MacCast 02.24.2009 - Show #257
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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* Ped3, Naja King, and Ped3 Auto stands
V All Thoughtout's stands feature
* Full rotation
* Compatible with most cases and skins
* THOUGHT OUT strives to make our products upgradable and interchangeable, this includes whatever APPLE has in the works. You will be able to purchase just the holder if need be.
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* Testament to their quality, support, and innovation.
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V News
V Three new Apple Stores planed for Europe
* Wired's Cult of Mac Blog has news of new Apple stores planned for 3 European cities in 2009.
* Apple will pick one of two possible locations in Paris France. The Carrousel du Louvre mall or a location near the Garnier operahouse.
* Stores are also planned for Milan, Italy and Hamburg, Germany.
V Apple also expanded it's iPhone presence in the Middle East
* The iPhone went on sale in Saudi Arabia
* The carrier Mobily said they activated 25,000 subscribers in the opening day
* This is despite a high price and lack of Arabic language support, which is expected in about 3 months according to a Mobility spokesman
* Not to be left out the US will get a new Boston area store. Dedham, just southwest of Boston in the Legacy Place mall. Should open in the fall according to ifoAppleStore.
V Are Intel's Core i7s destined for Macs?
* Electronista says a post from Fudzilla claims Intel is prepping a Core i7-based equivalent to its new Core 2 Quad S chips
* The chip would be ideal for all in one PCs and compact desktop since it would have a thermal peak power consumption of 65W
* Based on Intel's Lynnfield designs the new chips would be lower performance versions of the Core i7 which eliminates the traditional frontside bus using an integrated memory controller and a point-to-point interface instead.
* The piece says the new baby i7s should hit the street sometime in early 2010
V Core i7 dispute might be what's holding up new iMacs
* According to AppleInsider via a Mac NN report
* They say Apple has been waiting on the new CPUs from Intel which is why they weren't updated in the Fall or at Macworld
* Now legal wrangling between Intel and Nvidia over chipsets may be causing further delays.
* The i7s have integrated memory controllers and Intel claims NVIDIA doesn't have the licensing rights to make compatible chipsets for the new processor.
* If NVIDIA loses it could be bad for Apple who is using NVIDIA controllers in it's new models.
V Continued security warnings for Macs
* A student from Italy presenting at the Black Hat conference in Washington DC has claimed to have discovered a security vulnerability in Mac OS X according to Mac NN
* Vincenzo Iozzo says that by sifting through the Mach-O file format he has discovered a flaw in the way Macs Macs allocate memory that could compromise the Mac by allowing malicious code execution.
* Apple has tried to prevent this type of attack in the OS by randomizing the location of certain variables, but Iozzo says the method is not really random.
* The fix would require a low level rewrite of the OS, but it is unclear if a fix would be part of Snow Leopard.
* There are other vulnerabilities would have to be exploited to even execute Iozzo's hack and those can be easily patched.
* Adobe has issued a security alert for Acrobat Reader and Professional
* An potential exploit exists in versions 7, 8, and 9 of Acrobat, Acrobat Pro, and Acrobat Pro Extended, and versions 7, 8, and 9 of Adobe Reader.
V Can crash the system and allow an attacker to take control of an exploited system
* Switch to Preview, Get Info... Open With->Preview. Change all.
* Un-check "Display PDF in browser using:" in Acrobat's or Reader's preferences
* Fix for version 9 is expected on March 11th with older versions coming later.
V Not to be left out of the party, Microsoft said it's looking into a potential security flaw in Excel that impacts the Mac
* Discovered by Symantec in Japan, opening an infected file could allow for remote code execution, but the hack only effects the older Excel .xls format, not the newer .xlsx format.
* Microsoft plands to issue an update as soon as they finish their investigation.
V And then there were 2. Displays that is.
* Apple quietly stopped selling their 20" LCD Cinema Display
* Now they have just the new 24" LED Cinema display and the 30" LCD
* Thought that Apple will soon kill off the 30" as well. Moving to all new displays with Mini display port connectors and LED backlights
* Apple may be waiting for new Mac models, like the Mini, iMac and Mac Pros that support the new display connector standard.
