MacCast 12.20.2008 - Show #248
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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* Disc Label
* Perfect for adding the finishing touch to custom holiday gifts.
* A favorite music mix, slideshow or video DVD for the grandparents.
* Software, also makes a great last minute gift.
V News
V Activate your iPhone at home again
* Last week AT&T quietly started allowing home activation of the iPhone 3G.
* The online ordering process includes credit and number portability checks for new customers, but you can sign up and activate at home.
* Apple is still only offering online purchase and selection of a rate plan with in-store pickup and activation.
V App Store news abounds
V What price my app?
* TUAW has taken a look at an in depth analysis done Mobile Orchard and unless it's free, price doesn't seem to impact popularity.
* iPhone developer Craig Hockenberry (Frenzic and Twitterrific,) wrote an open letter to Steve Jobs expressing concern that developers are rushing to the 0.99 price to get better exposure in iTunes.
* The Mobile Orchard crunching of App store data shows almost no popularity preference based on price unless the app is free.
* Apple use a "popularity" score with a range between 0 to 1 and > 90% of the apps have a popularity of under 0.01
* With popularity to price ratios being equal, it seems pushing your price up would benefit you as your app stands to make more dough.
* That said I think we consumers are savvy enough to recognize the price to value proposition of an app.
V Another developer complaint that resulted in an App Store design change
* Apple changed the individual category pages so that the top apps lists are in separate columns on each side of the page.
* When mixed free apps were dominating the list since they were purely based on download numbers
* Developers complained to Apple since the mixed system placed paid apps a disadvantage.
V Let the bodily functions fill your iPhone
* Apple also added a new "Entertainment" category to the App Store
* The day it was released i was contacted by the developer of the "Pull My Finger" app, letting me know his previously denied app had been approved.
* Apple sent him a note saying the original rejection was sue to them not having a place on the App Store for his application.
* Since the update we have been blessed with all manner of rude, gross, and pointless apps. It's truly a beautiful thing.
V Apple releases 10.5.6 update
* A significant update addressing nearly 40 issues and security fixes
V Some highlights
* Mobile Me contact, calendar and bookmark changes should now sync within a minute regardless of where you make the change. Computer, mobile device, or .Me website
* Fixes for graphics issues reported on some Macs with AMD/ATI video cards.
* General graphics improvements for iChat, Aperture, Cover Flow and iTunes along with performance enhancements for gaming.
* Improved printing from Adobe Creative Suite 3
* Networking, Time Machine, Security and more.
V Reports of some problems with the update
* Mine hung during install on one machine. Fix was to download and use the full combo update from Apple's site
* According to MacNN other issues include, USB devices attached to Apple keyboards ceasing to work and Time Machine backups, failing to recognize drives properly or at all.
V Can't Pwn after upgrade
* iPhone Alley points out that the update has the unibody effect on the Pwnage tool. App used to jailbreak iPhones
* Does it by not allowing your Mac to see the device in device firmware update mode (DFU).
* An ArsTechnica report says connecting the iPhone to a hub rather then directly may by-pass the new restriction, but you might want to wait to update if pwnage is your thing.
V For Tiger users Security Update 2008-008.
* Fixes many of the same issues patched by the 10.5.6 update
* Addresses concerns with threats from maliciously created archives, images, ISO files, and Web sites.
* Shuts down a vulnerability in Adobe's Flash Player plug-in.
* DoS attack when using Internet Sharing
V Apple releases Holiday spun Mac vs. PC ads
* "I Can Do Anything," and "Tree Trimming" are airing on US television and up for viewing on Apple's US web site
* Once again done in that Rankin-Bass style.
* In "I can do Anything" PC knocks a Snowman's head onto a cute bunny who is heading to the Apple Store. In "Tree Trimming" PC rigs the tree lights to spell out "PC Rules" when they are plugged in.
