MacCast 02.11.2009 - Show #255
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* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V Faronics
* Power Save Mac and Deep Freeze
* Users still have full access and freedom to all areas of the Mac during a session. They can change settings, download software, save documents, etc.
* Integrated mapping lets users map elements of their accounts such as documents, pictures, movies, music, and bookmarks to the Thawed Spaces. Keeping personal data in tact.
* Some organization who use Deep Freeze are, U.S. Army, Los Angeles Police Department, Google, and Hilton Hotels.
* Download the free fully functional 30-day trial and try for yourself.
V News
V New Intel Pro Processors soon. Will Macs follow?
* According to MacRumors Intel is getting ready to start shipping new Xeon Processors based on it's next generation Core microarchitecture, codenamed Nehalem, on March 29th.
* Speculation is that these will be the chips used in the next version of the Mac Pro and the rumor site believes that once the processors hit the street new Mac Pros won't be far behind.
V 2 x Intel "Gainestown" processors with 4 cores each (total of 8 cores, but 16 logical cores). Speeds of 3.2, 2.93, 2.8, and 2.66GHz.
* 4 Cores Per CPU Dual Socket 8 Cores 16 with Hyperthreading
* "Beckton", seems to be the 8 core on single die Nehalem based processor and not due out until the end of the year.
* They won't be cheap. Processors start at $1,916 in lots of 1,000 and go up to $3,200 (just for the CPU).
V New iMacs may be twins and quadruplets
* MacNN reports that Shaw Wu claims the solution to the next gen iMac dual vs. quad debate may be solved and new models are right around the corner.
* Why choose when you can have both.
* Quad-cores in the high end and duals in the mid to low range. If your need the speed? Pony up.
* Wu says reduced iMacs in the supply chain points to a likely May/June release justin time to bolster lagging Mac desktop sales.
V Mac gain almost 10 percent web market share
* ArsTechnica has the latest numbers from Net Applications.
* Surveys from over 160 million visitors per month to their customers web sites.
* Macs up to 9.93% in December and iPhone up to 0.48%.
V Apple may have a bumpy road ahead
V Cult of Macs says a recent Barrons story says Apple Retail Stores’ same-store revenues (sales year to year on a specific location) fell 17.4%.
* Based on findings by Needham hardware analyst Charlie Wolf, the stores still show an impressive sell through of about $4,700 per square foot in 2008. And foot traffic is only down 1.8%.
* Seems like there may be a lot of browsing and less buying.
V ArsTechnica has latest numbers from ChangeWave showing people aren't planning computer purchases like they used to
* 11% surveyed plan to by a computer in the next 90 days. 6% a notebook and 5% a desktop. Record low for their survey. In June 2007 planned notebook purchases were 12%
* 27% of the 6% that plan to buy an notebook said they would be a Mac. That's down 6% from a survey Changewave did in November.
* The survey also showed that people plan to spend less on consumer electronics in the next 90 days. iPod, Apple TV and iPhone will not likely help the cause.
V iPhone 2.2.1 update causes crashes for some
* Reports of iPhones and iPods crashing on sync after the update
* After several frustrated users tried fixes like resetting to restoring the iPhone...
V Mac Rumors reported that Apple had sent an email to customers offering a cause and fix
* impacted a small number of users and seemed to be related to iTunes store authorization
* Fix was to de-authorize and re-authorize iTunes.
V Has Apple pushed notification for background?
* MacRumors is stirring the pot again
* Notification server was due in September 2008, removed from developer builds in August never to be heard from again.
* Rumor that Jobs said it was "running a bit late", guess bit = many months.
* Rumor is now Apple maybe considering allowing apps to run as user selectable background processes.
V Late this week reports from Apple Insider and Mac NN say a version of Push Notification server may be in Snow Leopard Server
* The Mail, iCal, and Address Book apps are said to be gaining support for open push messaging standards
* And on the server side a new iCal Server is being revised to support the eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP). Think push RSS feed.
* Assumption is these Notification Services would be part of Leopard Server and used to drive apps own Push Notification services for iPhone developers to use in their apps.
* Should only be about 9 months late.
V Gargeband updated to fix lessons
* GarageBand 5.0.1 available via Software Update
* Stability improvements and fixes some issues with downloads from the new "Learn to Play Lesson Store."
V Updates for iWork '08 also released
* Keynote update 4.0.4, Addresses compatibility issues with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2008 as well as general compatibility issues.
