MacCast 06.10.2008 - Show #229
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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* Deep Freeze
* Conntrol your Macs system set up while maintaining flexibility for your users. Can map user accounts to "ThawSpaces" so users data can be retained, but they system can be kept safe.
* Free to try. 30-day fully functioning trial
V News
* WWDC Keynote Wrap-up.
V iPhone 3G coming in July
V What was announced
* 3G iPhone, built-in "Assisted " GPS, battery life, flush headphone jack
V 3G
* 2.4x faster on average. Apple says loaded 48 sec. on Edge, 20 sec on 3G. For me it loaded 2:14 sec on EDGE.
V Let's talk battery specs....
* OLD: Talk time: Up to 8 hours, Standby time: Up to 250 hours, Internet use: Up to 6 hours, Video playback: Up to 7 hours, Audio playback: Up to 24 hours
* NEW: Talk time: Up to 5 hours on 3G (1 hour less) and Up to 10 hours on 2G (4 hours more), Standby time: Up to 300 hours (50 hours more) , Internet use: Up to 5 hours on 3G and Up to 6 hours on Wi-Fi (unsure as 1.0 didn't differentiate, but seems about the same to 1 hour less), Video playback: Up to 7 hours (same), Audio playback: Up to 24 hours (same)
V "Assisted" GPS
* with tracking, which normally means multiple GPS satellites and receivers, but that is where the "assisted" part may come in?
* UMTS, HSDPA, GSM, Wi-Fi, EDGE, GPS, and Bluetooth with 2 antennas, cleverly hidden in the metal ring around the camera, the audio jack, the metal screen bezel, and the iPhone circuitry itself.
V Pricing, 8GB $199.00 and 16 GB $299.00. Same in all countries.
V How the pricing really works (at least in the US).
* New: $199 + $70 for 24 months = $1879
* Old: $399 + $60 for 24 months = $1839
* O2 in the UK will completely subsidize (free) with some tariffs. 8GB free with a £45/mo (~ USD $89) plan and 16GB free with a £75/mo (~ USD $148) plan.
* Both Rogers and Fido will carry the iPhone in Canada in July.
* Available July 11th in the US and 22 other countries.
V What they didn't tell you...
* In-store purchase and activation only. 10-12 minute process.
* US price requires a 2-year new activation or re-up with AT&T and $30/mo increased ($10) data plan ($240 more over the life of the contract).
* AT&T press release confirms no more rev share with Apple.
* Ars Technica claims current iPhone owners who purchased after May 27th can get a free update to iPhone 3G
* No Go Phone plans.
V The great unknown. What wasn't mentioned or updated, but I wish it was.
* Bluetooth stereo headset support
* Copy and paste
* Wi-fi iTunes syncing
* Video
* Flash
V Other details and tidbits
* TUAW reports it will require iTunes 7.7
V From Gizmodo and Engadget
* .02 inches of thickness and .1 ounces heavier. I think tapered edges make it look thinner.
* small power adapter. reminded me of the plug end of an extension cord, but square.
* Geotagging photos is there
* new body need a new dock
* New iPhone add is cool.
V iPhone 2.0 Software
V Highlighted features
V App store and 3rd party apps.
* 70/30 rev split
* Fairplay
* up to 10MB over cellular. Over is WiFi or iTunes.
* Enterprise apps to authorized phones
* AdHock for developers, up to 100 iPhones.
* Exchange Support with Active Sync. Enterprise security Cisco IPSec VPN and WPA2 Enterprise.
* Mass email move and delete. Also save photo attachments to Photos app in iPhone
* Contact search
* More language and dictionary support, including character drawing for Chinese.
* File format support. Office, including Powerpoint and all iWork formats.
* Scientific Calculator
V Push service/server to get around background application limitations for developers
* Background apps use up memory, CPU and battery
* Can update badges, send audio alerts, or pop-up text alerts.
* Available to developers in September
* Free for iPhone owners. $9.95 for iPod Touch owners
V .Mac rebranded to Mobile Me
* Phil Schiller, "ActiveStink" - Exchange for the rest of us.
* Push email. Push contacts. Push calendar.
* Works with Macs, PC (XP or Vista), iPhone and iPod Touch.
* New Web Interface, with interfaces for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Gallery, and iDisk.
* TUAW reader notes in the Terms and Conditions it requires 10.5.4 while 10.4.11 for Tiger.
