MacCast 03.23.2009 - Show #260
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V Thoughtout
* Have announced the new FORM holder. Easy to adjust to accommodate iPhones and iPods with cases
* Available on any of their great stands. The Ped 3, Ped 3 Auto, or Naja King
* Also can upgrade the holder if you are a Ped 3, Ped 3 Auto, or Naja King owner.
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V News
V iPhone 3.0 announcement
V The Numbers
* Presented by Greg Joswiak, Apple's Marketing Manager for iPod and iPhone.
* 17 million iPhones and 13 million iPod Touches sold to date
* 50,000 registered iPhone developer. 60% who are new to mobile application development.
* 25,000 apps in the App Store with over 800 million app downloads to date.
V New features
* Presented by Scott Forstall, Senior Vice President of iPhone Software Engineering .
V P2P wireless over Bluetooth and WiFi
* Can use Bonjour so no pass codes needed
* In the Q&A Greg Joswiak commented that Bluetooth on the 2nd Gen Touch should be unlock-able, but he didn't provide specifics.
* Accessories can communicate through the Dock
V A2DP -- Stereo Bluetooth
* Only on 3G
V Push notification via Apple server
* Update icon (badge), alert box, sounds
* Apple said delay was due to the need to re-architect the server structure due to demand and loads. ESPN alone requires 50 million messages a month.
* They tested background processes on Blackberry and Windows mobile devices and noted that standby battery life decreased by 80 percent.
* Push notifications saw a 23% battery life drop.
* Despite being touted as "working" during the presentation, Cult of Mac says that so far Apple hasn't given developers a method for implementing and testing push notification in their apps.
V Cut, copy and paste across applications.
* Double-tap to get a a cut/copy/paste bubble.
* Adjust the selection points—marked by two blue pins—by dragging your finger.
* Once you have your selection tap the cut, copy, or paste button.
* Move to where you want to insert the copied text. Double-tap to get the cut/copy/paste bubble again.
* Select, select all, and paste dialog is also available
* Shake to undo the last selection, also works to undo typing.
* Also supports HTML and photos.
* Feature will work in Apple apps and as developer add support to their applications
* Landscape mode for key Apple apps
V Calendar gets CalDAV support
* Exchange support.
* Works with Yahoo, Google, Oracle, OS X Server.
* Also support for .ics files for sports schedules, national holiday lists, movies
* Share multiple photos from the Photo app.
V In application purchases
* Works only with paid apps. Free apps stay free. So couldn't be used to "upgrade" a lite or demo game.
* Still on Apple's 70/30 revenue model
* Additional content, levels, books, audio, etc.
* Also allows reoccurring subscriptions for updated content. Not for core application access.
* Note syncing
V Stocks app updated
* Adds financial news stories and more detail about individual stocks
* Save YouTube videos
* Auto-login to Wi-Fi hotspots
* Shake to shuffle.
* Copy, share, or delete multiple photos in the Photo app
V Unannounced "features"
* "Find my iPhone/iPod Touch" option available under MobileMe, assumed to allow you to locate your iPhone from
V Publish video? - from Engadget mobile
* When you tap on an image in Photos, then tap the options icon, then Send to MobileMe the heading at the top of that window says “Publish Video.”
* Possibly a mistake or maybe a feature to come?
V Updated Podcast UI in iPod app (via Mac Core Blog)
* The Repeat and Shuffle buttons are gone
* A mail icon has been added, presumably to email the iTunes Store link
* A scrubber that allows you to instantly rewind in 30 seconds increments
* Speed modifier to double or half playback speed
* Variable speed scrubbing, which allows you to jump to a specific spot in the podcast by moving a little marker in the timeline
* Removed 10MB podcast download limit over 3G. (Limit still on App Store).
V New Apps:
V Messages app with support for MMS
* Feature is 3G only.
* Also supports voice memos from the memos app. No video.
* Delete and forward messages
* Type messages while others are sending.
V Voice Memo app
* Can be recorded, trimmed, and send via MMS or email.
* Can also add labels to organize memos
V Spotlight -- standalone app and integrated search across some apps
* Flick to the left on the home screen to access Spotlight search.
* Works as an app launcher.
* Integrated search in Address Book, Mail (can only search email headers, not message content), Calendar, Notes (entire note), and iPod (music & movies)
* Third-party apps
V Over 1,000 new API's:
V Maps API with support for turn by turn
* Google maps can be added into 3rd party apps.
* Reverse geocoding - attach a real world location to the geo coordinates. You are in Boston, etc.
* 3rd party apps must bring their own maps due to licensing issues with Google
* Email sheet embedded in app, so you don't have to exit to the Mail app.
* Proximity sensors
* iPod library access
* Streaming audio and video over HTTP so it even goes through firewalls
* Data detectors
* Available this Summer. Free update for iPhone owners. USD $9.95 for iPod Touch.
* SDK and OS beta is available now for members of the iPhone developer program.
V What's missing from iPhone 3.0
V Flash support
* In Q&A they said they didn't have anything to announce at this time
* Apple still pushing H.264
* Noted that they are adding support for HDTV streaming for audio and video.
V Tethering
* Works on the client in iPhone 3.0, but they need to work out the carrier deals to make it work
* Developers have already activated it in beta software by hacking the carrier bundle files.
* Seems to work over USB or Bluetooth.
* Status bar turns purplish blue while tethering, like it tuns green during a call
V File transfers over bluetooth P2P
* They were hesitant when asked the question, but responded no.
V Support for via the dock connector or bluetooth keyboards
* Apple said there was nothing to announce.
* TidBits points out that the Bluetooth profile for this functionality is built into the full Mac OS X
V No to do app
* Handled well by 3rd party apps, but nice to have it integrated with the to-dos built into iCal and Mail
* Voice dialing, needed in may states to comply with hands-free laws.
