MacCast 11.15.2007 - Show #207
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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The Gadget Locker
* Like the iKey iPod Audio Recorder, which let's you record from a line source right to the iPod.
* Very interesting for $99 bucks. Listener reviews?
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V News
V Euro iPhone Launch reaction a mixed bag
V T-Mobile claims it was a success, exceeding expectations and selling tens of thousands of units.
* Deutsche Telekom, CEO Rene Obermann said holiday demand could exceed supply.
* Business week is reporting that O2 is not offering business plans for the phones, which is slowing sales.
* According to an ArsTechnica report, O2 claims having 8,000 iPhone activations by the close of business on Friday. Despite reports of issues will the activation servers. CNN Money reports "tens of thousands" of phones sold.
* O2 claims it is the fastest selling device in their history and one report predicts they will sell 400,000 by the end of the holiday season.
V Many UK sources are saying it's just too expensive. Not used to the pricey phone, pricey contract double whammy.
* The iPhone runs UK buyers £269 (about US$550)
V China and Canada could be next
* Rumors are flying that Rogers could have the iPhone out early in 2008
* China Mobile claims to be in talks with Apple to sell the iPhone.
V iPhone and iPod Touch 1.1.2
* Adding mostly International support with more languages, International keyboards, Asian fonts, etc., plus bug fixes.
* iPod Touch owners can now add calendar events
V Also closes TIFF exploit security hole in Mobile Safari, which shutdown some of the latest JailBreak methods (
* New Jailbreaks were out hours after the release.
* Need to start in 1.1.1, can downgrade to re-jailbreak
V Ringtones back on the iPhone.
* Any m4a file, approx. thirty-seconds, change the extension to .m4r and double-click to add it to iTunes
* Several listeners claim their iPhones feel "snappier" after the update. Safari/EDGE performance does seem a bit better to me.
V IPod Video Update 1.2.2
* Simply said "bug" fixes
* According to MacNN users are reporting that it adds support for syncing recent iPhoto events, but maybe that's a iTunes 7.5 feature?
* some Windows Vista/XP reporting losing the display of songs after the update, but running 7.5 fixes the issue
* Worse Win 2000 users are delivered the update, but can't upgrade to iTunes 7.5.
Fix for Windows 2000 Users
V Lots of Apple Software updates
V Hard Drive Update 1.0
* Fixes bugs for iMac Core 2 Duos and Mac Pros running either Tiger or Leopard.
V Mac OS X 10.4.11
* Includes Safari 3.0
* A bunch of bug fixes and security updates including, improved reliability when running VMWARE's Fusion
* Restart "grey screen of unconsciousness"
V Panther Security Update
* Security Update 2007-008 for 10.3.9 client and server.
* updates for AppleRAID, bind, CoreFoundation, Flash Player Plug-in and Foundation
* Updates to Final Cut Studio
V Releases Final Cut Express 4
* Lower price of US$199 ($99 upgrade).
V iPhoto 7.1.1
* improves overall stability, and addresses a number of other minor issues.
* Safari Beta 3.0.4 for Windows with "bug fixes".
V iMac graphics firmware update 1.0
* for 20- and 24-inch aluminum iMacs with the ATi Radeon HD 2660 Pro graphics card and running 10.4.10 with the iMac Software Update 1.2.1 or Leopard with iMac Software Update 1.3
* Fixes "freezing" issue (didn't we fix that already, twice?).
V Apple release first Leopard update
* Just 20 days after the launch Leopard is updated to 10.5.1
V The update contains a bunch of fixes but some of the most significant are:
* fix for the Finder data loss issue
* updates to Mail including fixing an issue with email accounts added using the "Simple Setup" feature in which messages cannot be sent due to an SMTP connection failure.
* Funniest update: In Security preferences' Firewall tab, the "Block All" option is now called "Allow Only essential services"
V 3 new "Get a Mac" ads
* "PR Lady", "Boxer" and "Podium."
* All three targeted directly at Vista.
Get a Mac Ads
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V Circus Ponies
* Notebook, Free 30 day trial
* Let's hear from you. How do you use Notebook?
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V You can ignore that repair permissions error
V Several listeners have asked me about this error when repairing permissions in Leopard
* Warning: SUID file "System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ has been modified and will not be repaired.
* Thanks to Mac Observer for pointing out an Apple Support Article (#306925) on the issue
Repair Permissions Error
* Apple says it's correct, but don't panic. "You can safely ignore this message. It is accurate, but not a cause for concern."
V Moving menubar items
* Question from Connor
* Command+Click+Drag to move them around
V Typing Accented characters on the iPhone
* tap+hold a key to get alternate characters
* Thought it was part of the 1.1.2 update, but have been told it was there since 1.1.1
* Tip from Harry
V Finding Duplicates in the Finder
V Question from Jim
* FileBuddy
* Singular
* DupeCheck
V Getting Network volumes working with TimeMachine
* Listener Randy pointed me to a MacRunors post. Verified by thread on ArsTechnica forums
V Terminal hack to enable TimeMachine with Network volumes
* In terminal type: defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1
* Several reports that this is working fine.
* I would only use it experimentally (not as primary backup). Apple must have it disabled for a reason?
V iPhoto Export Fails
* From listener Chris who was getting the error exporting images from a Smart album in iPhoto '08 using File-->Export...
* Would get a ways through and then error with the message, "cannot create file..."
* I ran into this one time in iPhoto '06, but couldn't seem to replicate it in '08
* My issue was the same as Chris'. There were several photos in the export with the same filename
* Solution is to change the 'File Name' setting in the Export dialog from 'Use filename' to 'Sequential'
* Could also locate the file in the Finder (right+click/control+click image choose Show file) and rename it.
V PPC to Intel Migrations can be tricky
* Feedback from Jeff on his upgrade to Leopard and from PPC to Intel
V Apple Partition Map vs GUID
* PPC uses Apple Partition Map and Intel GUID
* One can't boot from the other.
* According to Mac OS X, using some partitioning an cloning mojo it can be done.
Intel/PPC Bootable Drive
V Migration Assistant brings Library with Files and Folders.
* Can't leave out when you move files and folders to Leopard. You CAN, not migrate Applications.
* Library has Preference Panes that may not be Leopard Ready
* in Jeff's case a couple were crashing his system preferences.
* Remove them manually after the migration
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V EOL: Your doing it wrong
* Slip up in a recent episode of NBC's "Bionic Woman" show the bad guy talking on the iPhone while it's upside-down
Wrong Way iPhone