V No Macworld Stevenote and Apple won't be back next year
* Phil Schiller will be giving the keynote this year and Apple will not have a presence on the show floor nor do the keynote at all in 2010.
* Apple said the move was due to changes in it's marking that has less emphasis on trade shows.
* Over the past few years Apple has pulled out of NAB, Macworld New York, Macworld Tokyo and Apple Expo in Paris.
* The big question about Macworld is why did Apple wait until weeks before the show to make the announcement
V Speculation on no Stevenote
* Apple has nothing to announce
* Jobs is not the only executive at Apple
* Jobs health (please).
V Speculation on why Apple is leaving Macworld
* Escalating bad blood between Apple and IDG
* Pressure to always have a big product announcement ready by Macworld deadline
* IDG says 2010 show will still go on.
* Reed Exhibitions announced this week that there will not be an Apple Expo Paris in 2009.
V Speculation on Macworld Apple Announcements
V Updated Mac Minis
* Updated Intel processors
* NVIDIA 9400M graphics
* Mini display port
* No Firewire 400
* Netbook, this seems to be pervasive, but doubtful
* iPhone Nano, 3rd party iPhone Nano case images out of China
* Apple TV?
V iPhone set free from Orange in France
* ILounge reports that the French Competition Council has provisionally suspended the exclusivity agreement between Apple and France Telecom.
* That means other carriers in France are now allowed to sell the iPhone
* France Telecom plans to appeal the decision.
V Apple buy in to iPhone GFX chip maker
* Apple is once again investing in chips. This time, not a complete buy out but a small stake
* Apple this week bought 8.2 million shares (a 3.6% ownership) in Imagination Technologies Group.
* Imagination Technologies Group makes the PowerVR MBX graphics processing technology used in the iPhone
* Couple this investment with Apple's buyout of chip designers PA Semi and it seems like Apple is looking to play a more significant role in the life of it's mobile silicon.
V A few final software updates
V Bonjour for Windows
* improve the usability and compatibility of Bonjour installations
V Pro Apps Updates 2008-005
* Improve reliability for Appleā€™s professional applications and are recommended for all users of Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Server, and Logic Studio.
V Multi-Touch Trackpad Update for Windows XP & Vista
* improves the performance of the Apple Multi-Touch trackpad when running Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista on a Mac computer using Boot Camp.
V Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 2.4
* Extends RAW file compatibility for Aperture 2 and iPhoto 08 for several newer cameras including the new Canon EOS 5D Mark II.
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* Notebook
* Happy Holidays offer for Maccast listeners. Save 20% on a standard or 3-user family pack license of NoteBook 3.0 at the Circus Ponies Online Store. Use the code 'MACCAST' (all-caps) between now and December 24th.
* And if you already own a copy buy one as a gift.
* Help someone get better organized in the New Year.
* Free 30-day trial.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Follow-up: iPhone File Storage
* Play comment from Marc
* File Magnet has uploader for Mac or PC
* Catalin recommends DiskAid, which is free and cross platform
V Auto-tagging MP3 files in iTunes
* Jonny migrated over from a paid Napster account several tracks but in the transition to iTunes the track numbers got messed up.
* Music Brainz Picard
* Jaikoz Auto tagger
* Music Brainz is a community based music metadatabase that the Picard app can search against the music you have on your Mac. If it finds matches you can review the data, see the differences and change the data.
V No sound on Apple TV after 2.3 upgrade
* Havard in Morway has been having issue with ripped content on his Apple Tv since the update
* The files all have Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio, but it no longer plays.
* He pointed me to an Apple discussion that seems to indicate that if the tracks have the 5.1 and 2.0 audio they will play the 5.1 track, but if the 2.0 AAC track is not present then there is no audio.
* Usually the problem is that someone used Handbrake did not use the Apple TV preset.
* According to an Apple Support article 5.1 Audio support on Apple TV requires that there be 2 audio tracks present.
* Good news is that if you have QT Pro you can "fix" your already ripped videos by pasting a 0.5 second clip of AAC audio on the front of your movie and save it back out.
