MacCast 02.19.2009 - Show #256
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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* Notebook
* Getting close to tax season and Notebook is a great preparational tool
* Lists of donations, scanned receipts and other documents. Drop in PDFs and add notes and annotations.
* Everything in one nice neat place, indexed and searchable.
* Download a copy and try if for yourself.
V News
V Apple gearing up for VOD service?
V According to AppleInsider Apple might be getting ready to add Video on Demand service to iTunes
* iTunes Replay would deliver purchased movie and TV content to iTunes, Apple TV, and iPhone and iPod Touch.
* Unclear if it will be a free or paid service
* Apple recently beefed up it's CDN network adding service from Limelight Networks along with existing service from Akamai
V Sacconaghi chatting up Apple's bright future
* A blog piece says Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi has been chatting with Apple execs COO Tim Cook, CFO Peter Oppenheimer and Senior Vice President of Product Marketing Phil Schiller and they are bullish on Apple's outlook for Q2
* Software on the iPhone is continuing to help strength the devices market share. They also believe apps are helping drive iPod Touch sales too.
* Said Tim Cook has "ideas" for netbooks and there may be a future opportunity for Apple, but he reiterated there are no immediate plans.
V Sacconaghi expects new iMacs in March and iPhones mid summer
* Apple doesn't appear to be interested in entering the low cost desktop PC space. They have 80% US market share in PCs above $1,200.
* Stripped down iPhone doesn't seem likely either. Any new phone would have a browser and App store support. Also Apple was "emphatic" on using touchscreen keypads and not physical ones.
V Wired Cult of Mac reports that Gene Munster is a little more conservative on Apple's Q2
V Looking at the latest numbers from NPD group Munster expects
* 6% growth in Mac sales and overall sales growth of 4.8% from Q2 2008. That is way down from the 42% sales growth in the quarter last year
* iPod unit sales down 6-15% at 9 to 10 million units
* iPhone sales up at 4.4 million units.
V New iPhone going matte
* The iPod Observer posted possible images of the backplate for a new iPhone
* Shows a 16GB back in matte black with model number A1303.
* Images may be etched into the back suggesting a metal case and not plastic.
* MacRumors had a shot of the inside of the case which was more plastic looking, but also had tool marks similar to what I seen inside my unibody Macbook.
V Apple may be taking the App Store offline
* According to ifoApplestore Apple might be looking to refocus the layout of it's Apple Store to put more emphasis on customer training and education and software.
* Would be the 3rd time Apple has re-invented the interiors of the stores
* A “Why You’ll Love a Mac section as you enter the store. Focus on advantages of using a Mac
* Next an iLife and digital lifestyle section.
* 3rd section focusing on iWork
* Apple recently shifted the focus on iPhone and iPod Touch display tables to put focus on Applications.
V A bunch of iPhone stories and stats
V Electronista says a new study from ABI Research claims 75% of iPhone users use wi-fi on the device regularly. This is vs. HTC users who only use it about 10% of the time,
* I think the apps and app store may add a lot to this stat
V The wi-fi usage on iPhones and iPod Touches seems supported by numbers from AdMob that show iPhones leading the smartphone pack in the US when it comes to viewing web ads
* 51% of web ads served to US mobile phones are to iPhones. 32% internationally.
V Apple and AT&T may be considering more iPhone plans
* MacNN says Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu believes the two might be considering new ipHone models and plans tailored to the needs of different users
* A plan with no set monthly web data but geared of email and SMS for example. Cheaper plans for lighter web surfers, etc.
V Security and Java Updates from Apple
V Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 3
* Updates the Java Web Start and Java Applet components to address security and compatibility issues.
* For Mac OS X 10.5.6 or later PPC and Intel
* Java for Mac OS X 10.4, Release 8 for Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger
V Security Update 2009-001
* Simply said improves the security of Mac OS X.
* The tech notes lists 28 updates to components like AFP Server, Carbon Core, Clam AV, CUPS, Printing, Apple Remote Events, Safari RSS, SMB, and X11
V Apple also released the MacBook SMC Update 1.3, firmware update for the White Macbook
* Improves startup time on some MacBook computers when starting up from the battery.
V Mobile Me adds easy iDisk File Sharing
* Log in to Mobile Me and select a file anywhere in your iDisk (not just public) and you will see a "Share file" button
* Can set a time limit, add a password, and it will generate a link and email it to whoever you want. They can then use that link to download the file
* The file will also be listed in special "shared" section of the iDisk web interface so you can see the files you are currently sharing and adjust the settings.
