MacCast 08.09.2008 - Show #235
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V News
V iPhone 3g shows strong results
* MacNN is reporting on a Global Equities Research estimate that says 700,000 iPhones were sold just in July.
* In it's Q3 2007 results Apple reported selling just 1.1. million iPhones for the entire quarter. Now keep in mind the iPhone 3G was announced.
* TechCruch is citing a source that says Foxconn who manufactures the iPhone for Apple has increased 3G production to 800,000 iPhones a week. That's a rate of 40 million per year, well above Apple's current sale estimates.
* Apple said they would have the iPhone in 70 counties by the end of the year. They will be adding 20 more countries just this month bringing the total up to 45.
V Rumors of iPhone Nano are back
* MacNN reports that sources from the Daily Mail in the UK are reporting that Apple plans to introduce the device exclusively through O2.
* The device would be a "cut down" version of the iPhone with a "candy bar" shape.
* Controlled by a touch wheel on the back. Back in May of 2007 patent filings from apple revealed they have designs for such a concept.
* According to the report the device would be on sale before Christmas this year for a prices of up to £150 and will work with pay-as-you go plans.
* Lehman Brother analyst Ben Reitzes also believes Apple is working on a lower end iPhone design with a predicted launch date in Spring of 2009.
* DLO has a published patent iPhone-esqe dock that depicts a Nano sized phone-like device. The patent was originally filled back in 2006.
* What about apps? Would it be yet another category?
V More apps disappearing from the App Store
* NetShare and Box Office were among the first two. Both are said to be in contact with Apple to determine the reason and are working to get the apps back online.
* I Am Rich, the $999.99 app that did nothing but display a static image. The author claimed it was to show a sign of your wealth. Supposedly 8 people purchased the app before it was pulled. The author claims many were satisfied, but at least one commenter on iTunes was mad. Developers are responsible for refund fees.
* Phone Saber, was pulled because a of license issue from THQ Wireless who owns the Star Wars rights on mobiles. They are working with the PhoneSaber developer on a deal to bring a Star Wars branded version out. My guess is that one won't be free though.
V Slasher, displayed an image of a knife and used the motion sensors to play horror sounds when making a slashing motion with the iPhone.
* The developer was told the app was pulled because of a part of the SDK that prohibits "objectionable" content.
V I have some questions?
* How are these apps getting through in the first place? Too much volume, not as tight screen controls as we first thought?
* Isn't much of this "subjective"? Should Apple be allowed so much control over software on the iPhone? We don't allow them to do this on the Mac.
* Where is the review and appeals process for developers? Why isn't Apple providing more communication and information with developers?
V iPhone phone home, iPhone phone home?
* Much hubub was generated this week when iPhone Atlas reported that Jonathan Zdziarski, author of the book iPhone Open Application Development and an iPhone Forensics, discovered some code in the Core Location Services API that called a URL () that appeared to be a placeholder for a list of "malicious" and blacklisted iPhone apps.
* The list currently contains no data, but many theorized that the list was a way for Apple to retroactively disable apps on the iPhone and iPod Touch.
* Later this week John Gruber of Daring Fireball did some more investigating and received details from an "informed source at Apple" that the code is in there, but is to simply disable some apps from using the Core Location Services should Apple determine later that the apps are violating the strict SDK guidelines for the service.
* Gurber's finding make sense since the code in question is part of the Core Location API and the URL called has "clbl" in the path which his source says stands for "Core Location Black List".
V NPD Group says Macs cost twice as much as PCs
* The study claims the average price of a Windows laptop is now $700 down from $877, while Mac laptop have held an average price of $1,500 over the past 2 year.
* Desktop PCs have an average price of $550, while Mac desktop average $1,000 according to the study.
* The study simply looks at average prices and not specs.
* A piece on Tom's Hardware points out that when you spec for spec Macs are close in price to PCs and in some configurations cheaper.
V Apple's issue seems to be more a lack of configuration options and offerings at the low end.
* The iMac is Apple's consumer mid-range option, but you are stuck with an integrated display
* The Mac mini is a good entry level option, but is neglected by Apple and showing signs of age in it's specs.
* On the high end there are few options, especially with graphics cards.
V A lot of speculation surrounds comments mad by Oppenheimer during Apple's latest quarterly results call.
