have had some major acts there with the "Live from London" series.
V Sponsor
V Circus Ponies
V NoteBook
* Replacement for paper. Clippings integrate with web browser and other apps via the services menu. Easily send items to your notebook for later review.
* Great way to get thoughts, ideas, and research organized. Try it and see for yourself, free 30-day trial.
Circus Ponies Notebook
* Free Screencast Online tutorial in episode Episode 0096 on 4/30/07.
SCO - Notebook Tutorial
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V I am a new iPhone owner
* Guess I helped put the over a million early. ;)
V Relay switching experience and how I left Verizon
* How I got out of my contract without paying ETFs.
V Impressions of the iPhone
* Mail is killer for me
* Camera is disappointing
* EDGE is SLOW, but works in a pinch.
V 3rd Party apps, with
* Will I hack mine?
* Apple says they will remain neutral
V Creating Ringtones for free
* Apple added ringtones this week for USD$0.99, but you can make your own for free.
* Find your audio. Unprotected AAC, MP3 Wave, etc.
* Edit it down. Up to 30 seconds. Fission or Audacity. Add fade in or fade out.
* Save it out as an AAC audio file, I use 128kbps 44.1 KHz and add a .m4r extension.
* Add the file to your iTunes library.
* Select iPhone from Devices. Choose the ringtone tab, check the new ringtone and hit sync (or just sync iPhone). You will get an error that the ringtone cannot be syncd'
* Go to your iTunes Music folder-->Ringtones folder and locat the file. Change the extension from .m4r to .m4a
* Go back to iTunes and sync the iPhone.
* On iphone go to Settings-->Sounds-->Ringtones
* Enjoy your new ringtone.
V Apps to make the adding ringtones process easier
* MakeiPhoneRingtone from Rogue Amoeba - FREE
* iToner from Ambrosia - USD$15.00
V iPod Touch vs. iPhone
V Here's a list of what the iPod Touch is missing:
* No Email
* No Google Maps
* Limited Calendar ("add events" function disabled)
* No Microphone
* No External Speaker
* No Bluetooth (for headphones)
* No Camera
V Here is what it has:
* Double the storage at same price
V No AT&T contract with the iPod Touch
* Can activate the iPhone and then cancel. Have 30 days to do so, but will be liable for the activation charges and other charges before you cancel. If you cancel in 3 days or less can get activation fees back.
V "I have something to say…" Apple EU Perspective
* Play conversation with Peter about Apple experience in Europe
V Play comment from Marc on pricing differences
* UK store is now displaying the price before VAT below the regular price.
* Why the 10% to 15% difference? Import costs? US iPods come from China anyway
V Recovering Finder Sidebar Icons
V Listener Kin "poofed" his iDisk icon and wondered how to get it back.
* Reconnect to iDisk using the "Go" menu and drag the icon back to the sidebar.
* Go to Finder-->Preferences. Click on Sidebar tab and check the checkboxes next to the items you want.
V Broken stock icons
* If you re-name, move, or deleted any of your standard home folder items, like Music, Movies, Documents, etc.
* Put the items back or restore the names and then log out and log back in (restart)
V Photobooth Mini Review
* Play review
V Dock organiztion and tricks
V Add folders to right side for:
* Application launcher
* Download folder
* "In" Box, to keep items off the desktop
V Categorize your apps
* Productivity (Mail, Address Book, iCal, iSync)
* Web (MarsEdit, Net News Wire, Transmit, Firefox, Safari)
* iLife (iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iTunes)
* Communications (iChat, Skype, MSN Messenger, Pownce, Twitteriffic)
* Development (Feeder, OmniOutliner, TextMate, Dreamweaver, CSSEdit)
V Dock dividers
Dock Dividers
* Listener Malcom told me about these. Icons that look like little dividers. have a .app extension so they will go in the left side of the dock.
V Status apps
V You can find lots of little apps (docklings), that do cool stuff or display useful information
* DockStar, lets you get unread counts for different email accounts in Apple Mail
* Monitor system stats, clocks, control volume, etc.
V Control click reveals hidden powers
* ITunes, set song rating, next, previous, mute, etc.
V Question: Audio Recording and iPod Syncing
* Play questions from Matt
V Audio recording on the Mac
* Quicktime Pro, worth the $30. File--> New Audio Recording
* Audacity, free
* Audio Recorder, Free
Audio Recorder
* Voice Candy, USD$12.95. Can change your voice. PhotoBooth for your voice.
Voice Candy
V iPod recorders
* Feature enabled when you attach hardware to the dock connector
* Products from Belkin (TuneTalk) and XtremeMac (MicroMemo)
* 44.1KHz 16-bit MP3s, sync to iTunes.
V Syncing iPods Between 2 Macs
* Manually Manage the iPod and drag stuff onto it from each Machine. Except for purchases you can't get content back off. Add and delete only.
V Sync on one. Then check the Manually manage when on the other machine to add stuff. Then uncheck it when back on the first machine to restore syncing.
* Will wipe out content added from second system
* Enable disk use, put copies in there as well, add them to the library on the first machine before syncing again.
* Holding 'Option' at launch let's you set up multiple libraries.
V Closing
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The Gadget Locker
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V 200th show coming and I'm giving gifts.
* One more show to 200!
* New Maccast 200 Edition 4GB iPod Nano.
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