MacCast 09.27.2007 - Show #201
wedge Opening
wedge Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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* NoteBook
wedge Web Clippings are great for starting research and compiling data.
* Useing the Services menu.
* Free 30-day trial.
wedge News
wedge iPhone 1.1.1 Update Released
wedge The installer pops open a screen with a big warning to hackers
iPhone Warning
iPhone Warning

* BIG, 152MB v1.1.1 update
wedge iPhone Dev Team has promised a re-locking tool soon, so if you have SIM unlocked your phone, hold off a bit.
* Relocking did not work for Shooby, who had his SIM invalidated even after re-locking it.
* Getting a new SIM is also not reported to work.
* IPhoneSIMFree claims their hack still works after the if you are using an activated AT&T SIM. SIMs from other carriers will not work, but the iPhone is not bricked.
* Glenn Fleishman, is reporting on TidBits that the update also cause issues with AppTapp, forcing a restore of the iPhone which worked.
* Sounds like it also breaks the remaining ringtone hacks.
wedge New features
* - iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store
* - Louder speakerphone and receiver volume
* - Home Button double-click shortcut to phone favorites or music controls
* - Space bar double-tap shortcut to intelligently insert period and space
* - Mail attachments are viewable in portrait and landscape
* - Stocks and cities in Stocks and Weather can be re-ordered
* - Apple Bluetooth Headset battery status in the Status Bar
* - Support for TV Out
* - Preference to turn off EDGE/GPRS when roaming internationally
* - New Passcode lock time intervals
* - Adjustable alert volume
wedge Security updates
wedge According to Apple Insider, 10 security enhancements.
* 7 for Safari
* 2 for Mail client
* 1 Bluetooth
wedge iPod Touch 1.1.1 Update
* Offers "bug fixes"
* MacRumors reports that some user claim it addresses black level, negative issue that plagued some early iPod Touches
wedge Updates for iLife, iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes (Win), iWork, iWeb
wedge Apple iLife Support 8.1, 6 megabytes, for shared components
* Improves overall stability and addresses a number of bugs and compatibility issues
wedge iPhoto 7.0.1 update
* Address issues with moving photos between Events
* New greeting card themes
* Other minor bug fixes
wedge GarageBand 4.1
* Addresses an isolated graphic display (bug)? and compatibility with third-party audio software
* Fixes minor problems with Magic GarageBand
wedge iMovie 7.1
* Fixes a bug with video and audio editing capabilities and improves performance when opening and switching iMovie Events and Projects.
* Other bug fixes and overall stability improvements.
wedge iDVD 7.0.1
* Improves overall stability and compatibility.
* Addresses a number of other minor issues.
wedge iWeb 2.0.2
* Addresses issues with upgrading iWeb 1.x websites.
* Fixes some common publishing problems.
* Supports general compatibility issues.
wedge iWork '08 suite.
* Keynote 4.01, a 31.1MB update, primarily addresses issues with builds and performance
* Pages 3.01 (27.8MB) also addresses issues with change tracking and performance.
* Numbers 1.0.1 (26.1MB) primarily addresses issues with tables and performance.
wedge iTunes 7.4.3 for Windows
* Addresses issues with the initial setup of the iPod touch on some international versions of Window.
* No Mac version available yet?
wedge Apple Online Store Facelift
* Some of the grey replaced with blue.
* Prep for Leopard?
wedge Firmware updates for iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook and Xserve.
* EFI Firmware Updates
* Improves performance and reliability of Intel Core 2 Duo processors
* Fixes issues with Boot Camp
* Fixes fan behavior problems
* Apple also released Firmware Restoration CD 1.4
wedge Target sells pink Shuffle
* MacUser is reporting that Target Stores now carry a "very, very, pink" iPod Shuffle
* Still $79.00 and you get a $15 iTunes gift card, plus a percentage of the proceeds go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, up to $25,000 dollars.
wedge iPhone absent at Apple Expo
* From AppleInsider
* The jesus phone was missing despite the fact a spokesman from France Telecom (Orange) told Dow Jones they had signed a deal with Orange
* Seems like the deal isn't done yet, the spokesman said like Germany and UK they were set for a November 9th launch.
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* Maccast Pick, iPod / iPhone Dock Extender for $23.99 ($29.99)
Gadget Locker
* Let's you dock your iPod when it is in a case.
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wedge Feedback, Comments and Commentary
wedge Listener comments web screen capture app
* Several listeners said to checkout Paparazzi for capturing a webpage screen shot.
* It's donationware, so donate if you like it.
wedge Rumors of an Appe PDA surfacing
* Secret project inside Apple
* Jobs at D All Things Digital, mentioned disappointment with products Apple didn't ship. When prodded for specifics he gave an Apple PDA as an example.
wedge Apple Insider and others are reporting the company is looking to leverage multi-touch into a PDA
* approx. 1.5 times larger than an iPhone
* 720x480 high-resolution display
* Possible release in first half of 2008, Macworld?
wedge Feedback on using exchange server with iPhone
* Play Synchronica Mobile Gateway feedback from Michael
wedge Talk about password security in general
* Flicker, Amazon, Google APIs and sharing passwords
* Mint
* I use different level passwords for different things depending in security.
wedge Blocking IntelliTXT ads
* Glenn is using Safari and looking for a way to block IntelliTXT ads
* Double underline links on some sites that pop-up ads.
* Firefox has nice extensions like AdBlock
* For Safari, there is SafariBlock
* Set up filters to stop content from the servers
wedge Drawing tablets for the Mac
* Steve about to be a new switcher and had questions about drawing tables with the Mac. Play question.
* Wacom tablets, Graphire 3 or Intuos.
* ArtRage 2, USD $25
ArtRage 2
* Comic Life, Plasq
wedge Closing
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* Come by the Orange Country, LA Podcasters and iPron Booth.
* 10:00 AM to 12:00 Friday I will be at the iProng Booth demoing iPhone and new iPods
wedge iProng iPod Panel noon to 1:00 PM Saturday.
* Ken Ray, Victor Cajiao, and Dave Hamilton
* 2:00 - 3:00 Saturday Victor and I will be live podcasting in the OC Podcasters Booth
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wedge Coloring contest at the show.
* Win a new iPod Shuffle
* Get your free book and crayons at the OC Podcasters Booth.
* Entries due by close of show Saturday. Winner will be picked Sunday by guest panel of judges (TDB)
* Online coloring contest, details soon.
wedge Limited edition Superheroes of Podcasting Coloring Book at the show
* Tauhid Bondia, Goopd Ship Chronicles
* Krishna M. Sadasivam, PC Weenies
* Scott Johnson, Extra Life
* Obsidian, Commissioned Comic
* Eddie Humphrey, Red Sea
* Paul Spencer, Make with the Funny
* No Maccast Loop that Sunday.
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wedge New music, "Chains of Love" by Kellin Watson
* Recommendation from listener John
* Artist site
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Buy on iTunes
wedge EOL: Hacked vs. Unhacked iPhone Feature Comparison
* From 9 to 5
Hacked iPhone Feature Comparison