MacCast 03.16.2008 - Show #219
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V Rumors of Beatles on iTunes yet again
* Rumor that Paul has signed a deal to allow Apple to release Beatles music on iTunes
* Reportedly worth £200 million and would happen after McCartney's divorce is final
* Apple and Sony/ATV Music Publishing denied the reports.
* My take... who cares anymore.
V Non technical issues arise with Macbook Air
* In a blog post frequent flyer and Macbook Air owner Michael Nygard was delayed by TSA agents and missed his flight when his Macbook Air raises concerns. The lack of notebook like features (drive, optical, typical ports) made it appears suspicious.
* Steven Levy from Newsweek thinks his loaner macbook Air from Apple may have been recycled with the Sunday NY Times.
* MacBook Air SMC Update 1.0 released Monday to fix issues with cooling and the internal fan.
V iPod software updates
* iPod shuffle software 1.0.4 for the second gen Shuffle. Contains bug fixes and enhanced support for 2GB models.
* iPod Software Update 1.3 for 5th Gen iPods. Contains bug fixes, and supersedes all previous versions.
V Apple slowing NAND Flash purchases
* Reports from DigiTimes in Taiwan say that unlike last year Apple has not placed any significant orders for Flash memory.
* Does Apple have a surplus? Are products not seeing as quickly as expected?
* The price is dropping, so maybe Apple is just looking for a good deal. They have been buying so much NAND that they seem to now have the ability to control the market price to their advantage.
V Developer demand for iPhone 2.0 high
* Apple reports 100,000 download of the SDK in just 4 days
* Apple being picky about which developers are being allowed into the program
* Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) 2008 will take place on June 9-13, 2008 in San Francisco, CA at Moscone West.
* Reports from the iPhone Dev team that they may have already Jailbroken then new firmware.
V iPhone hits Austria and Ireland
* T-Mobile will be the exclusive carrier in Austria with O2 the Irish carrier
* €399 for 8GB model and €499 for 16GB
V Austrian tariffs
* A €39 Classic plan 1,000 minutes of calling to any network, Visual Voicemail, up to 3GB of data transfer per month, and SMS text messages at 25 Euro cents each; a €55 Supreme plan, unlimited calling and text messages with up to 3GB of data transfer per month. A two-year contract is required fro all plans
V O2 Tariffs
* Range from €45 to €100 for between 175 and 700 minutes, 100 to 250 SMS messages, and a 1GB data limit. No visual voice mail or free wi-fi hot spot access like in the UK. Plan require an 18-month contract.
V Airport Express update soon?
* Macgeneration is reporting that the Apple Swiss site may have leaked info on an upcoming Airport Express 802.11n update.
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V Faronics Deep Freeze
* Deep Freeze
* Perfect for IT departments, labs, public terminals
* Keeps your Mac in a consistent and protected state
* All changes to a protected machine are temporary for that working session, including the installation of new software, removal of programs, renaming or deleting files and folders, and changes to application preferences.
* Restart restores the system while maintaining your documents, pictures, and music.
* Works with Apple Remote Desktop, and can also be managed through the LANDesk Management Suite.
* Can protect virtual machines held within a protected Mac partition. Deep Freeze for Windows can be used with Parallels, VMWare, Boot Camp.
* Intel or PPC and runs on Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther), 10.4 (Tiger), and 10.5 (Leopard). Windows version also available.
* $45USD with 1 Year Maintenance Package and Volume licensing is available.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V iPhone: the world's lamest cut and paste
* Several listeners reminded me of the email this web page iPhone hack for sending URLs
V Lots of reports of Wifi issues with 10.5.2
* This has been all over the web and in my email box
V Not sure what is happening, but here are some things to try:
V Make sure all your Airport and 3rd party router firmware is up to date
* Apple just released AirPort 5.3.1 Update which includes general fixes and compatibility updates for the AirPort Utility, AirPort Disk Utility and AirPort Base Station Agent applications.