V Leaked Mac Mini photos and video
* MacNN and other rumors sites were cross-posting all over themselves with supposed leaked images of a new Mac mini design.
* The case itself looked more or less the same, but on the back shows a Mini-DVI connector, Mini Display Port Connector, power, ethernet, Firewire 800, security slot, optical/analog audio in and out, and 5 USB ports.
* Suspicious to me is the FW800 and dual display connectors (maybe because a pre-production model?).
V $99 iPhones at Best Buy, sort of.
* If you were a Reward Zone member before Feb 21st.
* Standard members get $50 off new iPhone 3Gs with service contract. Premier Silver members get $100 off.
* Offer good now through Feb 28th.
V Apple release Safari 4 Beta
V Apple release a public beta of Safari 4 for both Mac and Windows
* It is Beta
* It will replace the core of Web kit and Safari 3, but there is an uninstaller.
V Highlight Features
* Top Sites, your most visited sites in an original Apple TV esque curved screen grid view
* Cover Flow view of history and bookmarks, cuz Apple's gonna milk that purchase for all it's worth.
* Full History Search, or as I like to call it the Spousal Porn Excavation, Extraction, and Discovery (SPEED) tool
* Tabs on Top, Awesome. Really opens up main viewing window. Some don;t like the change
* Nitro Engine, Javascript on rocket fuel
* Windows Native Look and Feel, for both XP and Vista.
V My first impressions
* Fast, fast, fast
* Like the tabs on top
* Cover flow images for history and images for Tops sites loaded slow.
V Some complaints that Apple copied features
V From the Maccast forum
* The tab on top copied from Google Chrome
* The Top Sites feature copied from Opera's Speed Dial
* The incremental search copied from Firefox
* The new Javascript engine is to response to Chrome and the new Firefox 3.1
* Others might not like the Ui updates, but there are already Terminal preference hacks to "fix" things and I'm sure GUI hacks are on the way.
* Safari 4 download is available on Apple's site
V Macintosh Requirements
* Any Mac running Security Update 2009-001 and Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6 or Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.11
Mac with an Intel processor or a Power PC G5, G4, or G3 processor and built-in FireWire
* 256MB of RAM
* Top Sites and Cover Flow on Mac OS X Tiger require a Quartz-Extreme compatible video card
V Happy Birthday Steve
* Steve Jobs turns 54.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Printer preset tip, setting custom default
* Play tip from Ulrik
V Macworld 2009: Microvision
* Play interview with Microvision
* Microvision ShowWX Pico Projector
V "Find out how" to use the Mac
V Via TUAW, there is a complete list of text and video tutorials from Apple on how to do stuff on your new Mac
* Topics include, Mac Basics, Photos, Movies, Web, Music, iWork, & MobileMe
* Sections are further divided by app versions, like iLife '08, iLife '09, iPhoto '08,'09, Aperture, iTunes, etc.
* Tons of videos in each section.
V Still using Appleworks under Leopard
* Play comment from Dave
* Couldn't find an Appleworks Quicklook plug-in
* Can use Maclink Plus version 16 to convert Appleworks and Clariswork files to RTF or Microsoft formats that you can open in Pages.
V Review: iLife '09
* Dave is also not loving iLife '09. Play review.
* Try to address some of his complaints.
V LCD monitor fonts and resolutions
* Play clip from Mike about setting up his external monitor resolution.
* Make sure you are driving the LCD at native (default) resolution.
V Check and/or adjust the "Font smoothing style:" setting in the 'Appearance' System Preferences.
* Automatic, Standard (CRT), Light, Medium (LCD), Strong
* Checkout my 12/11/2008 show on the reasons for the difference in Mac vs. Windows font rendering.
V Closing
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V EOL: Dancing with Woz
* In case you somehow missed it, Woz will be one of the contestants on this seasons Dancing with the Stars here in the US.