MacCast 03.23.2008 - Show #220
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V Smile on My Mac
V Photoprinto
* Print photo albums using great built-in templates
* Do layouts of photo and tiles
* Great tool for digital scrapbooking
V News
V Adobe position on Flash for iPhone clarifies
* Media interpretation of Adobe CEO statements made it sound like they would bring Flash to the iPhone independent of Apple.
* He actually said they will work with Apple.
* So while the SDK may make development possible Adobe and Apple still have more than technical issues to overcome.
V Airport Updates
* New Airport Express with 802.11n
V Time Machine and AirPort Updates 1.0
* Improvements to TimeCapsule/TimeMachine reliability
* AirPort wireless driver fixes
V Time Capsule and AirPort Base Station (802.11n) Firmware 7.3.1
* Airport Extreme Update brings TimeMachine AirDisk support.
V Safari 3.1 released
* Speed increases in page loads thanks to new WebKit.
* Apple also says Javascript has been given a speed boost.
V First browser to support for new web standards like:
* new video and audio tags in HTML 5
* CSS Animations
* CSS Web Fonts
* Designers are going to like this update.
* I wonder if we will see a new rash of "this browser best viewed with..." or "This site requires..." sites.
* Update also addresses 13 security issues
V Controversy on Windows, since 3.1 came up as a software update even if you didn't have Safari installed.
* Office 2008 update installs the Silverlight plug-in.
V Other Apple updates
* Security Update 2008-002, patches over over 40 OS X security flaws including issues with Preview, Apache, PHP, AppKit, CoreServices, CUPS and curl.
* Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 2.0, add more RAW camera support to Aperture 2 and iPhoto ‘08 and contains a security update.
V Rumors of a pending iTunes subscription model
* This was all over the Mac-o-sphere
* Basically that Apple is trying to negotiate with the label to offer "premium" iPods that would include "all-you-can-eat" music for the life of the device.
* Like the Nokia "Comes with Music" phones where Nokia gives the labels $80 per device. Apple has rumored to offer $20 per device.
* Would you pay a premium for unlimited music?
V Mac Mini ready for rebirth?
* Apple Insider has a piece that says the Mac Mini is soon to get a refresh
* They don't give a date
* 45-nanometer Core 2 Duo mobile chips starting at 2.1GHz with 3MB of shared L2 cache
800MHz front-side bus (up from 667MHz)
* Intel GMA X3100 integrated graphics processor
* The piece also claims that the iMacs may get a jump up to the Penryn boosting them up to a max of 2.8GHz Core 2 Extreme processors.
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V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V One more step for admin to user account conversion
* Bob reminds us that is probably a good idea to run repair permissions on your new "user" only account.
V Apologies to Growl
* Jacob pointed out that Growl is simply a System Preference apps and not a "deep hack".
* I had not used Growl because of some issues I had with it back in the OS 10.2 days, so I should have checked.
* People tell me recent versions are fairly robust and there doesn't seem to be reports of conflicts recently with Growl.
V Still a valid point to check 3rd party apps that may interact with other parts of the OS when troubleshooting issues. Check their websites and support areas for information.
* Example, printing and ssh issues caused by Rogue Amoeba's instant hijack feature (a patch is now out).
V Wi-fi issues? Check your channels
* Play comment from Stephen
* iStumbler
* Use channels 5 apart, typically 1, 6, or 11 if you can.
V More info on iPhone audio interference
* Common to GSM devices
* Caused by power bursts that carry the TDMA signal. Basically, the RF transmitter is turned on/off at a fast rate. CDMA phones transmitters are on most of the time so you don't get the same effect.
* The sound is picked up by devices that don't have really good RF shielding.
* Several solutions on-line that involve wrapping aluminum foil over the antenna area of the iPhone.
* Thanks to Mike for sending additional info
V Apple missed some things with the iPhone user experience
* Nick pointed out some missteps the iPhone engineers made when considering how the iPhone would work in a horizontal orientation for video
* Volume buttons are on the left side, so why does Apple have you rotate it left to put it into "widescreen" orientation for video?
V This places the button controls on the bottom left
* Volume up is the left button and volume down is the right one. Backwards.
* Also natural to have your thumb on the bottom and fingers on top when holding it in this orientation. Have to use thumb instead of finger to control buttons. Awkward.
* Apple would likely argue that you should use the touchscreen for control.
* Bottom line is this doesn't feel like Apple's usual attention to the user experience.
* If it simply rotated to the right to go "widescreen" the issues would be resolved.
V New photo enhancing app for keyboard jockeys
* Iguania
* Listener Matt has a friend who was a colorist on The Lord of the Rings and has developed a new and VERY different image enhancing app.
* Enables you to move through the entire workflow without ever moving a slider.
* You use keyboard commands and mouse gestures.
* Make sure you read the help file or you will be lost. Helpful tips like Caps Lock to pause mouse control.
* It is currently in public BETA and he is looking for feedback.
V Review: Newsfire
* Play review from Paul
* NetNewsWire
V iCopy, the solution for iPhone copy/paste?
* Several people pointed me to iCopy as a solution for copy/paste on the iphone
* Despite the cool YouTube video demo, it left me still screaming at Apple for this feature
* iCopy uses javascript, URLs, and cookies to copy data.
* Only works in Safari, so can't copy to the iPhone Mail app.
* The process is very cumbersome.
* Actually didn't work for me at all.
V Mac Maintenance
* Listener Kasim asks the age old switcher question... How do I maintain my Mac?
* The answer, you do very little.
V The rubber chicken steps:
* 1) Repair permissions
* 2) Clear the caches
* 3) Zap the PRAM
* 4) Run a tool (run scheduled maint.). Cocktail, Onyx, etc.
* 5) Run a bigger tool (defrag, disk and hardware checks), Drive Genius, iDefrag, TechTool Pro
V Things to consider:
* Reboot. Clear VM and swap disks.
* 3rd party app conflicts. Identify and remove or disable.
* Reset your network. Reboot modems, routers, and Macs.
* Get more RAM
* Spring clean your hard drive. Make sure you have enough free space.
* Clean install OS X and apps.
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