MacCast 04.08.2008 - Show #222
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V Faronics
* Deep Freeze, download a free, fully functional 30 day evaluation copy of Deep Freeze.
V One of the best software setting up Macs for use by multiple users and in public spaces where you want go give users freedom, but still know the system will maintain a good known state.
* ThawSpaces and Integrated Mapping for storage of user data and files. Integrated mapping allows you to map areas of the user account as ThawSpaces (documents, pictures, movies, music, and bookmarks)
* Used by the US Army, Hilton Hotels, and Google
* Winner of a Macworld Editor's Choice award
V News
V TV hits iTunes in Germany
* 35 TV shows available on the iTunes Store in Germany
* Germany’s top networks, including ProSieben, Sat.1, ZDF Enterprises, and Brainpool
* Content from ABC and MTV Networks in the US.
* Priced at €1.99 and €2.49 per episode
V New TV Ads for iPhone and Macs
V New iPhone ads are titled "Bet", "Brilliant", and "Music Store"
* Bet focuses on using Safari to win a basketball trivia bet
* Brilliant highlights the new location feature of Google Maps
* Music Store, well I am sure you can guess.
V Two new "Get a Mac" ads, "Yoga" and "Breakthrough"
* Both seem to focus on PC working though his "issues" over disappointing results of Vista
V Apple Software updates
V Apple Updates iTunes 7.6.2, QuickTime 7.4.5 and Front Row 2.1.3
* iTunes 7.6.2 provides bug fixes to improve stability and performance.
* QuickTime 7.4.5 includes fixes that enhance reliability, improve compatibility with third-party applications, and address security issues. This release is recommended for all QuickTime 7 users.
* This Front Row update provides for bug fixes and improved iTunes compatibility.
V Apple gets #1 music retailer spot in the US
* Finally beat Wal Mart according to NPD Data for January and February 2008.
* Grabbed the #1 spot with 19% of the market. Wal Mart was 2nd at 15% and Best Buy in 3rd at 13%.
* The study counts one CD as 12 tracks and also excludes wireless purchases.
V Uncle Walt says 3G iPhone in 60 Days
V While speaking to a group of executives at the Beet.TV's executive summit at the Embassy of Finland.
V Walt Mossberg claimed the 3G iPhone would be here in the next 60 days. Play clip.
* Play audio clip.
* Mossberg has backpedaled saying he has no insider knowledge and he has been on the same rumor-go-round as the rest of us.
* I was more excited about him saying how lame US broadband is.
* Rumors further propped up AT&T's Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega in a statement made at a lunch at CTIA 2008.
* The FCC Myth. Private until 6 weeks before launch.
V iPod Observer has Barry Young with DisplaySearch claiming that Apple will also bring OLED displays to the iPhone, but maybe later than the 3G version.
* He claims OLEDs will work in bright sunlight with the right polarizer.
V Redesigns for future Mac notebooks?
* Rumor sites are a buzz that Macbooks and Macbook Pro will see revving soon.
* Styles to match AL iMacs, with more aluminum, hint's of black, and tapered edges
* Larger multi-touch trackpad on Macbook, better integrated graphics, new Intel Centrino 2 chips and faster bus.
* Predictions are for the June timeframe
V AirPort Disk TimeMachine support off again?
* TidBits Glenn Fleishman says that he contacted an Apple rep and they say the solution is not supported.
* Means that Apple won't help you.
V FinalCut Server now shipping
* Software for media asset management and workflow automation
* Meant to be integrated with FinalCut studio, Final cut server also has Mac and Windows clients to allow searching and editing of content without the need for FinalCut Studio.
* USD$999 for 10-client and $1,999 unlimited
V iPhone Developers hit with PSOD
* Pink Screen of Death, expired OS software on their iPhones
* Confusion on if there is a newer build of the SDK.
* Some were reportedly using the iPhone Dev Team's Pwnage Tool as a work around.
* Apple did release the new iPhone 2.0 Beta OS , build 9M2158a and SDK beta 3
V EFI firmware updates
* Apple released EFI Firmware Updates for the MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac
* Firmware Restoration CD 1.6 (used to restore the firmware of Intel-based Macs)
* Aluminum Keyboard Update
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* Get your free audiobook
* iWoz, The Perfect Thing, The Areas of My Expertise
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Follow-up on CD read errors and labels
* Phil mentioned that Toast ( had a recovery feature
V Removing labels may not be a good idea
* Especially from CDs, data layer is near the top surface and only protected by a thin coating
* Sharpies (solvent) and glue from labels may also deteriorate the thin protective
lacquer coating and effect data layer over time
V National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) has a guide to prolonging the life of CDs and DVDs as archival media.
* "Adhesive labels should not be applied to optical discs destined for
long-term storage (more than five years). The label could delaminate
over time and interfere with disc drive operation. The adhesive in
some earlier labels has also been known to react with the lacquer
surface. Any attempts to peel the label off could cause damage to the
lacquer and metal layers in CDs. DVDs are different; peeling a label
off a DVD would not have the same adverse affect because the metal
layer is not near the surface. "
* Use disks with printable surface or LightScribe (not DiscScribe) burners and discs
V Accessing non-Mac supported sites
* Play comment from Anthony
V Need to change your browsers user agent
* TinkerTool
* Cocktail
* Firefox plug-ins
* Run Windows on your Mac with Bootcamp, Parallels, or VM Ware.
V Making System Fonts bigger
* Several listeners this week wanted to control System font sizes.
* TinkerTool Again.
* Set nine categories of default fonts used in Cocoa applications.
V Automatically disconnecting from servers
* Play question from Matt
V Create an automator iCal plug-in
* Get specified Finder items, only seems to work for 1 mounted share at a time.
* Eject disk
V Remotely Access a PC from your Mac
* Kyle is a Mac user, but has family members for away who use PCs and want's to support them
* Microsoft Remote Desktop Client
Microsoft RDC
V Real VNC Server and connect with Screen (System/Library/CoreServices)
* For host put in server address or IP and port number
* Also can use Chicken of the VNC
* VNC Server built-in to OS X. In Leopard Sharing-->ScreenSharing, then click Computer Settings enable VNC access. In Tiger it's under Remote Desktop in Sharing.
* LogMeIn, but not sure if that works Mac to PC?
V Moving Outlook to Mac
* Play question from Rob
V Migrate Mail from Outlook to Mac
* O2M from Little Machines
* Mozilla Thunderbird
* Entourage 2008, part of Office 2008
* Once converted to Mac Mail or exported to Mbox format (thunderbird), import into Mail Steward
V Using user accounts and sudo
V Listener looking to edit the "hosts" file (/etc/hosts) to block ad servers.
* App like Safari or PithHelmet would be easier to use
Pith Helmet
* What text editor and how come I can't sudo from a user account?
* TextMate, which adds the 'mate' command line tool
* BBEdit or it's free little brother TextWrangler
V Need to edit the sudoers file and add in your user accounts. Use the visudo command (need to use sudo and an admin account).
* Could be undoing the added security you have by using a user account.
* Can add just the commend you need to the sudoers file for that user account.
V Hate cable clutter? So does Jack.
* Earbud Jack from What if Widgets
* 5% of their sales go to raise awareness for and fight hearing loss.
* Cable YoYo
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