MacCast 12.31.2008 - Show #250
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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* Get better organized in the New Year.
V Great for planning trips
* Lists for what I need to pack
* Page for my travel details
* Page with my daily schedule
* Page with research for different vendors (PR, images, URls, etc).
* Free 30-day trial.
V News
V Mobile Me updates continue
* MobileMe web applications we're recently updated. Contacts, Calendar, Gallery, iDisk, Account, and the login screen.
* Can now search contacts with more than 1,000 entries without "slow script" warnings.
* Added support for .eu, .ax, .tl, .gw, .kp, .rs, and .su domain extensions in the Personal Domain feature.
* One of my favs: "Keep me logged in for two weeks" checkbox now works reliably.
V 10.5.6 issues and fixes
V Some users were reporting issues with crashing after the update
* Apple released Mail Update 1.0 which fixes an issue where a copy of Mail that wasn't properly updated for some users during the 10.5.6 update.
* If you were effected Software Update should offer you the Mail Update 1.0,
* You can confirm if you check Mail and it's version is 3.5 (930.3).
V If you have that version number and are still crashing try updating or removing third-party plug-ins
* ~/Library/Mail/Bundles
V MacNN also reports some users of older Macbook Pros experiencing system crashes after the 10.5.6 update
* Issue seems to by systems without updated firmware
* Be sure you have installed the MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 1.5.1 released back in April
V MiniDisplay port issues surface
* Apple has finally released it's Mini DisplayPort to dual-link DVI adapters, but according to Mac NN they may have needed to do some more testing.
V On some Dell and Apple 30-in displays users report losing half the display information when the adapter is connected.
* Fixes include unplugging and reconnecting the Mini Display port connector or USB connection.
* Users report that the issue can be triggered when a USB hub is plugged into either the second MacBook USB port, on into the adapter’s pass-through port
* Current theories on Apple's forums are the trouble is related to power issues or interference from the USB.
V Bargain iPhones aren't at Walmart
* Walmart stared selling the iPhone right after Christmas as predicted, but at only $2.00 under the standard pricing with the 2 year AT&T contact
* The real deal is at AT&T online where you can get a refurbished 8GB 3G model for the rumored $99 dollar Walmart price.
V Where you won't get an iPhone bargain is on an unlocked, contact-free iPhone.
* France's Competition Council put out an exclusivity injunction earlier this month against Orange in France.
* A French Store, FNAC has taken advantage of the time and is now selling contract-less iPhones.
* The ruling is not final and for now pricing is harsh. The 8GB model costs €799, or about USD $1,122. The 16GB mode is €899, or about USD$1,262.
V Apple's holiday sales look jolly
* Despite being a premium brand in a down economy Apples numbers look good at least on Amazon and the App Store
V TUAW and Ars Technica report that Apple has done well
* Apple had 7 of the top 25 notebooks on Amazon for the holidays and was the only seller with models in the top 25 over USD $599.
* Apple had 3 of the top 5 bestselling desktops
* iPods accounted for the top 17 spots in the MP3 player category, with one Zune slipping in at #8.
* Recent Changewave survey numbers show that iPhone sales jumped 6% from September to December and that iPhone market share has doubled in the past 6 months, now at 23% with Blackberry RIM falling 1% in the latest survey to 41% of the cell phone market.
V Case makers bet on iPhone Nano
V XSKN has added an iPhone Nano Case
* Looks like a squat iPhone 3G
* The same company sold iPhone 3G and 4th Gen Nano cases early and those releases happened.
* Vaja cases also briefly had an iPhone Nano listing with a form to sign up for more information on, ""the upcoming release of our iPhone nano cases."
V Mobile GPU battle heats up
* In the days following the announcement of Apple taking a 3.6% stake in mobile GPU chipmaker Imagination Technologies Intel has also upped it's stake in the company to
* Imagination Technologies makes the current graphics chips for the 3G iPhone.
* According to Macworld and Electronista in the days after Apple's investment Intel acquired 934,422 shares in Imagination Technologies raising it's stake to 3.04%. Intel also said that they may consider an acquisition of the company if another bid occurred.
* Imagination Technologies licenses PowerVR graphics engines to both Apple for the iPhone 3G and Intel who may soon use it upcoming Atom mobile processors.
* With smartphones and netbooks on the rise there seems to be a mobile GPU battle brewing that may put Apple and Intel at odds
V With rumors of an Apple netbook heating up, Intel responded to recent attempts by NVIDIA to rally support for their ION mobile platform
* ION combines NVIDIA's GeForce 9400M graphics processor with Intel's Atom
* Intel recently told manufacturers that it would only sell Atom chips bundled with Intel-designed chipsets
V Macworld rumor roundup
* 9to5 mac claims Apple is working on a Media Server that could deliver content over the network and through the cloud to iPhones and iPod Touches
* Possibly an updated AppleTV. I'd like to see new services added to the software line up, but don't expect it.
* Quad Core iMacs, with 1,333 MHz system buses, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics, Mini Display Port. Also better cooling and a slightly redesigned case.
V Mac Minis
* New aluminum and black enclosure, SATA HD and Optical drives with BTO option for 2 HDs, NVIDA chips, Mini Display port, 4GB of RAM max.
V Renewed buzz in the Netbook/ Tablet
* Coming from TechCrunch
* Fall '09 release of a 7" to 9" iPod Touch style device
* They claim their sources have handled the device and that Apple is in talks with OEMs in Asia for production.
* Web based version of iWork (9to5 Mac).
V The reality is it all may build up to not much
* Most analysts, Gene Munster, Shaw Wu, and gang expect very little
* Updates to the Mac Mini and iMac lines and a demo of Snow Leopard.
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* Freeway Express and Freeway Pro
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* Create your own design and don't worry about the code. If you have worked with page layout tools then Freeway will make you feel right at home.
* Free 30-day trial
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Time Machine fix after 10.5.6 update
* Play tip from John
V Another similar explanation and fix can be found on Mac Fixit
* Time Machine stores an invisible file at the root of the TM drive. This file is tied to a computers MAC address (part of the filename) and is how a single TM volume can be used with multiple Macs. This files is either corrupted or has had it's permissions altered.
V Fix is as follows using Terminal:
* 1. Type "cd" followed by a single space, and then drag the Time Machine drive to the Terminal window. The command should then look something like this:

