MacCast 10.07.2007 - Show #202
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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* Not sure what to get? Listener Jeffery recommends the "Keys to the Kingdom" series by Garth Nix. The first book in the series is "Mister Monday", and there are seven in total (one for each day of the week) but only the first five are on Audible so far.
V News
V Starbucks iTunes WiFi and Free Song of the Day
* October 1st launched free iTunes WiFi access in Starbucks in New York and Seattle
* Very slow roll out for other cities. I think they are testing it.
V Apple and Starbucks also started their "Free song of the Day" promotion
* October 2nd to November 7th
* Bob Dylan, KT Tunstall, and Joni Mitchell
* I wouldn't mind collecting all the cards. Send used ones to Maccast.
V 15" MacBook Pro Battery Update
* Battery Update 1.3 updates battery firmware and addresses battery performance issues with the 15-inch MacBook Pro.
* Once installed any battery inserted will get the firmware update
* Appears to improve overall battery capacity
V iMacs Freeze, Apple promises fix
* There have many reports of new aluminum iMacs becoming unresponsive.
V Still running, music plays, mouse moves, but can't control it. Power down is required.
* Tip: Hold power button down to turn off. Don't unplug
* Seems to be related to ATI Radeon HD graphics hardware and its drivers.
V Apple has acknowledged the issue, but has no fix.
* 1.0 and 1.1 iMac Software Update packages don't have fixes and may trigger the issue or make things worse
V Safari may be key to new iPhone Jailbreak
* Hackintosh bigger think a one year old TIFF exploit in Safari on the iTouch and iPhone may help re-jailbreak the iPhone.
* The exploit can lead to a buffer overflow which can allow arbitrary code execution.
* Similar exploits have been used on the PSP to allow 3rd party apps.
* iPhone Dev team does have a method to restore iPod and WiFi functionality back to bricked iPhones and are working on fixing to baseband unlock to restore calling.
V iPod Nano and Classic get update
* iPod version 1.0.2 updates for new Nanos and iPod Classic
* Apple says the update provide "bug fixes"
* Users report better Coverflow and scrolling performance, new "ask" video out option, improved calendar and contact syncing.
* Update available via iTunes.
V New iPhone "Switch" Style Ads
* The Unofficial Apple Weblog reports, new iPhone ads now running on TV and on Apple's web site
New iPhone Ads
V Doug, Elliot and Stephano
* Each features them standing in front of a black backdrop relating an iPhone story.
* Shot on street.
* May be from a "share your iphone story" form on Apple's site.
iPhone Share Your Story
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V The Digital Photography Connection
* Great free resource for digital photographers of all skill levels. Site offers something for everyone.
* FREE video tutorials for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and general photography tips and tricks.
* Product 2 top ranked podcasts in iTunes, Photoshop for Digital Photographers and Lightroom for Digital Photographers
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V There's no such thing as a "Santa Rosa" Mac
* Explain what the term means
V The main requirements for Santa Rosa are:
* An Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (code-named "Merom") with Intel Socket P
* The Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset (code-named "Crestline")
* An Intel Wi-Fi chipset capable of 802.11a/b/g/draft-n on a mini-PCIe adapter (code-named "Kedron")
* Reference TibBits Article
* The MacBook Pros and new Intel iMacs meet two of the 3 requirements to be "Santa Rosa" systems.
* Naming comes from the fact that we need some way to identify generations of systems.
V Questions about Leopard
V Launch date?
* October 22 - 26th?
* October 31st
* Delayed
V Preparing for Leopard
* System requirements
V Bootcamp expiration
* Version 1.2 September 30, 2007
* Version 1.3 and 1.4, release of Leopard or December 31, 2007 whichever comes first.
V Keychain gone wild
V Victor Cajio's system would freeze up after an update that triggered the Keychain Access "Change all" request dialog.
* The system would beach ball and eventually lock up
* Merlin Mann was also hit by this issue and found help from the folks at Unsanity.
43folders securityd- ix securityd
* Cannot be fixed by typical mojo (repair permissions, keychain utility, combo installer, etc.)
V Well the securityd (daemon) actually.
V Kicked off by clicking "change all" and then the process runs amok eating up all the system RAM
* Triggers pageouts and VM usage which eventually will eat up your boot volume.
* securityd can also crash or cease to run and then apps can't authorize and will hang or crash. bad.
* Daemon stands for Disk and Execution Monitor Long-running background process that answers requests for services.
* Typically the process names end in "d". See them in Utilities-->Activity monitor
V securityd
* From the manpage: securityd maintains security contexts and arbitrates cryptographic operations and Security Authorizations. Access to keychain items is routed through securityd to enforce access controls and to keep private keys out of user process address space. Authorization calls also communicate with securityd to enforce rules contained in the /etc/authorization database. All user interaction with securityd is mediated through the Security Agent.
* Corruption in the CodeEquivalenceDatabase (/var/db/CodeEquivalenceDatabase) is what triggers the securityd to go wonky.
V The fix:
* Open the Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal) and type: sudo mv /var/db/CodeEquivalenceDatabase /var/db/CodeEquivalenceDatabase.old
* or open /var/db using the "Go-->Go to folder... menu in the Finder or the terminal (and then manually move CodeEquivalenceDatabase to the trash, if you can).
* Upon rebooting, all should be well with the keychain.
V Who should get an AppleTV
* Play question from Chris
* Apple TV does 720p or 1080i, but you'll need to get the content yourself. Also if you want 5.1 you need to use the TOSLink, output to an AC3/DTS receiver, and use your own content.
* Streaming content works flawlessly for me, but I don't do 720p stuff. I have standard def. 802.11n should do it fine though so storage may not be an issue.
* If you have a lot of iTunes purchased content, video podcasts, your like YouTube.
* I don't like photos on AppleTV and I prefer my Airport Express for sending music to my home stereo (but my Apple TV is not hooked to my surround system).
* DVI to HDMI cables, TOS Link, etc.
* Consider a MacMini Server with external firewire disks and remote buddy.
V Closing the gaps in iTunes
* Rick wanted to link together tracks in iTunes so that they play together
* Needed for albums like "Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd or "Abbey Road" by The Beatles
* Always on in iTunes 7 or later unless the Crossfade feature is turned on
V Enable it manually
* 1) In iTunes, select the tracks and choose File-->Get Info (Command+I)
* 2) Click the options pane
* 3) Check the "Part of a gapless album" option (see attached)
V Join the tracks prior to import to iTunes from CD. Advantage here is if you Shuffle your music short intro or lead-in tracks can stay grouped with their main tracks.
* 1) Insert CD and open iTunes.
* 2) Select the tracks to join from the CD( in the "devices") column. Hold shift ket to select multiple tracks.
* 3) Choose Advanced-->Join CD Tracks
* 4) Import CD to iTunes.
* After import you could join the tracks using an editing tool like Fission.
V The Mac "installer" paradigm for switchers
* Listener Mark has some questions about installing and uninstalling apps that often perplex switchers
V The installer confusion
* Disk images. Copy, eject, trash.
* Applications folder
V Uninstalling
V ~/Library/Preferences and ~/Library/Application Support
* AppZapper
* Explain "target disk mode".
V Closing
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