MacCast 12.31.2007 - Show #212
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 leaked
* Leaked by GearLive with 8:00 min video of new features.
V The "leak" at this point is just video and screenshots surfacing on the web, no installer.
* Is tagged to ferret out source and requires Apple's private key to install.
* Someone want's iPhone hacks to have at least some early info.
* Gizmodo claims to have confirmed it is legit.
V New features:
* The ability to send an SMS message to multiple people is now there
* Google Maps application can now pinpoint your location using cell tower triangulation
* Google Maps can now display the Hybrid map view
* You can now drag and drop application icons on your home screen
* The home screen supports pagination
* You can now add web bookmarks to your home screen
* Breaks 3rd party apps, "Any SIM" unlock, non-AT&T Activation. Hardware SIM unlocks should still work.
* Could be out as early as next week.
V iTunes Rental Rumor Strengthens
* The Finacial Times is reporting a deal between Twentieth Century Fox and Apple for iTunes video rentals
* A NY Times piece supports the rumor and claims there may be more than just Fox in the announcement.
V No word of when or pricing, but Macworld is a likely announcement.
* Apple Insider says a Variety piece alludes to a video on demand type scheme with rentals lasting just 24 hours and running between $2.00 to $5.00.
* Deal may also include iPod versions pre-loaded on Fox DVDs.
V Apple Stock climbs, analysts bullish
* Apple stock broke the $200 per share mark during the middle of last week
* Some analysts are already upping target prices to $300
* Daedalus Capital's Stephen Coleman is going way out and predicting the stock will hit $600 in the next 18 months.
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* Be more organized in the new year
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V What CUDA stands for
* Thanks to Jerry
* Capacitive Unit Discharge ASIC (Apple Computers)
V 2nd MacBook trackpad/keyboard issue confirmed
* As mention on the last show, while the latest Apple updates fixed the keyboard stopping issue there still is another issue
* Many Maccast listeners with the latest updates applied have an issue where the trackpad and or keyboards are unresponsive for several minutes after the Mac wakes from sleep.
V Leopard Spotlight tips
* Listener Peter was looking to remove Growl (not Leopard compatible) and was looking for the /Library/Mail/Bundles directory. Couldn't find the Growl files with Spotlight.
* 2 Library folders. One in your home directory and one at the root of the boot hard drive.
V Spotlight in leopard leaves out system locations and files by default
* Need to do a Finder spotlight search. Command+F in the finder or use spotlight menu and choose "Show all".
V In the result window under the toolbar and above the column headers there are some options:
* Search locations and types (contents, file name)
* Save (as a smart folder)
* "+" icon to add additional search filters
V Search filters
* Click the "+" then use the first drop down to add a filter. In this case "System files".
* "Other..." shows all the filter options. Use the search box to locate specific ones, click checkbox to add favorites to the drop down list.
* After the filter is chosen, then you enter filer parameters. In this case "include".
V Remote control your Mac from your iPhone
* Play Telekinesis review from Kyle
V My thoughts and experience
* Uses https and username and password to access
* Comment on security risk of share "insecurely"
V Set an animated or video desktop
* Alejandro saw a YouTube video of a person with a looping video desktop in OS X and was wondering how they did that.
V The trick is a little terminal hack that allows you to use your default screensaver as your desktop background.
* You actually run the ScreenSaver Engine as a background process and then give it a parameter that sets it as a background.
* /System/library/Frameworks/Screensaver.framework/Resources/ -background &
* To stop it you will have to kill the process which you can do from the Utilities/Activity Monitor and then quit the ScreenSaverEngine process. You can also issue the kill on the PID from the terminal.
* To do video you just need a video screensaver like Voop. This lets you specify a QT video as your screensaver. :30-:60 loops work good, but you can do anything.
* If you want to avoid terminal there is a widget to set the screensaver to your desktop called "Wallsaver"
* Finally if you want just a tricked out desktop picture management app that will do video and add cool transition effects to changing desktops you can try out Deskshade from MacRabbit. It also allows you to hide all your desktop icons.
V Make your iCal Relationships Complete
* Stephan following up on the last show with a useful iCal Plug-in
* Relationship Completer
Relationship Completer
* Contextual menu to insert relationships from one record to another. Make John Doe a spouse of Jane Doe
V Finish up sharing, share yourself and your Mac
* Take some time to show someone the Mac and OS X.
V Teach a friend or family member something you know about using a Mac that they might not know.
* Show them how to use iLife.
* How to backup their Mac with TimeMachine, Super Duper, etc.
* How to subscribe to a podcast.
V What do you want me to cover at Macworld?
* I may not be attending the Keynote live. IDG has limited space and while I will have media credentials they come without keynote access. I am working other angles.
* I am in the process of lining up meeting and interviews. Is there anyone you want me to make sure I talk to or check out?
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