* I could see Apple lowering prices and going more heavily after the consumer market to capitalize on it's iPhone/iPod halo effect.
V Rumors of new Macbooks strengthen
* Gene Munster is predicting a September special event with the launch of a sub $1,000 notebook, and slightly redesigned MacBook Pro, iPod Shuffles and Nanos with more storage, and a redesigned lower priced iPod Touch.
V AppleInsider published photos from Chinese-language blog claiming to be of the new outer casing for a re-designed 13" Mac Book.
* The images look like they may be fakes, but do fall in line with other reports that the new cases would be aluminum and takes design cues, like more beveled edging, from the MacBook Air.
V Apple finally prepping new displays
* It's been since 2004 that Apple has made any major changes to it's line-up Cinema displays.
* MacRumors is now reporting that Apple might have new displays ready for unveiling at Macrorld 2009 in January.
* Steve Jobs made statements back in May of 2007 that Apple plans to eliminate the use of flourescent-backlit displays at various sizes as the industry makes the transition to LED backlighting economically possible.
* The rumored displays would therefore be LED backlight and might only include the 23" and 20" models. 30" LED backlight displays are currently available, but prohibitively expensive. A model from Samsung runs about USD $4735.00
* Other than a possible switch to true 16:9 aspect ratio displays, no other design or spec changes were mentioned.
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V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V To shutdown or not shutdown that is the question
* Because I mentioned it on the last show many of you are wondering. What is better for your computer? Shutdown or not shutdown?
V Installing apps outside the Applications folder
* Sérgio wanted to know if he could install application on an external drive to free space on his 80GB internal.
* Technically, it can be done with a little hacking from the Terminal (symbolic links), but I wouldn't recommend it.
V iDisk, what is it good for?
* Play comment from Scott
V iTunes syncing. Difficult because of the iTunes Music Library file.
* Could move the Library file to iDisk, but permissions issues, access issues, etc.
* Sync over home network suing a tool like TuneRanger
* Setting the volumes equal. iTunes-->Preferences-->Playback (tab). Check on 'Sound Check'.
* Talk about iDisk syncing and it's pitfalls. Other uses for iDisk.
V Open and Save dialog box trick
* Brian remembered an old System 7/8 extension that would let you click on any open window in the Finder and that Save dialog would set that as the save location. He was looking for something similar with OS X.
* Can drag the icon from the titlebar in the Finder window into the open/save dialog box. You will see a "+" icon and when you drop that will now be the save location for the file.
* Don't forget 'Spotlight' in all Open/Save dialogs.
V Has Apple spread itself too thin?
* And are we feeling the pain.
V All the issues with the Mobile Me launch.
* Jobs admitted they may have taken on too much at once and that Mobile Me was not up to Apple's standards
* Eddie Cue, will now also over see the App Store and Mobile Me, as well as iTunes.
* iPhone 2.0 software issues
* What seems like higher quality control issues with it's hardware.
* Delays in product launches, like with Leopard.
V Are they still doing a good job responding with software updates and security patches?
* Complaints of DNS patch
* 10.5.5 Build of Leopard reportedly has another 100 bug fixes and patches.
V Also are Apple's tight communication and control policies also hurting their rep?
V Apple marketing reportedly removed two members of Apple's security from a public discussion at the Black Hat Security conference.
* Apple's policy is that nobody at Apple is ever allowed to speak publicly about anything without marketing approval.
* Slow response and communication on the Mobile Me issues. Still this week we are hearing reports that the chat is the only way to get help and wait times are well over an hour.
V Get more WiFi details from Airport menu bar item
* Great Tip from TidBits passed along by Greg
V Hold down the option key while you click the Airport item in the menu bar and you will get some additional details about your connection.
* MAC (Media Access Control) address of the base station's AirPort interface. Help identify more then one base station with the same SSID (name).
* The channel used. Helpful in seeing if another base station in your area may be on the same channel.
* The receive signal strength indication (RSSI), a measure of how much energy is hitting your antenna. In negative numbers and a smaller number seems to be better.
* Transmission rate, good to see if your operating at full speed or if the network is at less than capacity.
* You can also hover other the other non-connected wi-fi hotspots in your area and wait for a tooltip that will display their RSSI data and Security protocol.
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