* Video.
V Jailbreaking?
* iPhone Dev Team is already working on it and says it should be possible
* The Yell0wSnow software unlock may be trickier as Apple and again tweaked the base-band software.
V What about new iPhone hardware?
V Imagination Technologies, who makes the PowerVR graphics processor that powers the iPhone has announced a new multi-core design, the SGX543MP.
* Designed to scale from two to sixteen cores
V References to new hardware in the beta OS
* A reference to a device labeled N18AP may be a new iPod Touch, although the only new feature listed is "encode-aac."
* References have also been found to iPhone2,1 (first two are iPhone 1,1, and 1,2) and to iPod 2,2 (iPod1,1 and iPod2,1). There are also references to an iPhone 3,1 and iPod 3,1.
* Even more interesting is a reference to iProd0,1 - maybe a prototype of an unreleased product.
V Upgraded wi-fi and Bluetooth (via Silicon Valley Insider and Mac Rumors)
* AT&T says they can software upgrade 3G towers to 7.2 Mbps speeds, but the iPhone is capped at 3.6
* Existence of a new a new Broadcom 802.11 chipset that can provide 50Mbps speeds and stereo Bluetooth.
V Boy Genius Reports claims they have 100% confirmed info from a "management-level" AT&T exec that a new iPhone will be available mid June.
* Faster in hardware and networking with the higher speed HSDPA (7.2Mbps) being hinted at.
* The same report also alluded to a summer release of a $99 3G netbook noting that it wouldn't be a Windows OS device. (Mac or Linunx?)
* AppleInsider reports on information from what they say is a "reliable" source that the next gen iPhone will contain a higher resolution camera that supports video.
* With the 2 year anniversary of the original iPhone on the horizon along with expiring 1st gen iPhone contracts it seems likely Apple and AT&T especially would like to have some new hardware to entice re-ups. They could crush the Palm Pre which is set to drop at the end of June.
V Apple discontinues BT headset
* AppleInsider and others reported that over the weekend Apple's US online store listed the Apple iPhone Bluetooth headset as "discontinued".
* The item could still be added to the shopping cart
* An update to the post says some tipsters are sating Apple has recalled all the existing inventory for retailers, but they stop short of providing a reason.
* Either way it seems like something up. Is is possibly a new model on the way or are the just getting out of the headset accessory biz?
V AT&T to offer contract-less iPhones
* Rumor came from Boy-Genius report based on AT&T training slides
* $599 for the 8GB model and $699 for 16GB model.
* AT&T later confirmed the pricing
* Offer is supposed to start March 26th and may be an attempt to clear current iPhone 3G inventory.
* What I don't get is isn't the EFT fee with AT&T USD$175? So a 8GB iPhone at $199 plus a $175 ETF would get you an iPhone at $374.00.
V OS X Security Expert says Mac is easy pickin's
V According to MacNN security researcher and Mac hacker Dino Dai Zovi says OS X's heap memory is badly guarded making it easy to find which libraries to exploit.
V He gave examples at the recent SOURCE conference in Boston and summarized saying VISTA is hard to exploit, but OS X is fun.
* Apple has made the iPhone version of Mac OS X immune to the heap attacks, so Leopard might bring a fix.
V AppleInsider reported that Charlie Miller once again used a Safari exploit to win a new Macbook during the Pwn2Own competition at CanSecWest.
* The hack once again did require the users to click a link in the target web browser. A "drive-by" (no clicking) attack was used to exploit the Windows box.
V Mac sales slowed in February
* NPD numbers show that Mac sales dropped 16 percent in February. This is after a 6 percent drop in January.
* Laptop sales fell by 7 percent and desktop sales by 36 percent
* PC sales were up for the quarter by 22 percent overall, with laptops up 36 percent. Factor out "netbooks" and the increase is just 16 percent. PC desktop sales were down 10 percent for the quarter.
* Bad economy or were users waiting for new Macs?
V Important to note that these are based on unit sales numbers and not profits. Netbooks are selling well but don't earn a high margin. Still shows the strength of a hot market and it might not be something Apple can avoid for much longer.
* As the Mac Observer points out if you do the math and crunch the numbers of down unit sales verses revenue then Apple will be on track for the reduced March quarter guidance they provided. It also matches what analysts seem to be predicting.
V HD Movies find their way to iTunes
* Until this week only available on the Apple TV and only as rentals.
* Can now purchase or rent HD movies in iTunes on the Mac or PC
* USD$19.99 for purchase or USD $4.99 for rental.
* Buyer beware of HDCP in effect, especially with new Macs (Mini Display Port) connected to older monitors.
* Apple has enabled display copy protection
V Downgrade to SD to view on older external monitors and HDTVs
* In iTunes, right click on the movie, choose the “Version” option.
* You can select HD playback (default) or choose “Standard Definition (SD)" which will playback without an error message.
* Luckily the restriction is not enabled for all HD content. I believe it is a switch that can be switched by the studio.
V Some final Apple updates
V Mini DisplayPort to VGA Firmware Update
* Addresses intermittent flickering and compatibility issues such as no video on some external displays when using the Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter on your Mini DisplayPort enabled Mac.
V iPod Shuffle (3rd generation) Software Version 1.0.1
* Contains, "Minor bug fixes".
V The 7.4.1 firmware update can fix issues with Time Machine disk image corruption on Time Capsule and AirDisk connected Airport Extreme drives (via TidBits)
* Issues have been reported by many including Shawn King and John Gruber
* TidBits recommends Archiving your old Time Machine backups to another external drive using the Archive feature of Disk Utility and starting fresh with Time Machine after applying the update.
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