MacCast 09.21.2007 - Show #200
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
V Sponsor
V Smile on My Mac
V DiscLabel
* I think it's the best and easiest to use Disc Labeling software I could find
* Works really great if you have a direct to disc inkjet from Epson or others
* Also has templates and great support for LightScribe.
* Smile makes great stuff and we are happy to have them supporting the show.
* Giving away Smile On My Mac Productivity Suite, one of every app they make!
V News
V Apple Updates
V iTunes 7.4.2
* Addresses an issue with creating ringtones using iTunes Plus song purchases and includes bug fixes to improve stability and performance.
* Breaks free ringtones. iToner still works.
V MainStage 1.0.1
* Apple's newest addition to the Logic Studio Suite, it's a live performance audio rig application
* Improved stability, addresses some minor usability issues, and adds options for saving parameter values when switching patches.
V 3G iPod Nano and IPod Classic Updates
* Bug fixes.
* Possible performance improvements especially on the Classic.
V Side note, Apple products don't get old. They become Classic
* Trend started with the Mac Classic and the Classic II
* Now iPod Classic and even the OS with OS 9 running in "Classic" mode.
V iPhones making their way to EU
V UK November 9th on O2
* Sold via the Carphone Warehouse
* 8GB model for £269 (inc VAT) (USD ~ $536)
* £35 (USD ~$70) for 200 minutes, £45 (USD ~$90) for 600 minutes, and £55 (USD ~$110) for 1200 minutes.
* All plans come with unlimited data, visual voicemail, and access to 7,500 wifi hotspots from The Cloud.
V O2 is beefing up EDGE (30% coverage now) and no 3G
* Jobs sites power as 3G hold-up
V Germany November 9th on T-mobile
* Sold through Telekom Shops of Deutsche Telekom
* 399 Euros (including V.A.T.) (USD ~$557)
* EDGE networking and access to 8,600 T-Mobile HotSpots
V CNN Money reports that a spokeswoman for France Telecom's Orange has confirmed they signed a deal with Apple to bring the iPhone to France in November
* No specifics on plans or pricing was in the report.
* Also no official release date specified
* Jobs spoke out against SIM unlocking saying, " "It's a cat-and-mouse game. We try to stay ahead. People will try to break in, and it's our job to stop them breaking in."
* Earlier Greg Joswiak, Apple VP of Hardware Product Marketing, had said Apple was essentially neutral on hacking the iPhone (more in reference to 3rd party apps).
V iPhone 1.1.1 Update feature breakdown
* All the iPhones on demo at the UK launch had the new software version
V Engadget took a bunch of photos and VOX blogger Travis Bowers did a deep analysis to speculate on the new features coming soon.
* iPod control from any app (ala iPod Touch)
* Option to go to the phone Favorites or iPod when double-tapping the home button
* Closed caption display for videos
* Support for video out (likely requires new $50 cable)
* Multiple international keyboards
* VPN support (was already there?)
* Ability to disable EDGE while roaming
V A Carrier menu (Support for using other Internation carrier SIMs while traveling?)
* Apparently there on unlocked (hacked) iPhones Internationally
* Some EU countries don't allow selling of locked phones? Is this true? Could we then import already unlocked phones?
* Double-tap the space bar to insert a period and begin a new sentence while typing.
* New Calculator icon
V Ed Burns new Movie direct to iTunes
* In a 411 Mania interview Actor and writer Ed Burns (The Brothers McMullen) says his new movie "Purple Violets" will be distributed exclusively via iTunes for 4 weeks.
* He was disappointed by "theatrical" offers and Apple agreed to help promote the movie.
* Interesting approach. Reminds me a bit of Steven Soderbergh’s “Bubble,” which hit theaters, cable and DVD on the same day. Let's hope this experiment does better.
V Griffin and Woz at the Emmys
* Likely a publicity stunt
* Griffin talked about it on Larry King
Griffin on Larry King
* No one knew who Woz was.
* She confirmed he came to a show and didn't know who she was, but heard her on Larry King's podcast. Cool Woz listens to podcasts.
V New iPod? Buy your games again.
* Apple released new versions of Ms. Pac-Man, Sudoku, and Tetris games that work with iPod Nano, iPod Classic.
* If you already owned them for your iPod Video, you need to buy them again. Lame!
V Apple confirms iPod Touch Display issues
* Reported by the Wall Street Journal
* Some early iPod Touch units had defective screens. Images were too dark giving really dark scenes on effected units a "negative" or posterized effect
* Apple says this problem affected a small number of units and is being remedied
V Apple denies Danish iBook fault, but accepts ruling
* Due to a recent ruling from the Danish Consumer Complaints Board Apple will be refunding Danish customers whose iBook G4 logicboards failed.
* In the recent case, the Board discovered that a solder joint eventually wore loose after roughly one year, preventing the power button from making the link that would turn the system on.
* Apple fought the complaint and denies that the issue was a consistent or repeatable flaw. Even so, Apple has accepted the boards decision and will be refunding Danish customers who had effected units.
* In my case I broke the solder joint, but it is a delicate area. Too bad, Apple could have prevented all of this if they just applied some SuperGlue.