V Review: Ped 3 Auto
* Our friend Mike from Thoughout is back with another great product
V Likes
* Versatile mounting options. Options for angle when attaching to base. Suction cups are my favorite.
* Rotatable head that is interchangeable with Naja King and Ped 3 stands
* Firm grip. Once adjusted it holds tight. Can be adjusted to accommodate skins and cases.
* Flexible arm
* Excellent build quality
V Room for improvement
* Option for longer arm
* Wish Ped Head was adjustable without pliers.
* A bit pricey at USD $50.00
* Available in iPhone or iPod Touch
* Simple, well built products (Made in the USA) that just work.
V Manually migrating from PPC to Intel
* Play comment from Robert
V The real issue is that some items might still be non-Universal or PPC only code
* Screensavers written for the PowerPC
* System Preference add-ons
* All Unsanity Haxies
* Browser and other plug-ins
* Contextual Menu Items
* Applications which specifically require the PowerPC G5
* Kernel extensions
* Java applications with JNI (PowerPC) libraries
* These instructions are based on a great Apple Discussion board post
* Start with a good full cloned backup of the old system to an external.
* In your /Home/ folder: Documents, Movies, Music, Pictures, and Sites folders.
V In your /Home/Library/ folder:
* /Home/Library/Application Support/AddressBook (copy the whole folder)
* /Home/Library/Application Support/iCal (copy the whole folder)
* /Home/Library/Application Support (copy whatever else you need including folders for any third-party applications)
* /Home/Library/Keychains (copy the whole folder)
* /Home/Library/Mail (copy the whole folder)
* /Home/Library/Preferences/
* /Home /Library/iTunes (copy the whole folder)
* /Home /Library/Safari (copy the whole folder)
V If you want cookies:
* /Home/Library/Cookies/Cookies.plist
V For Entourage users:
* Entourage is in /Home/Documents/Microsoft User Data
* Also in /Home/Library/Preferences/Microsoft
* For 3rd party apps you will need to check with the vendors site to see where items are installed. I would reinstall all my apps from scratch, but the data you may need to sort out.
* Felipe reminds us when doing a migration or an erase and install to de-authorize. iTunes and 3rd party apps like CS3 and CS4.
V Fixing finicky fonts
* Zac had an iCal icon that was out of place and a font conflict was to blame
* Can often get duplicate fonts in multiple formats. Helvetica Neue is one of those.
V Can check FontBook and see if you have any duplicates
* Launch FontBook (Applications-->Font Book)
* Duplicates will appear with a little bullet to the right of their name.
* Select the version of the Font you wish to keep (often their will be different version installed different places). Typically I keep the version in the "Computer" group. That is the shared location for all users.
* With the font selected in the list... go to Edit-->Resolve Duplicates.
* Font Book will turn "off" the duplicate fonts and resolve the dupes.
* The only tricky thing is making sure you select the version of the font you want to keep enabled. Especially if you want to keep say a Type 1 PS version vs. a TT version or something.
* Another pesky problem is that if you try to "delete" or remove Microsoft Office versions of a font I believe Office will attempt to re-install the fonts, so just turning them "off" using Font Book is a better route to go.
V A photo screensaver that displays filenames
* Ray wanted to know a way in OS X to have a screensaver that showed his photos, but also their filenames
* In Leopard the beautiful built-in Photo screen saver added a few new cool tricks like collage
V System Preferences-->Desktop & Screen Saver
* Under "Pictures" select the set of pictures you want to use. Folder, iPhoto event or album, etc.
* Offers 3 display style options (Slide Show, Collage, or Mosaic)
* Choose Collage and click "Options"
* Under the Collage style: options choose "Annotated".
* Check the box for "show name." and click OK.
* Now your all set. The photos will appear to fall onto your screen in a "polaroid" style frame with the filenames or photo titles written on the bottom.
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