MacCast 11.30.2007 - Show #208
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V Apples expanding retail empire
* New stores still opening this year including a 3rd Manhattan flagship store opening December 7th at the corner of 9th Avenue and 14th Street in the Meatpacking District
* Apple also plans to open 40 new retail stores in 2008
* Expanding internationally including new stores reportedlt coming to Nothern Ireland, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Beijing, China
* Apple also recently opened on-line stores for Mexico and Portugal
V More security chinks in Leopard armor
V Heise Security reports on an email bug patched in Tiger that has resurfaced in Leopard
* Apple Mail transports information about which program should be used to open a file.
* Mail attachments posing as pictures arrive containing a resource fork which instructs the Mac to open the file using a specific application.
* Bug allows these mail attachments to bypass the built-in warnings when running apps.
* Don't open attachments from unknown sources.
V Quicktime Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) effects 7.2 and 7.3 on Mac and windows
* Clicking a QT file on a malicious site could allow arbitrary code execution and we certainly don't want to be responsible for any code getting executed.
V Apple acknowledges MacBook drive failures
* Originally reported by Retrodata, the problem is confined to Seagate 2.5-inch Serial-ATA drives manufactured in China with a firmware revision of 7.01.
* Apple spokesman Cameron Craig said the company was aware that there might be a problem.
* So far they are only saying MacBooks are effected, but my Mac Mini appears to have a Seagate drive with the 7.01 firmware.
V Orange brings iPhone to France
V Didn't the iPhone launch in France?
* I guess we are over it. Almost no coverage of the French launch
* I did see one image on Apple Insider of a massive fat 100 meters (328 foot) line at the central Orange store in Paris.
* Orange had over 50,000 pre-orders for the iPhone and expects to sell 100,000 in 2007
* Cheaper price for unlocked phones, just €649, plus €100 fee. The phone with a minimum 1 year contract is €399.
* AppleInsider reports that French law says customers can have their phones unlocked for free after the first 6 months of a contract.
V AT&T exec says 3G iPhone in '08
* AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said, "You'll have it next year,'" when asked about the 3G iPhone at a meeting at the Churchill Club of Santa Clara, California.
* That means they must have a solution for 3G battery life. Steve Jobs says at least 5 hours before they will release it.
V Verizon announced it will use the Long-Term Evolution, or LTE 4G standard as it's next bump after 3G
* AT&T apparently also has plans to got LTE in the future and a joint trial of LTE between Verizon and Vodafone will start sometime in 2008
V Malcor hack is a Hoax
* Started with reports that an Apple "fanboy"'s site was hacked by anti-Applists.
* Ended with Apple Matters exposing the hoax as a publicity stunt for an upcoming MacHeist.
* Was all supposed to be in fun and draw attention, but brought negative press to Expression Engine, which is a nice CMS system that runs the Apple Matters site.
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V Circus Ponies
* Notebook, free 30 day trial
* Great for managing your holiday to-dos, can clip items for your buying and gift wishlists right from Safari.
* Now Leopard compatible!
* Let's hear from you. How do you use Notebook?
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V I finally got Back to My Mac working!
* It's awesome.
* Had to open some ports on my router as UPnP didn't work. Apple says v3 of the WRT54G is supported.
V Thanks to TidBits for revealing how
TidBits Back to My Mac Ports
* UDP over port 4500 and TCP over port 443
* I used "port triggering" so all Macs could be seen.
* Also took upgrading all Macs to 10.5.1
V Applications to "tinker" with OS X
V Listener Michael was having trouble remembering an app that let him enable hidden features in OS X.
* TinkerTool
* Cocktail for OS X
* Onyx
V Finding QuickTime for Windows from a Mac
* Listener Arkady wanted to send a QT for Windows download link to a friend, but Apple's site seems to be hiding it from Mac users.
* Apple is doing user/agent sniffing
* Can use Safari "debug" menu to trick Apple's site or use the "search" in the download section.
V Syncing notes from the iPhone, sort of.
* From listener Roland
* Using Apple Mail in Leopard and an IMAP account.
* Create a notes folder in the IMAP account. These folders can be opened by the iPhone as well.
* To add stuff to it, just use the email button from your iPhone notes to send the note to yourself at the designated IMAP account.
* Once back on your Mac, you can put the notes into the mail notes folder on the IMAP account. The next time you sync your iPhone, it is in that accessible folder from the Mail app on your phone.
V To create note in Apple Mail on your Mac from notes sent from the iPhone
* Locate the mailed note in the IMAP account "note" folder
* In Apple Mail click the new note button to bring up a new blank note.
* Highlight the note text from your email and drag and drop it in the blank note.
V Putting the hierarchy back in the Leopard Dock
* Several listeners have recommended programs
V Quay
* Cocoa app, not a dock hack.
* Drag folder into app and then into dock
* Pretty nice and easy enough to use. Not sure exactly how it works.
V HierarchicalDock, Eternal Storms
* Similar concept, but I had trouble with it.
V I really just want the stack interface, but with a "drill-down", but staying in the same view.
* And while we are at it, why cant the fan scroll?
V Stop iPhone from launching iPhoto
* Listener Greg finds it annoying that attaching his iPhone launches iPhoto, but couldn't find where to change the setting.
V It is apparently hidden in the Image Capture app.
* 1) Go to Applications-->Image Capture and launch it.
* 2) Use the 'Devices' pulldown menu and select iPhone.
* 3) Use the mage Capture pulldown menu and select Preferences.
* 4) Click on the General tab, change "When a camera is connected, open" to "No application".
* 5) Click OK, then quit Image Capture.
* Apple does this with other apps too. Safari and Mail are used to set default apps.
V Accessing menubar items, file menus, and Dock from keyboard
* In Leopard and Tiger...
* Control+F2 accesses the main menubar. use arrows to move between items and return to enter to select.
V Control+F3 to access the Dock. Arrows to move back and forth. return or enter to launch and arrow up to access contextual menus
* Can get into stacks with the enter/return key and navigate with arrows.
* Control+F8 to access Apple menubar items
V Fixing QuickLook folder deficiency
* I found tghem on MacUser, but serveral sites have highlighted a couple of great QuickLook plug-ins from a Japanese developer, Taiyo.
V One for Folders and one for ZIP files
* Folder Plug-in
QuickLook Folders
* Zip Plug-in
QuickLook Zip Files
* Install by placing in your /Library/QuickLook or ~/Library/QuickLook folder.
V Decorate your Dashboard for the Holidays
* From a post on MacUser
* Festive Lights Widget
Festive Lights
* Donate and 50% goes to Toys for Tots.
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V New music, "Cool Collected Calm" by One:Day:Life
* From listener Matt who's friend is in the band.
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V EOL: iMac Christmas Ad (user generated)
* An user created iMac Christmas commercial
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