MacCast 10.31.2007 - Show #205
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* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V No cash for iPhones
* Apple stores are now requiring a credit card if you want to buy an iPhone.
* Also a 2 unit limit.
* Apple estimates about 250,000 iPhones have gone unactivated so the assumption is those are hacked phones. Want to stop the issue.
* Gene Muster is estimating that Apple gets $18/mo in rev share from AT&T for the life of the 2 year contract.
V Leopard a success
* Reviews have been overall very positive with only a few complaints.
* Apple sold 2 million copies by Tuesday. Tiger took over 5 weeks to sell 2 million.
* PC users already want in. A hacked has surfaced to allow Leopard to run on a PC.
V Security firm questions Leopard Firewall
* MacNN is reporting on a post from Heise Security where they say Leopards built-in firewall is seriously flawed.
* Not on by default, but worse when enabled some services seem to be always accessible, ntpd (time server) and NetBIOS for example. Even when set to "block all incoming connections".
V The post notes that while the behavior is strange is is not 100% clear what or if any security risks exist.
* "Although the problems and peculiarities described here are not security vulnerabilities in the sense that they can be exploited to break into a Mac, Apple would be well advised to sort them out pronto."
V According to Macworld other security experts are saying some of the new security features, Sandboxing and Library Randomization, are not implemented well.
* Don't effect all applications or all parts of the OS.
* Also complain that the Firewall interface is confusing.
V Possible bad Macbook Drives
* According to a Gizmodo report, Retrodata, a data-recovery company, has just issued a warning for Apple owners with any Apple product that contains a 2.5" Seagate SATA hard drives that was manufactured in China and have a firmware version of 7.01.
* They claim the drives have a fatal mechanical flaw that causes the read/write heads to fail and scratch the surface of the disk.
* If you have a Macbook with the Seagate drive don't panic, just make sure you are doing regular backups. If you have a drive fail make sure you contact Apple so they know of the issue and will possibly offer a fix in the future.
V How to determine your drive and firmware version
* Under the Apple menu choose "About this Mac" and then click the "More Info..." button to bring up the system profiler.
* Under Hardware click on the "Serial-ATA" item and then click on the hard drive in the Device tree (upper right pane). Below that find the Model number. Copy it and do a Google search to determine the manufacturer. Mine was a Seagate (ST9120821AS)
* Look at the revision number. If it says 7.01, you likely have the drive.
* Thanks to Jimmy for pointing out this article.
V Mac trojan in the wild
* This is being reported all over the web and security sites and anti-virus manufacturers are having a field day.
V Let's get some things straight
* It is being distributed via porn sites and is called the OSX.RSPlug.A trojan
* Pretends to be a movie clip, but when clicked tells you you need to download a new QuickTime codec to view it.
* It then downloads a DMG installer. If you have the Open "Safe" Files After Downloading enabled in Safari. Safari will launch the installer automatically.
* It will then ask if you want to install and prompt you for your admin password.
* At this point it modifies your Macs DNS settings to point to phishing sites or ads for other pornography sites.
* So, you try to view porno movie, you desire said movie so badly that you download and willing install software from said porno site. Now you have a DNS hacked Mac. Guess where the security hole is? Hint: it's sitting in front of your Mac, not in it.
* Macworld has a great article about the trojan and instructions on how to remove it.
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V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Leopard launch party coverage
* Play interviews
V Upgrading gotchas
* Install options are a little hidden. Use the "Advanced...", "Customize...", or " Options.." button.
V Some disks take a long time to be recognized.
V Disk Utility Trick:
* 1) Launch Disk Utility (in Utilities menu)
* 2) Select the drive from the list (no partition listed)
* 3) Go to the partition tab
* 4) Under Volume Scheme change the drop down to 1 partition. Wait. DON"T click apply.
* 5) The partition should bee seen and change the Volume Scheme back to 'Current'
* 6) Quit Disk Utility and proceed with your install.
* DVD verification step can take a long time. Long installs especially on older machines.
V old versions of Application Enhancer (APE)
* APE preceding version 2.0.2 is incompatible
* Upgrade or get uninstaller from Unsanity
* Many 3rd party apps install this, check you System Preferences in Tiger.
* Fix after the fact is to do an Archive and install.
* There have been a couple upgrades already (Keychian, login, etc), so run Software Update.
V Some of my favorite things so far
V Over all UI changes
* rounded corners
* enhanced interfaces in print center, mail, etc.
* window drop shadows
* not a fav, but they did deal with the side dock UI complaint.
* QuickLook
* iChat tabbed chat, probably won't need Chax anymore.
* Spotlight in help
V Mail
* Status preview window, like iTunes.
V Stationary.
* Equinux Stationary pack. Over 100 new templates for Mail
Stationary Pack
* FrontRow
* Networking that works!!
V What's missing...
* Curved menubar corners.
* iChat StarWars Hologram effect and "Conan O'Brian" effect
* AirDisk Support in TimeMachine
* Sherlock? Why do we care? Watson will run on Leopard I have been told.
V Resolution Independence?
* This wasn't promised, but many of you were apparently hoping for it.
* Classic. No more OS 9 apps.
V 3rd Party Apps:
* ProTools, Adobe Photoshop 7, CS1, FileMaker.
* Great growing list of compatible and incompatible apps at Dommy's World (via MacUser)
Leopard Compatible Apps
V Scroll inactive windows in Leopard
* Dan points out that you can now scroll any window or app thats open without actually having to bring that window to the front.
* Place cursor over the window or app and scroll away.
V Quick activate QuickLook
* Select file in the Finder and tap the spacebar.
V Move apps and windows between Spaces
* Activate Spaces and click and drag items between Spaces
V Listener Sasha discovered this trick:
* 1. Take and drag a window to the edge of any side of the screen for a few seconds.
* 2. Spaces will automatically switch spaces to the corresponding adjacent space with your window still being dragged.
* You can also click on a window and start to drag, hold on to it, then activate the Spaces Control+ arrow hotkey. It takes some ninja finger dexterity on a trackpad Mac, but works.
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