* Pages update 3.0.3, Addresses general compatibility issues.
* Numbers update 1.0.3, Addresses general compatibility issues.
V iPhone Carrier Update
* Apple pushed a carrier update to iPhone users
* TUAW points to an Apple Knowledgebase article that explains, "Carrier settings updates are small files (about 10k) that are downloaded from iTunes to be installed on your iPhone. The carrier settings can include updates to the default APN (how iPhone accesses the carrier's cellular data network), special dialing codes at Settings > Phone > [Carrier] Services, default settings for Stocks, Maps, Weather, and other items."
* This one seemed to mostly be to add service icons for AT&T's new Micro-cell service which lets customers buy and set up Micro 3G bases stations in their home or office.
V Snow leopard details and speculation
V MacNN and ArsTechnica both report that developers working with the latest 10.6 builds have seen the addition of
* CoreLocation framework which could allow use of iPhone style Wi-fi geolocation services
* A framework for including multi-touch gesture support in third-party applications
* MacRumors says the new builds have Quicktime Pro features fully enabled, suggesting that Apple may be dropping the $29.99 Pro upgrade and including Pro features as part of the standard OS.
V AppleInsider reports that Leopard will feature on-demand loading of print drivers
* At install as smaller subset of drivers base on currently attached and network accessible printers will be installed.
* When a new printer is added Software update will take over and load the needed drivers.
V Apple briefly posts an Apple TV survey
* ArsTechnica and AppleInsider posted news of an Apple survey asking for opinions on how customers use their Apple TV
* Assume the data would be used to determine future directions for the device.
* I was excited, but when I clicked the links, just hours later the news hit, the survey was no longer available.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Many shortcuts to Network Preferences
V Add item to the Dock
* Found at /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Network.prefPane
* Use Applescript or Automator action.
V Use Quicksilver or Launchbar
* Play comment from Andrew
* Launchbar
V Michael had the easiest and most direct solution.
* Under the Apple menu in Leopard there is a Location-->Network Preferences… option
* If you assign a keyboard shortcut to All Applications and then call it 'Network Preferences…' it will work.
* Remember type Option+; to type the ellipsis
V iMovie HD 6.0.3 download still available
* Thanks to Sandro for the link
V Macworld 2009: Kensington
V Play interview with Kensington
* Slimblade Trackball
* Hands-free Visor Car Kit
V DVD burning woes and possible solutions
* Fred had an issue where an error message kept popping up saying, "The disk can't be burned because the device failed to calibrate the laser power level for the media".
V Check your DVD burners disk support:
* Apple menu-->About this Mac, click 'More Info...'
* Select the Disk Burning section and check the values for CD write and DVD write.
* DL = dual layer. Some Macs might only support -R DL, or no DL at all.
* Units can be picky about specific brands of media or the color of the burn surface.
V Try a CD or DVD cleaning disk. My Mac Mini was spitting out blank DVDs and this fixed it.
* Also the CD and DVD lasers are different, so one may burn while the other may not.
V The most bizarre fix ever, but some report success
* Open System Preferences.
* Click on "International"
* Under "Languages": Drag any of the other languages to the top, then drag English back to the top.
* Set "Order for sorted lists" to English
* Set "Word Break" to English (United States, computer)
* Close System Preferences
* Restart computer.
V If all else fails take the Mac in for service or replace the drive
* Other World Computing
* TechRestore
V Defining printing presets
* Play question from John
* When you access the print dialog there are usually 2 presets by default. Standard and "Last Used Settings"
* If you set up a job the way you cant it before you hit print you can choose "Save As..." under the preset menu and save those settings as a user defined preset.
* Remember that sometime you need to click the blue triangle next to the Printer list to expand into the print settings. Use the drop dropdown under the "Pages" (all, 1 to x) section to access the various print options.
* The settings for page order are under Paper Handling-->Page Order.
* Once you have defined a preset an chose it for you job in most apps it should default to that preset the next time you print. If not it is fairly easy to re-select the preset.
V Finder quitting after Quicktime 7.6 update
* Issue traced back to Stuffit AVR feature. A System Preference Pane.
* Turning it off and/or removing Stuffit can help.
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V EOL: Your 9-year uses an iPhone? This kid programmed one.
* 9 year old, Lim Ding Wen, from Singapore just released his first free app for the iPhone called Doodle Kids.
* Doodle Kids (iTunes link)