V A couple more Snow Leopard features leaked
* Spring loaded stacks. You can now navigate down inside folders. Small icon of prior stack level slides up into upper corner so you an back out.
* "Put Back" command for items left in the trash. They will magically be returned to their original locations. Right now you can only command+Z the last item added to the trash
V Apple wants to keep option to jail Jailbreakers
* Every 3 years the copyright office hears and considers exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's (DMCA)
* The EFF want jailbreaking to be added, Apple doesn't.
V Apple has lots of reasons for wanting the protections
* Costs of support, control of the user experience, etc.
* Apple hasn't exercised it right to go after Jailbreakers. Want to protect from it becoming mainstream.
V 17" Unibody Macbook Pro dissected
* has opened up the 17" Unibody
* Need to remove 10 screws on back plate
* Battery is huge, but has a connector and doesn't seem to be really unusual in shape.
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V Smile on My Mac
* TextExpander
V Internet Productivity Snippets
* Under Snippets tab in TE preferences, click the "+" and choose 'Add pre-defined group'.
* Support for URL shortening services.,, tinyurl, and
* Copy a URL and then type the shortcut "\[service]", like "/bitly".
* Get it and other apps for $49 as part of the Mac Switcher Bundle (Textexpander, 1Password, Witch, and ScreenCastsOnline Switcher Series)
* Enter Maccast in the "Where did you hear about us".
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Quicklook in the Finder
V Had a couple people ask me why the file icon in their Finder doesn't look like the application file icon. Answer: Quicklook preview
* You can turn off the preview by going to Finder-->View-->Show View Options (Command+J). Turn off the 'Show icon preview' setting.
* Interestingly in column view you can also turn off icons in the Finder completely. Also remember that in list and icon views the settings are per folder unless you click the 'Use as Defaults' option.
* I think Quicklook is an often forgotten and wonderful feature of Leopard.
* Hit the spacebar on any supported document type you have selected in the Finder to get a preview without opening the native app.
V Developers can add Quicklook support for their document types. There are also add ons you can download
* Place in the ~/Library/QuickLook or /Library/Quicklook folders
* Select a folder of images and get a thumbnail view or play as slideshow.
* Play video and audio files. Go full screen.
* Quicklook combined with Coverflow view.
V iPhone calendar colors now syncing?
* Play comment from Bob
* My calendars now sync and the colors match, even custom colors.
* My Exchange calendar is "yellow", so that may be the default for Active Sync calendars?
* Not sure if this was added as a .Me update or as part of 2.2.1
V Resize Faces add new face box the normal way
* Rob Griffiths from Macworld has a tip that fixed an annoyance for me in Faces
* When you need to add a new face box (using add missing faces button) it re-sizes from the center.
* Holding the Option key while dragging a corner will resize from the corner like a normal box.
* Can they now make Shift constrain the box to a square?
V Macworld 2009: Intuit
* Quickbooks for Mac 2009
* Quickbooks Online
V Understudy adds Hulu and Netflix to FrontRow
* Via TUAW
* Understudy is a FrontRow add-on that allows you to add Hulu, Netflix, and other Video feeds to the OS X FrontRow interface
* It is a beta on Google code. I had crashes when attempting to add URL feeds from the clipboard.
* With Hulu being pulled off Boxee will have to see if Understudy lasts (feeds are on Hulu's site).
* I was already logged into my Netflix account, so not sure how the auth works. Access Watch It Now queue.
V Apple TV syncing and storage
* Mario is running out of space on his Macbook drive for Movies and such and wanted to know if he could buy an Apple TV and just copy the content to it.
* Short answer is no.
V Long answer
* Yes if it is iTunes purchased movie content
* All other content syncs
* Could hack the Apple TV with a patchstick and use SSH/SFTP to copy content to the Apple TV and then use Boxee/XBMC to play it (non-iTunes purchases). Also could use a mapped network drive.
* Move main library to an external and create a second smaller internal library
V Protecting yourself from Trojans
* Jonny wanted to know how he would know if he had a Trojan on his Mac.
* You are the first and best line of defense. Know what you are clicking on and installing.
* Don't run in admin mode. Standard user accounts can only make changes and install software for that user. If something does get on your system it will be limited in it's access to the system.
V Run virus scanning software
* MacScan, Anti-spyware
* Intego Virus Barrier
* Clam X AV
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V EOL: Apple Disk ][ Mini
* Cult of Mac has a report of a user on the Retro Maccast forums hacking a Mac Mini into the case of an Apple Disk ][ 5.25" floppy drive.