MacCast 03.31.2008 - Show #221
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V Circus Ponies
* Notebook, free 30 day trial
* Quote from Jim, "This thing goes way beyond a simple notebook. I had no Idea that it was so powerful a tool.
Thanks for turning me on to it. I love it."
* Screencasts Online #0096
Notebook Screencast
* 3.0 will be out in Q2 of 2008 (so soon) and if you buy now (after 1/1/08) you get a free upgrade.
V News
V Case of the missing iPhones
* Reports all over the Applesphere of Apple stores sold out of iPhones
* Listener reports of outrages in NYC, Washington DC, and Michigan
* Rumors from "Asian" sources that Apple has placed orders 10 million 3G phones. OLED display to conserve power.
* Reports Kevin Rose said there would be a front facing video cam for chat and June release date.
* Some reports that Apple has stepped up orders for high-capacity Flash (4GB) modules from Hynix and Samsung.
V Gene Munster predicts sales of 45 million iPhones in 2009
* Lower prices, 3G
V Apple sales up in down market
* A Changewave report covered by ArsTechnica
* Apple on track to sell 2 million Macs this quarter, better than the 1.5 milion for the same period last year
* About 30% surveyed said they are considering a Mac notebook purchase
V Another Changewave survey of 2,200 corporate users shows Leopard users are the most satisfied.
* 3% of those using Leopard reported they were very satisfied with their operating system, compared to only 40% of Windows XP and just 8% of Vista users.
V Safari 3.1 and Webkit rocked the ACID test
* Webikit has scored a 100 and Safari 3.1 scores 75
* ACID3 measures web standards compliance and performance
* Webkit is the underlying technology that drives Apple's Safari and Mail web engine
V Macbook Air hacked
* At the CanSecWest hacking PWN2OWN competition
* Macbook Air was hacked and P0wned by Dr. Charlie Miller who also got $10,000 grand to boot
* Happened vis a Safari exploit on the 2nd day when they allowed browser access
* Dr. Charlie Miller was also the security researched who uncovered iPhone vulnerabilities in mobile Safari back in July.
* Apple has been informed of the exploit and details were not revealed
V Apple releases v2 of iPhone SDK
* Biggest change is that they have now included Interface Builder
* Also beta 2 of Xcode 3.1
V Apple TV Update 2.0.1
* Update includes bug-fixes
* Menu performance snappier
* Browse movies by genre under “My Movies”
* Podcasts now sync back to iTunes
* Some reports of Wi-fi issues on N. According to iLounge, problem seems to be related to some 5GHz 802.11n networks; switching to a 2.4GHz network or simply turning off the “Use wide channels” option of Apple’s Airport Extreme Base Station appears to alleviate the problem.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Some followup on music sharing
* Play comment from Matt
V Google Map Hack for older iPods
* If you don't have an iPod Touch or iPhone, listener Jimmy had this trick for Google Maps.
* Go to Google Maps and get your directions.
* Zoom in and take Screenshots
* Load those into iPhoto (create a Maps album)
* Sync with iTunes.
V CDs with labels are unreliable
* Play comment from David.
V I would remove the labels with time, patience, and elbow grease
* I would avoid any kind of solvents recommended on may sites, like mineral spirits, alcohol, WD-40, GoofOff, lighter fluid, etc.
* Even water may be an issue if it spots, or get in the layers.
V I would recommend using a direct to CD/DVD printer or a technology like Lightscribe.
* Can get direct inkjet label printers for under $100.00
V Automator and iCal, the perfect auto scheduling pair.
* Steven has to rely on satellite for his connectivity (expensive) and wanted to automate getting his podcasts from between 12:00 AM and 3:00 AM.
V In Leopard Automator can be used to create iCal plug-ins.
* Save as plug-in for iCal Alarm
V In iCal you can schedule events to run the Automator plug-in.
* Plug-ins also work for Finder, Script Menu, folder actions, etc.
* In previous versions of iCal (Tiger) you could launch apps, including Automator apps.
* A great Automator site, Automator World
V Mac log file maintenance
* I thought Since Tiger you really don't need to run these scripts manually. Switched to launchd (Tiger).
* Looks like the issue persisted under Tiger, thus Anacron was developed.
* Now fixed in Leopard. If missed they should pickup and run the next time your Mac is on.
* You can still run them manually from the Terminal using 'periodic' (Tiger) or 'newsyslog' (Leopard) commands.
* Or use a tool like Onyx or Cocktail.
V My experience hacking the AppleTV
V Thanks to some thought seeds from Tim Verpoorten I hacked my Apple TV
* Applecore LLC aTV Flash - Take 2.0 ($59.95)
aTV Flash
* I created my own patchstick using the iClarified instructions
Make an ATV Patchstick
V Hacks to add...
* Divx, Xvid, Windows Media and other support
* Browser with Flesh support
* File browsing
* Looks like the 2.0.1 updated will undo my handywork.
V My thoughts on Apple refurbished products
* I generally like them
V Some warnings
* Brent had model that was non-standard. iBook G4 933MHz with 80 GB drive (normally had 40GB). May have been upgraded post purchase. Had to have it serviced and Apple replaced his drive back with a 40GB factory drive.
* Also heard stories of non-wiped drives making it back out into the wild.
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V New music, "Routine and Dollar Signs" by Goodnight Sunrise
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V EOL: Macbook Air Parody
* Now that's one big envelope.
Macbook Air Parody