V Jobs subpoenaed by SEC
* According to a Reuters report
* To testify in relation to a trail involving Nancy Heinan, Apple's former General Counsel
* Jobs himself was never implicated
* Apple Chief Financial Officer Fred Anderson of backdating more than $20 million in stock options in 2001 for Jobs, themselves and other executives.
* Heinan choose to fight the charges, while Anderson settled claiming no-contest, paying 3.5 million in fines, plus giving up his profits
V Slimmer, smaller MacBooks on the way?
* 9 to 5 Mac and Apple Insider are reporting
* Silver and Black Aluminum, smaller footprint, and considerably slimmer
* New keyboard, similar to new Bluetooth one.
* Were possibly delayed with the launch of Leopard. So announcement around Leopard with product available in November maybe?
* Ultra portable rumors (13" LED LCD, NAND Flash, no optical drive), are also still strong and these two rumors may be one and the same.
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V Audible
* New subscribers who sign up for an Audible Listener Gold trial account at will get a free credit for an audiobook
V Listener Martha must be a detective, mystery, suspense fan. She recommends...
* Lisa Scottoline, The Vendetta Defense, Devil's Corner, Dirty Blonde
* Sue Grafton, alphabet murder mystery series, like "A is for Alibi", "B is for Burglar".
* Also "The Broker" by John Grisham
* Something for everyone in their huge selection of over 35,000 titles.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Maccast 200 One Minute Tip
* Play tip
* More at One Minute
* Also don't forget File-->Print then Save as PDF. May not save CSS, needs to have print CSS set-up.
* Better yet, use SnapWeb from BrainTickling USD$17.90
V What is NBC thinking?
* Comment on NBC leaving iTunes
* and their new free download service.
V Ad subsidized content at lower prices?
* From a MacRumors piece
* Apple has partnered with a small San Francisco-based video advertising startup named Podaddies
* Reports that Apple has been exploring the possibility of in-line video advertising that could be inserted in Quicktime content.
V Stopping iPhone Gmail email bug
* You get a copy of every email you send out via GMail. I think because of how GMail threads replies, etc.
* Listener Brian points out an Apple support article that says this behavior can be stopped by turning off the "Use Recent Mode" in the Advanced menu of the Gmail account in the iPhone settings.
Stop iPhone Gmail Dups
* Turning this off will also allow you to access Gmail messages that are more than 30 days old.
* DID NOT work for me as it seems to then check email backwards 50 at a time (my setting), then reloaded delete emails, and created duplicates. A mess.
* TIP: Use "strikethrough" finger gesture motion on an email in the inbox list view to bring up the delete button and delete it. The other way is hit the "edit" button and get the delete circle icons.
V OS X and Exchange Servers
* Listener David wants to use his Mac and iPod/iPhone with companies Exchange Server
* Don't know why this is so difficult, but it is.
V Email
* Entourage, Apple Mail (Requires IMAP), Outlook Web Mail
V iPhone needs to have IMAP enabled on Exchange server
* RIM Blackberry style approach, Mobile Gateway from Syncronica (email only)
V Groupcal and Address X from Snerdware
* Integrate Exchange calendar with iCal and Contacts with Address Book
* No need to change exchange server, but requires Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 or 2003
...with recent service packs, and WebDAV (Outlook Web Access). Also, ...with contact aliases enabled.
* Best bet to put pressure on Microsoft and IT departments to support and embrace open standards like IMAP and CalDAV
V VPN support
* L2TP or PPTP protocols on both OS X and iPhone
* Cisco OS X Client (get from IT department)
V Review: Balmuda X-Base
V When I first heard about the Balmuda I thought who would pay this much for a laptop stand?
* USD$365.00 for 15" and $375.00 for 17" model
* Same people who would pay $600 for a cel phone.
* Those who appreciate innovative design and quality craftsmanship
V Proof is if the product meets the marketing claims
V Design
* Base carved from a single piece of metal
* Very cool design.
V Cable Organizer
* Does the job, but doesn't do a whole lot to hide the cables.
* Not a dock
* Noise and vibration reduction
V Tilt
* 2-8 degrees, some might want more
* Need to use included tool to adjust
V Sliders
* Notch in front to list front end and side on desk
V Heat reduction
* Here is where it excelled. Independent cooling plate.
* Informal tests with iStat Pro showed a reduction in processor temp of between 3 to 10 degrees C.
* Reduced heat can mean better performance and possibly longer life
* Heavy, so not portable
* Free size upgrades.
* So who's it for? Not for me, but plenty of executives and high-end users.
V NullRiver makes cool Software
* NullRiver
* I have used PSPWare for years and is ideal for syncing content to your PSP. Video, photos, music. Integrates with iPhoto and iTunes
V They are also responsible for (AppTapp) for iPhone
* A simple installer to easily "jailbreak" your iPhone and allow you to install 3rd party apps via a package installer right on the phone
V Connect360 is great to use your XBox 360 as a media hub with your Mac
* Play review from Jeremy
V Replicating Menubar on multiple monitors
* Play question from Scott
* Can use the System Preferences-->Displays control panel then in the orientation view drag the menubar to move it between screens.
* Dejá Menu give you a contextual menu view of the current menubar when you hit a key combo. Maybe even better, since you have it right where your mouse is at that given moment.
* Couldn't find a method to mirror the menubar.
V Another Dock Tip
* Play tip from Joe
* TinkerTool
V Closing
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