* iCards will not be migrated to Mobile Me, web access to bookmarks is also lost, but not syncing.
V Snow Leopard is next big cat
* Inital pr from Apple show that it is focused on performance enhancements more than features
* Will be in development for the next year or so. So there may be a lot more to come.
V Key technologies highlighted
* Out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Exchange 2007 built into Mail, Address Book, and iCal.
* “Grand Central,” a set of technologies to make it easier to optimize apps and make them better advantage of multiple cores.
* Extend 64-bit support for more RAM access, in theory up to 16TB.
* Streamlined Quicktime X, handed down from the iPhone. Quicktime X provides optimized support for modern codecs offering more efficient media playback.
* Faster Javascript in Safari (assume from Webkit's new Javascript interpreter code named "SquirrelFish")
* OpenCL (Open Compute Library), allows developer to use unused cycles in the GPU for processing. Basically using it like another core.
V Apple updates Quicktime to 7.5
* Fixes several security issues where maliciously crafted PICT, AAC-encoded, Indeo video, and Quicktime content could lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution.
* Available for: Mac OS X v10.3.9, Mac OS X v10.4.9 - v10.4.11, Mac OS X v10.5 or later, Windows Vista, XP SP2
V P.A. Semi to design iPhone, iPod chips
* In a NYT article on Snow Leopard they asked Steve about Apple's plans for PA Semi
* “PA Semi is going to do system-on-chips for iPhones and iPods,”.
V iMovie 7.1.2 and iDVD 7.0.2 updates
* Apple just released updates for iMovie and iDVD. According to Software Update, the iMovie update "addresses general compatibility issues, improves overall stability, and addresses a number of other minor issues."
* The iDVD update "supports general compatibility issues, improves overall stability, and addresses a number of other minor issues."
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V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Follow-up on "Architecture not supported"
* Feedback from a listener gave some other possible causes and things to check.
* Make sure the Application has executable. Can do it from the Terminal or by using a tool like Pathfinder.
* Make sure you haven't run a utility like Monolingual that has stripped the non-native binaries from the app to save space. Could be a problem for users migrating from PPC to Intel.
V Mail photo attachments as attachments
* Several people pointed me to Iconizer from Lokiware
* Gives you much better control of how you handle attachments and not just images
* Supports PDF, Images, HTML.
* Can set a threshold, so say images above 500KB.
V Mac Maintenance tips and tools
* Play comment from Scott
* Repair permissions usually only when I start to have issues, same with PRAM.
V I will sometimes clear my system caches using a tool like Onyx or Cocktail
* Disk Utility to scan and repair drives
V Also Drive Genius and Disk Warrior.
* Drive Genius
* Disk Warrior
* Reinstalling apps and OS X combo updates
V Yearly house cleaning, clean install OS and Apps. Migrate User data.
* SuperDuper
V Use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a disk
* For free, no jailbreaking required.
* App from Michael of DigiDNA, called DiskAid
* App lets you access and store files on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
* Works on Mac or Windows, simple file browser.
V Sync iTunes files between computers
* Play question from Kyle
* Manually, USB key, external drive, etc.
* For purchased content you can use an iPod, Transfer Purchases.
V Over a network
* TuneRanger
* SuperSync
* Martian Slingshot
* ChronoSync
* rsync
V What are .DS_Store files?
* Play another question from Kyle
* OS X system file used to store custom attributes of a folder such as the position of icons, size of the window, or the choice of a background image.
* May have used a tool to turn on the display of invisible files.
* Also a problem on shared drives from Windows.
V Remap keys from a Windows keyboard
* Play question from Kenny
* In Leopard you can do it in the System Preferences-->Mouse and Keyboard settings
* In the 'Keyboard' tab click the "Modifier Keys..." button.
* Can change for specific keyboards and can even disable keys (mean practical joke?)
V Mac retains state without battery
* Play comment from Anthony
V Magic of the Sleep image.
* Created when your Mac goes into hibernation or "deep" sleep mode.
* Disk image of the entire contents of RAM
* /private/var/vm//sleepimage
* Restored to RAM when system wakes.
* Will use hard disk space equal to the mount of RAM in your Mac
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V "Number One Rival" by Tango Alpha Tango
* Correction on track from last show. The track, "One", on the last show is from the band, "Argyle Street", not the album "Argyle Street", which you can find now on iTunes. The album is called "Departures".
* Latest track from the band
* Band site
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* This is just too cool not to feature
* "Hallway"
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