MacCast 10.24.2007 - Show #204
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V Smile on My Mac
* Textexpander 2
Smile on My Mac
* New features including, Multiple Snippet Groups and .Mac synchronization
V News
V New Mac Pros waiting for Intel?
* AppleInsider claims Apple is set yo update the line with new Intel Penryn family of 45-nanometer (nm) microprocessors when Intel can ship them
* In the report Insider claims Apple will use the Hi-k Xeons, available in dual- and quad-core variants with front-side bus speeds of either 1333MHz or 1600MHz.
* The top of the line would be an 8-core system using 2 4-core "Harpertown" chips running at up to 3.2GHz with a aster 1600MHz bus and 12MB of L2 cache.
* The chips should start to become available in mid-November.
* The piece does point out the similar launch timeline for the current MacPro "Clovertown". Chips and those systems didn't begin shipping until March.
V French to sell legit unlocked iPhone
* O2 has finally been blessed by Steve as the iPhone carrier in France and will launch the device on November 29th.
* According to an International Herald Tribune article, due to French laws there will be a locked version for 399 Euros and an unlocked version for a "higher price".
* Unlocked versions to be made available within six months of the iPhone launch.
* According to a Gizmodo piece, Apple denies Orange will sell unlocked phones saying the Tribune piece was only pointing out French law. Strange, the article cites an Orange spokesperson stating they will sell an unlocked version.
V iPhone will get an Apple blessed SDK
* Jobs posted an open letter
3rd Pary iPhone Apps
* Says the Apple approved SDK will be available to developers in February 2008
* iPhone Dev Center launched for Web Apps.
V iJailBreak brings AppTapp back to iPhone
* ArsTechnica reports...
* iJailbreak simplfies the 1.1.1 jailbreaking process
* AppTapp 3.0 brings apps back.
* The procedure is still a bit complex involving downgrading to 1.0.2, AppTapping and then bringing everything back up to 1.1.1
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* 14-day free trial and free audio book
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Who should upgrade? Why upgrade?
* You make the call. Decided based on your experience and situation.
* Apple Leopard guided tour video
Leopard Tour
V Over 300 new features
300+ Features
* Boot Camp, if you rely on it. You need Leopard.
V More .Mac Syncing
* Widgets, Dock, Preferences, etc.
V Finder
V New UI, 3D-dock
* Terminal hack for getting 2-d Dock
No Glass Dock
* In terminal type: "defaults write no-glass -boolean YES; killall Dock"
* Some don't like 3D dock if placed on side of screen.
* Stacks
* CoverFlow and Quick Look Previews
* Share any folder
* Screen Sharing, remote control.
V Back to My Mac
* Firewall issues may trouble some.
* Wikipedia in Dictionary
V iChat
* Tabbed Chat
* PhotoBooth effects, Backdrops, iChat Theater
* Screen Sharing
* Recording
V Mail
* Notes, to-dos, iPhoto Browser
* Data Detectors
* Stationary
V Parental Controls
* Time Limits and Bedtimes
* Dynamic Web Filters with Overrides
* Activity Logging, Remote Control, & Monitoring
V Preview
* More editing and Image Manipulation features
* Reorder, combine, or remove PDF pages
* Spaces
V Spotlight
* Boolean search
* Search shared Macs
V Web History Search
* Spotlight indexes the names and content of recently visited web sites.
* This may be a reason to NOT get Leopard
V System
* Live partition resizing in Disk Utility
* Guest log-in accounts. Purges data between log-ins.
* Time Machine
V Universal Access
* Alex, voice for VoiceOver
* Braille Display Support Bulit-in
* VoiceOver Utility, for customizing VoiceOver
V Lot's more under the hood
* UNIX, XCode, DashCode, Security, Printing, Networking, etc.
* Core Animation, Core Image, etc.
V Buying Leopard
V Pre-order
* $129.00 USD Single User, $199.00 USD Family Pack
V Leopard Up-to-Date Program
* Qualifying new Macs purchased after October 1st can get the upgrade can get an upgrade for $9.95
Leopard Up-to-date
* Leopard for $20.00 off, $109.00 USD
Leopard on
V Apple Retail Stores
* Close at 4:00 PM and reopen at 6:00 PM until 10:00PM
* Live demos, test drives and first 500 people will get a limited edition Leopard T-Shirt.
V Installing Leopard
V Backup. backup. backup
V What to Backup?
* User folders
* Music Library, Picture Library, Documents, Desktop
V Save files to a second hard drive, DVDs or CDs, on-line backup
* Amazon S3
Amazon S3
V Programs
* .Mac Backup
* SuperDuper (Not Leopard compatible)
* Carbon Copy Cloner 3, not sure on Leopard compatibility.
V Verify System Requirements and Compatibility
V System requirements
* Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or PowerPC G4 (867MHz or faster) processor
* 512MB of memory. 1GB for Developer Tools
* DVD drive for installation
* 9GB of available disk space. 3GB additional for Developer Tools
* Some features require Apple's .Mac service; fees apply.