cd /Volumes/Backup
* 2. Press enter to submit that command, and then enter the following command:

ls -la
* 3. Note the name of the file that begins with a period and has 12 characters in the name, such as ".001b6397c156" mentioned in the quote above.

* 4. Now enter the following commands, substituting "FILENAME" in the commands with the file name exactly as it's shown both in the error as well as in the output of the command in step 2, including the period before it (ie: ".001b6397c156"):

sudo chown `id -un` FILENAME
sudo chmod 400 FILENAME
* You will need to enter a password when prompted, but when finished the TM backups should begin working again. You only need to do this if you are getting an error like "You do not have appropriate access privileges to save the files...." when trying to select the TM drive.
V Review: Incipio Lloyd Recorder
* Review of the Incipio Lloyd voice recorder for 4th Gen iPod Nanos
V Customizing the Services menu
* Play comment from Jim
* Many Tricks also makes Butler and Witch and many other great apps.
V Some of my favorite services
* Make new Sticky Note (Command+Shift+Y)
* Speech-->Start Speaking Text
* Summarize
* Leopard allows for two images. One on each desktop.
V Use Photoshop to spit one image into the correct resolutions to span both monitors.
* If one screen is 1600 pixels wide and one is 1200 pixels then start with an image that is 2800 pixels wide.
* Nice collection of desktops, including "left" right" combinations at Iconfactory
V Power PC and iMovie HD with AVCHD cameras
* Jeff is finding using the newer USB based video cameras difficult on the Mac especially if you want to use iMove HD and not iMovie '08 as your editing suite of choice.
* The newer AVCHD cameras are supported by Intel Macs and iMovie '08
V But what if you have a Power PC Mac, and MPEG-2 USB camera, or want to edit with iMovie HD which supports plug-ins and has a timeline editor?
* VoltaicHD
* VideoPier
* These tools will let you transfer and convert (if needed) your video directly from your camera to your Mac and then let you bring it into iMovie HD.
* Video Pier also helps you manage, organize, and export your video.
V Fresh Apps taste better
* Play tip from Ashley
* App Fresh
* iUseThis
* Another useful site is Versiontracker
V The many ways to delete on a Mac
* I haven't covered this tip for a while, but it's one switchers often ask. Chris recently did just that.
V How can I (forward) delete on a Mac laptop or keyboard that has no "delete" key (only a backspace).
* The powerful 'fn' key. fn+backspace = delete (forward)
* Set F keys to work with or without the 'fn' modifier. "Use F keys as standard function keys" setting in keyboard preferences.
* Option+backspace (delete). Deletes backwards one word at a time. Option+Shift+Backspace, deletes to the beginning of the line.
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V Podcaster Birds of a Feather session
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V EOL: Mac vs. PC Transformers Style
* Cool visual effects movie done by Nick Greenlee and Dan Chianelli. Features a transfoming Mac and a PC battling it out to the death.