MacCast 03.16.2009 - Show #259
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V Smile on My Mac
* PDFPen Pro, now has continuous scrolling
* Can use as your default PDF app
* Free trails available, enter "maccast" for where you heard about Smile.
V News
V Mac netbook rumors gaining strength
V From the Dow Jones Newswire via a piece on Electonista
* Taiwan's Wintek Corp is producing 9.7 to 10" touchscreens
* Quanta Computer will do the assembly
* I have doubt's Apple offering would be a sub $500 "netbook".
* Name will not be Macbook Touch, maybe Macbook Mini, but even that sounds lame. An not iTouch please. That just sounds dirty.
V Apple release talking iPod Shuffle
* The 3rd gen Shuffle
* 4GB in Silver or Black for USD $79.00
* Almost half the size of the previous model. 1.8 inches tall by 0.3 inches thin.
* Headphone to USB dongle cable for docking and charging.
* No playback controls on the device, uses an in-line controller on the ear-buds.
* Has switch for power and shuffle mode.
* VoiceOver control of songs and playlists with multiple language support. Also status information like battery life.
V Controls
* Standard: Volume up, Play/Pause, and volume down
* Click and hold center button to hear artist and track info in Voice Over
* Double click center button for next track, triple click for previous track
* Double click and hold center button to FF. Triple click and hold center button to RWD.
V Playlist menu
* Click the Center button until you hear a tone, and then release to switch the playlist menu. You'll hear the current playlist, all songs, and then remaining playlists in alphabetical order followed by audiobooks and podcasts.
* You can click + or - to move quickly through the playlist menu.
* When you hear the name of the playlist you want, click to select it.
* Click and hold the center button to exit the playlist menu.
* According to Macworld, Apple says it will allow 3rd party adapters for controls
V iLounge says they have discovered a DRM chip in the headphone control that would prevent 3rd party reverse engineering under the DMCA
* Ensures companies have to license from Apple.
* Boing, Boing confirms there is a chip, but stops short of calling it a DRM chip.
* It's not a DRM chip, but is a a control chip that can be licensed from Apple's "Made for iPod" program.
V iTunes 8.1 released
* Better performance and accessibility when browsing in the Library and on the store
* Improved parental controls
* Party Shuffle is now the iTunes DJ allowing listeners to "vote" to impact playlist. Apple Remote app supported. Welcome message.
V Auto-fill feature link on the Shuffle
* Thanks to Tid-bits
* Have to put iPod in manually manage mode and then select it from the Devices source list to see the auto-fill options at the bottom.
* App Store reviews are now grouped according to version.
* Remote 1.2, adds iTunes DJ voting support.
* Front Row 2.1.7 which “provides improved iTunes 8.1 compatibility.”
V Apple pre announce 8.1 along with features that were missing from the final release.
* Genius for Movie and TV wasn't there. As of midnight Monday it finally appears when you select the Movies or TV libraries, but with a "Sidebar coming soon" message.
V iPhone 3.0 announcement
* Apple has invited the press to a special iPhone 3.0 event on March 17th at 10:00 AM PDT in the Apple Town Hall
V Rumored and wanted features
* MMS picture messaging
* Tethering
* Background processes, possibly limited and user controlled. Notification server?
* Turn by turn GPS, either by Apple or allowed by 3rd party
* Stereo Bluetooth headphone support
* Copy & Paste, Kevin Rose detailed. Double clicking to activate selection quotes with magnifier.
* improved home screen app launcher.
* Apple has extended iPhone Developer's iTunes Connect contracts to July 11, 2009 according to Electronista.
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V Circus Ponies
* Notebook
* Tear out pages in 3.0, so now you can look at one page while working on another
* Free 30 day trial
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V More on DIY Mini Upgrades
* Received a ton of feedback on this issue
V Bottom line seems to be this:
V Doing the upgrades yourself will probably not void your entire warranty, but you leave yourself open for having Apple deny any claims.
* Felipe had installed his own memory and had is HD die. Apple replaced the HD under Applecare with the 3rd party RAM still installed.
* Matches my experience with replacing the drive in my iMac (broken temp sensor).
V Case for in bag Macbook protection
* Play comment from Phillip
* Consider in bag protection for your Mac.
* I like Radtech Sleevez, but also consider Zagg Invisible Shield, Speck See-through hard shells.
V Trouble on the Bus
* Scott found a great deal on a $10 USB hub and then discovered that a deal is sometimes a deal breaker
* Can a USB hub cause a kernel panic?
V Some internal devices are on a shared bus.
* Internal keyboard/trackpad, IR receiver, iSight.
* Non-powered, or low power ports and hubs.
* Shorter cables, different cables, different configurations.
V Macworld 2009: Iomega
* Play interview with Iomega
V Using iWork to open Appleworks docs
* A few shows back I had suggested MacLink Plus for conversion
V Paul pointed out a Breen Mac 911 article that notes you can right-click the Appleworks (.cwk) files and look at the "Open with…" option which will list Pages.
* Opens as a RTF document with formatting in place.
* Also works for AppleWorks spreadsheets which will open in Numbers.
* AppleWorks database files have to be saved out as ASCII text and imported into Excel or Numbers and you may lose the column header info.
V Removing duplicates in iPhoto
* iTunes has a nice feature for displaying duplicate tracks, but iPhoto doesn't.
* Steven was looking for an easy way to remove his dupes and we found Duplicate Annihilator which seemed to do the trick.
* Play review
* I would recommend backing up the iPhoto Library file first.
V Closing
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V "Rosie" by The Young Dubliners
* Since it's so close to St. Paddy's day I figured another Young Dubs track was in order.
* Catch them on Jimmy Kimmel and buy their new album "Saints and Sinners" on iTunes.
* Bands site
V EOL: When you gotta go, ya gotta...
* A free iPhone app that uses GPS to find the closest bathroom. Includes which ones are open to the public, along with ratings for cleanliness, and other useful info. (via Gizmodo)