* Time Machine requires an additional hard drive
V Photo Booth
* Video chats, iSight camera, USB video class (UVC) camera, or FireWire DV camcorder.
* Backdrop effects when using a DV camcorder require fixed focus, exposure, and white balance.
* Intel or G5.
* Backdrop effects require an Intel Core Duo or faster processor
V iChat
* Video chats, iSight camera, USB video class (UVC) camera, or FireWire DV camcorder.
* Backdrop effects when using a DV camcorder require fixed focus, exposure, and white balance.
* Backdrop effects require an Intel Core Duo or faster processor.
V Check Compatibility
* Both hardware and software
* Make sure software is up to date and that 3rd party hardware has the all the latest firmware.
* Make sure you Mac's firmware is up to date.
V Check the manufacturer's web site.
* Leopard won't be final until it ships, so some developers won't "certify" their apps publicly until after it ships (Adobe CS3).
* Many of the apps should still run fine, but if you are worried, hold off.
V Prep for Install
V Do Housecleaning.
V Update all your current apps, if plan to leave in place.
* AppFresh, public BETA
* Archive and clear off old files.
* Tools like Cocktail or Onyx can help
V Boot from current OS X CD and use Disk Utility to perform maintenance
* Check Disk and Repair Permissions
* If doing a clean install, make sure all your installers and serial numbers are handy.
* Backup, one last time to pickup "clean-ups".
* Disconnect any non-Apple peripherals, including hard drives.
V Choose Type of install
* Upgrade
* Archive and Install
* Erase and Install
V Upgrade
* Insert the install DVD, run the installer and follow the instructions. When prompted choose Upgrade. And let it fly.
V Archive and Install
* Insert install DVD and run the installer. Follow the instructions and when prompted select Archive and Install.
* Most users will just want the default installation, but advanced users may want to customize to leave out Languages they don't need.
* This is where the old OS X system is moved to a folder in the root level of the hard drive called "Previous System" and the new System is installed. Most settings, etc. are copied over. Remember to check the "Copy over Users and Settings" checkbox (or something to that effect). That way your old data is in its place. If you don't, just remember: Don't Panic!. Your old data is in that Previous System folder. Delete it after a couple of weeks of not using it... that way you regain your hard drive space.
V Erase and Install
V Make sure you have a full backup.
* Make sure all users have done this.
* De-authorize iTunes.
* If you use iSync do a final sync, prior to backup.
* Make sure you have all your install disks, download copies and serial numbers for all your software handy as you will be reinstalling those as well.
* Format the drive using Disk Utility. If you really want to erase you can zero all data, but that is not necessary. Don't need to do 8 way write. If you are just going to do a simple erase you can do this step during installation.
* Insert install DVD and run the installer.
* Choose Erase and Install.
* Customize if wanted.
* Follow the instructions.
V Post Installation
* Run software update, to get all latest system updates.
* Run Disk Utility and do a repair permissions
* Re-install apps, if doing an erase and install.
* Run Disk Utility and do a repair permissions, again.
V Spotlight will slow you down at first
* Will be indexing in the background for an hour or more, so don't worry if system seems slow the first few hours.
* Setting up TimeMachine will take time to clone your Mac.
V Some details on Time Machine
V How it works
* Apple hasn't really said, but early indications are it will track changes and only backup differences.
* Tries to keep hourly backups for the past 24 hours, daily backups for the past month, and weekly backups for everything older than a month.
* Backs-up EVERY mounted local drive. Need to tell it to leave out drives, like SuperDuper volumes, etc.
* Starts with entire system, but you can control what and what not to backup
* Uses a second, third, forth drive, etc. Internal, external, NAS, .Mac. HFS+ formatted drives. USB2 or Firewire
V It seems unclear if "AirDisks" are supported.
* Seem to not be, but was in earlier BETAs.
* Apple has removed "AirDisk" references from TimeMachine pages.
* Should support any HFS+ formatted network drives or NAS systems that support AFP, not sure about SMB NAS drives.
V How big a drive?
* At least 1:1, but I would think 2:1 is better
* Bigger is better.
V Can TimeMachine be my only back-up?
* Time Machine will "pause" backup when disconnected from it's backup drive and then catch up when you return.
* Not sure if you can have 2 different TM back-up drives.
* Can't boot from it, but can restore once booted from Leopard DVD. Can use TM backups as Migration Assistant data source
V Reviews are in...
* Tend to like it
V Mossberg
* Not revolutionary, but evolutionary. Forgetting under the hood stuff?
V Pogue
* Doesn't like some of the new UI (See-through menus)
* A few minor 1.0 "glitches"
* Overall positive review.
* Both critical of "300" new features.
V Reports of early shipments
* Smaller box and packaging
* "X" floats over holographic like background.
V Closing
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