MacCast 12.16.2007 - Show #210
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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* Notebook, free 30 day trial
* Can encrypt notebooks for storing sensitive data. Good password organizer.
V News
V Leopard owners seeing green and not envy
* Reports of some older Mac owners running Leopard seeing green flashes on screen.
* Trouble seems to relate to older ATI Radeon Graphics cards
V Canada gets iTunes TV Shows
* Like in the US they kicked off with a limited selection
* Shows from CBC, CTV, and some from US networks.
* Of course there's also NHL hockey
V Is AppleTV the sleeper product?
* Rumors of AppleTV 2.0. Possible in mid '08 with LCD?
* iTunes rentals?
* According to a recent NPD report Apple accounts for 90% of the legal video download market.
* Popular Mechanics named it the 2nd worst product of 2007
V Consumers like Apple's new spots
* MacNN is reporting on a Changewave survey that says 24 percent of respondents claim they are more likely to buy a Mac in the future because of Leopard.
* The new OS is certainly generating a buzz and is shining amid Vista's troubled reception in the media.
* Overall analysts are very positive on Apple's holiday sales forecast expecting good sales of iPhones, iPods, and Macs alike.
V .Mac sales are up
* An interesting piece on ArsTechnica has NPD group saying that .Mac is 2nd best seller in retail stores
* Overall .Mac sales are up 10% over last year.
* Despite it's warts I think .Mac offers some good value for most consumers.
* I would still put AppleCare (#6) above .Mac, but I love my .Mac too. I just hope they fix Back to My Mac soon.
V Quicktime and GarageBand updated
* Quicktime 7.3.1 fixes the RTSP vulnerability
V GarageBand 4.1.1 improves stability and fixes "issues" with iPhone exports.
* Can now export iPhone ringtones properly.
* "Share > Send Ringtone to iTunes"
V iPhone can do video
* A 3rd party app for iPhone proves it can capture and store video
* Does it surprisingly well at up to 45fps.
* Can't wait until there is an actual supported SDK.
V Apple posts Holiday TV ad
* Mac and PC with Santa in a Rankin/Bass style animated ad.
V French unlocked iPhones are "country" locked.
* This has been a burning question for me and is now answered
* You have to have a SIM from a French carrier otherwise the phone features are disabled.
* If you maintain a French contract you will pay high International roaming charges.
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* Maccast recommends: M-Audio Keystation 61es Keyboard
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V 2G plus vs. 3G iPhone
* Play comments from Marc
* That's what Steve said.
* It's about the experience. Fast is only fast if you want to use it. The browser matters.
V File sharing in Leopard
V Some of this info came from Glenn Fleishman's great "Leopard Simplifies File Sharing" article on TidBits.
* Lots more technical detail in the article and they have an audio version on the site.
Leopard Simplifies File Sharing
* Accessed from the Sharing menu. AFP, Samba, and FTP are all controlled in the same panel.
V Left column select (click on) 'File Sharing'. In the right pane there are two columns. First column you select and add volumes and folders to share. 2nd column controls permissions.
* You can select any folder and it will show as a volume when connected. Add by dragging the item in or using the "+" and "-" buttons below.
V Assign specific read and write permissions for users and groups to each volume (folder).
* Click the "+" and "-" to add or remove users.
* Accounts are created in the 'Accounts' preferences, selecting from your AddressBook, or choosing "NewPerson" from the add dialog. For new accounts you will need to assign a password.
V Guest and Sharing only accounts
* Sharing only accounts have no home directory or and can't to log in via SSH
* Guest accounts have limited folder access and require no password to log-in.
* You control if and which accounts have Guest and/or Sharing only access from the Account preferences.
V Enabling SMB, FTP and AFP
* Click the options button to see the pane. Choose any or all.
* FTP passwords are transfered unencrypted
* SMB you need to choose which accounts are allowed access. Also SMB password are stored locally in a less secure fashion then AFP, but SMB is encrypted when connecting.
* SFTP is not enabled here (need to turn on remote login) and there are some limitations.
V Connecting to your shares.
V In Finder under the Go menu select 'Connect to Server…'
* Type in the AFP name, Windows share name, domain name, or IP address.
* ftp:// for FTP (read only), afp:// for AFP, and smb:// for SAMBA.
* you can add frequently used locations to your favorites by entering the address and clicking the "+" symbol.
V Once connected volumes show up in the Finder sidebar under 'Shared'. You can also connect from the sidebar. Local AFP, NetBIOS volumes, Bonjour, and Back to My Mac volumes appear there.
* Connect via AFP as Guest by default, but you can also select the volume and choose 'Connect As…' to use a specific account. A dialog will prompt you for credentials.
* Networked volumes no longer appear on the Desktop by default. Choose Finder --> Preferences, click General, and check Connected Servers
V No more beach ball of death thanks to AutoFS in Leopard
* AutoFS spawns a separate process to manage the mounted volumes.
* Result is that the Finder shouldn't lockup when the mounted volumes goes away.
V A whole lot better, but other things to know
* There is no FTP access for 'Guest' accounts. Guests can access AFP and SMB shares
* SFTP is not integrated. Need to allow "remote login". SFTP ignores shared folders, but does honor OS X account permissions. SFTP users can see any volume their account has access to.
V DynNS, Ports, Routers
* Common ports: FTP (21), SSH (22), AFP (548)
* May need to open up ports to allow access via Internet. Some ISPs block inbound ports.
* Will need static IP address or need to use a service like DynDNS or use Back to my Mac.
V Keyboard shortcut symbols and tricks
* In your menus on the right next to many items is the keyboard shortcut. Andrew was wondering about what the symbols translate to.
V MacRumors has a great guide on their Guide site
Keyboard Shortcut Guide

V Adding your own
* Go to System Preferences-->Mouse & Keyboard and select the Keyboard Shortcut tab
* Click the "+" icon under the short cut list.
* In the sheet that appears, select the Application you want to add a shortcut to, or select All.
* Type the menu item text Exactly as it appears. If it has an ellipsis the type Option+semicolon
* Assign the shortcut.
* To use it you may need to quit and re-launch the application.
V Taking screenshots
V The Apple Way
* Command+Shift+3 takes the entire screen.
* Command+Shift+4 gives you crosshairs to make a selection. Spacebar to select specific windows.
* Saves images to the Desktop, as PDF by default I think, but can never remember. It may be different depending on your OS.
* Add the Control key to the above commands to save to the Clipboard. You can then open Preview choose "New from Clipboard" (Command+N) from the file menu and then Save as any format you wish.
* If you need timed screen shots, want a visible cursor you can customize, you can use Grab (Applications-->Utilities-->Grab).
* Can change the default save location and file format using terminal commands or a tool like Cocktail or Tinker Tool.
OS X Cocktail
* 3rd party apps. Skitch is my current fav. I got invites if you need them.
V Video screenshots
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