MacCast 02.01.2009 - Show #254
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* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V Apple awarded iPhone Multitouch patent
* iLounge reports that Apple was awarded a patent for the iPhone's multitouch.
* Titled “Touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for determining commands by applying heuristics" and over 350 pages
* Cook promised to aggressively protect Apple's IP
* Competitors might have to design around the patent slowing the process. Apple would be able to license the technology, likely to non-competitive products.
* No doubt Apple will have to defend the patent.
V Engadget has a great article and videos pointing out area where Apple may and may not have a case.
* Apple doesn't have this mythical all encompassing multitouch patent
* Strongest actually is a patent that details cut, copy, and paste multitouch
* Palm has patents of their own, including one for adjusting brightness of a display based on ambient light conditions.
* Two companies my just choose to do battle in retail rather than the court room.
V iPhone 2.2.1 update
* Bug fixes and improvements to stability of Safari
* Also fixes issue with saving images from Mail to camera roll.
V Update brought forth a hint that has been around since the Oct 2008 according to Mac Rumors
* iPhone and Apple model designations are typically 2 numbers with a comma.
* iPhone 1G 1,1 and 3G 1,2. iPod Touch had already been bumped to 2,1 in latest release (new processor). The firmware shows a iPhone 2,1 model?
* Speculation is rampant.
V iPhone sales impact ATT's Q4 results
* Net income was $2.4 billion, actually down from 3.1 billion in 2007
* Revenue was up 2.4% to $31.1 billion.
V iPhone played heavily into those numbers
* 1.9 million iPhones activated in December. 4.3 million 3Gs since launch
* Subsidies (about $450 million) likely cut into profits a bit. iPhone customers are typically on higher rate plans which brings more revenue
* 40% of iPhone customers were new to AT&T.
* In a report from Electronista ABI Research claims iPhones now account for about 1.1% of the cell phone market. An increase from just 0.3% in 2007.
V Apple mysteriously pulls NVIDIA update
* Thursday Apple pulled the NVIDIA Graphics Update 2009 from their support page according to MacNN
* The update was said to fix issues with cursor movement on Macs using the Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI adapter.
* It was also supposed to improve HD video playback on Macs with the NVIDIA GeForce 9600M or GeForce 7300 GT graphics chips.
* Users were reporting still having flickering an graphics corruption issues on dual-link monitors even after the update.
V Papermaster starts at Apple in the Spring
* Mark Papermaster and his former employer IBM have worked out a deal and he start work as Apple's Senior VP of Devices Hardware Engineering on April 24th.
* Under the arrangement Papermaster is forbidden from disclosing and confidential IBM information at Apple and he will have to certify to that twice after he start work at Apple. Once in July and once in October.
* The US district court will be overseeing the probation until October 24th of '09
V Flash on iPhone. Adobe's got the ball.
* According to statements from Adobe CEO, Shantanu Narayen, in a Bloomberg interview. Adobe and Apple are working to bring Flash to the iPhone
* “The ball is in our court. The onus is on us to deliver.”
* It sounds like it would be a special edition of the Flash specifically optimized for the iPhone.
* task is proving technically challenging.
V Rumors of new iMacs begin
* From AppleInsider. 3rd parties being told to expect limited availability of iMac stock in the next few weeks, with the 3.06GHz model maybe being completely unavailable.
* A check of Apple's site in the US still shows 24 hr ship times for all models except the 3.06 which is 1-3 days.
* Low power quads vs. new dual core debate. 10.5.6 has iMac strings referencing NVIDIA GFX chips.
* iMac rumors are also tied to similar Mac Mini rumors.
V Apple promises to give your money back
* If you used Apple's new feature to upgrade individual albums to iTunes Plus (instead of your whole library), you might want to check your receipt.