* Check for local interference. Channels should be 5 apart (1,6,11).
* Make sure you are using the latest encryption scheme your router supports. WPA2 or WPA are the better options.
V Don't use administrator accounts
V Listener Jimmy wanted a review of why it's not a good idea to run and administrator account as your main account and also wanted to know how difficult it was to change an existing account to a non-admin.
* 1) Under your current admin account go to the System Preferences-->Accounts and add a new admin account.
* 2) Log out of your current account and into the new admin account.
* 3) Go again to the System Preferences-->Accounts
* 4) Select your old admin account and uncheck the "allow User to administer this computer" box.
V Apple TV and HD home video
* Play comment/question from Todd
* Apple TV is made for playing your own HD content.
V How to legally share music
* Listener Even had several questions
V 1. Is limewire legal, if not can you make it, i saw an article on CNET about enabling a filter that would only find results without copyright protection?
* It depends... DRM free is not equal to copyright free. Need permission to have the song, direct from artists, creative commons, etc. ITunes buying a CD is selling you a license to listen, you don't own rights to distribute.
V 2. How about iTunes? Is it legal to download a song from iTunes, not iTunes plus, burn it to a disc and share it, how about doing the same with iTunes plus?
* Legal to buy it, legal to own it, legal to burn it for your own use, legal to put it on your iPods and computers. Illegal to distribute it.
V 3. It is legal to share protected songs from iTunes and simply authorize each other?
* For up to 5 of your own computers and unlimited iPods, yes. With your friends, no.
V 4. I know that there are some ways of stripping DRM (double twist), are these legal?
* They use a method called the "analog hole", so they are technically legal. Aging under fair use you can do this for your own purposes, but you can't sell or distribute your copies.
V 5. What about those sites that let you download DRM free tracks, are those legal?
* Like the recent NIN album where they gave away tracks yes, you can download and listen. You need to check the license they give you for rules on sharing. Creative commons has a sharing license.
V 6. Is it legal to buy a CD from a store and rip it onto multiple computers?
* Maybe... you need to check the license. Probably for your own use.
V 7. If i get a DRM free track can i duplicate it as many times as i want, ie could I buy a song and give it to a bunch of friends?
* No.
V 8. So my ending question is basically how can i legally share music?
* Invite your friends over and listen to the music. Streaming seems to be in a grey area.
V Got an iPhone, but what's that annoying sound?
* Andy noticed his computer speakers making an annoying digital noise sound ever since he got his iPhone.
* iPhone receiving data via the cellular network.
V Quicklook for older document formats
* Play comment from Brad
V What you need is a quickLook plug-in and I don't see an Appleworks one yet
* Quicklook
* Quark, Better ZIP, Better Folder, EPS, etc.
* I like QLCodeColor which gives you text preview with code color highlighting—list
* To install new plugins just move the QL plug-in files (.qlgenerator) to the /Library/Quicklook or ~/Library/Quicklook folder.
V Why don't all iPhone apps do horizontal?
V Listener Grady wonders why Mail, notes and other iPhone apps don't offer a landscape keyboard mode like Safari.
* Get use of a larger keyboard
* Easier to type
* My theory is it's about real estate.
* in that mode almost the entire screen is taken up by the toolbar and keypad leaving just about one line of text or what is underneath visible. Fine for typing in a URL, but not great for composing an email.
V The universal sound fix
* Listener Phil's Mac suddenly stopped playing sounds in Safari, Quicktime, etc.
* Open Garageband, quit Garageband to fix.
* Resets a setting that can get messed up by some 3rd party apps. In the Audio MIDI Setup Utility. Format gets set to 48KHz instead of 44.1KHz.
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V EOL: The Newton Virus
* Newton Virus comes on a USB key for manual infection. Simply plug the key into a computer and the virus will automatically copy itself on the hard drive.
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