* Apple's system charged some customers the full album price instead of just the $0.30
* According to a MAcworld report Apple has contacted at least some customer to let them know of the errors, they are correcting the issue and maybe even offering iTunes credits for the trouble.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V First impressions of iLife '09
* Share my thoughts
V iPhoto
* Faces and Places are awesome and make it so easy to tag photos
* Make sure to use the Google search feature and pay attention for locations that may have multiple listings.
V Faces seems to be accurate most of the time, but sometimes misses and get background stuff.
* Use the persons "Faces" page and the confirm name option to speed the process. Can click and drag select multiple faces to confirm.
* Zoom in on maps when browsing Places if locations are close together as iPhoto will group them based on zoom level.
* Slideshow templates are really nice, wish there were more options.
* #facetime hashtag for Faces times
V iMovie
* precision editing and image stabilization
* Stabilization may not work with some CMOS cameras due to "rolling shutter".
* New iMovie themes are cool.
V Garageband interface changes
* Big UI changes. Lots of eye candy and has the darker look. Some items have been moved around.
* Had to download and install some software instruments
* Basic lessons are really good and have you playing along after just the first lesson.
* Jim Dalrymple from Macworld says the guitar options have been improved nicely. With a lot of work going into the amps and effects. The UIs look like the devices.
V iWeb '09 has some nice updates
* Widgets are prominent in the UI.
* Can publish directly to an FTP site and publish only site changes, not the entire site.
V No iDVD update in iLife '09
* iLife '08 had 7.0.2, iDVD 7.0.3 update was released last week
* iMovie HD download no longer on Apple's site.
V Add multitouch zoom in Places
* From TUAW you can enable it using the terminal
* Command: 'defaults write MapScrollWheel -bool YES', change to 'NO' to undo.
* Need to quit and re-launch iPhoto.
V Greening of Apple isn't in shipping
* Greg noted that his iLife '09 shipment came with an excessive amount of packaging
* I have had a similar issue in the past.
V Slow down core animation effects
* This one is a oldie, but goodie.
* Play tip from Makay and Chris
V System Preferences Shortcuts
* Patric wants to access the Network System Preferences with keyboard shortcut
V Set up shortcut to System Preferences
* System Preferences…--> Keyboard & Mouse
* Go to Keyboard Shortcuts tab. Click the "+" icon to add a new shortcut. Set Application to "All Applications", for Menu Title enter "System Preferences…" (ellipsis is option+;). Add desired keyboard shortcut and click "Add".
V From some Apple Keyboards
* Sound panel: Alt key + any volume adjust Key.
* Display panel: Alt key + brightness key.
* Keyboard & Mouse: Alt + keyboard back light key (notebooks only).
* Exposé panel: Alt + Exposé key.
V Mixed up album art on iPod or iPhone
* Play voicemail from Marc
* Common issue and I have not found a 100% works every time solution.
* Generally just re-syncing the iPod will sometimes fix the issue. This is why the problem seems to come and go.
V Some things to try
* iPods: In the Music tab, uncheck the 'Display album artwork on iPod' option. Sync. Will remove all artwork from the iPod. Re-check the option. Sync again. Should optimize artwork and sync to iPod.
* iPhone/iPod Touch: Uncheck sync Music from the Music tab on the iPod/iPhone. Sync. This will remove all music from the device. Re-check sync music. Sync again.
* Extreme fix: Backup all music, factory restore the iPod
V Is your backup portfolio diversified?
V Steve had a great idea on archiving installers by creating disk images of DVDs and storing them on flash drives
* Can add patches and updates along side the installers
* Quicker then DVDs
* Add product keys in text files along side the installers
* Mentioned data "bit-rot" on magnetic drives, got me thinking about failure rates of different media
V Take risk assessment of your data and diversify storage to protect it
* low-risk, stuff you don't care if you lose, store locally
* medium-risk, back-up locally, archive to external
* high-risk, back-up, multiple archive, off-site, cloud, etc.
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* Clips from an Apple event (clip says '83, but I think it was later). Great look on Steve's face when Gates says they expect to sell 50% of their software on the Mac.