MacCast 05.11.2009 - Show #266
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is Say Anything by Manda and the Marbles
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V Faronics
* Deep Freeze
V Save on IT costs or just the home hassle.
* Set up the mac and take a snapshot of that configuration, "freeze it". Now when system reboots it restores to that state.
* Global or user-specific ThawSpace capability for retaining data.
* Free trials available
V News
V Rumors of Apple buying Twitter
* The story ended before it began.
* Twitter is not for sale and there is nothing there that Apple could really want, except maybe some cloud expertise, but that's not worth $700 million.
* Apple did do a cool business profile of Twitter and their use of Macs on Apple's site
V Mac browsers hold April share
* Ars Technica looked at the April Net Applications data and noted that despite slumping unit sales in the latest earnings call Apple more or less held it's browser share.
* The browser data showed Safari with a 8.21% share of the browser market down just a bit from 8.23% in March
* When looking at OS, OS X was also down at 9.73% vs. 9.77% in the prior month. iPhone OS however gain 0.1% moving from 0.60% in March to 0.70% in April.
V Globally Apple is doing better than in the states
* Macworld UK has 1st quarter 2009 numbers from Gartner showing Macs with a 6.6% year over year growth resulting in a 4.8% marketshare.
* That puts them in the UK top 5 for unit sales.
V Blackberry squeezes out iPhone in US sales
* Electronista has numbers from the latest NPD group survey that shows the Blackberry is still tops when it comes to US smartphones
* The BlackBerry Curve 8300 series was the top selling phone in the 1st quarter of '09. iPhone 3G came in second place.
* The Blackberry Storm (3rd), BlackBerry Perl (4th), and G1 (5th).
* So far this year RIM has shipped about twice as many handsets as Apple. 7.8 million juicy juice handsets vs. 3.8 million iPhone 3Gs.
V Apple tops in quality and satisfaction
* Even if browser shares are down and another fruit is leading in sales, Apple is still tops when it comes to quality and satisfaction.
V Apple's iPhone topped the list of J.D. Power’s 2009 Wireless Consumer Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Study. (iLounge)
* The iphone lead in the ease of operation, operating system, features and physical design categories, but suffered a bit in the battery category.
* Still overall Apple scored a 791 out of 1000. Besting LG (772) and Samsung (759)
V The New Your Times says Apple swept the competition in the latest Consumer Reports laptop computer-ratings issue
* Judged on performance, ergonomics, versatility, display, speakers, battery life and weight.
* Apple had the top spot in every category. 13", 14-16", and 17" category.
V Apple and Google may be getting too close
* The Mac Observer reports that the Federal Trade Commission has taken a look at Apple's Board of Director roster and thinks they smell something fishy.
* At issue is the fact that two Google Board of Director's members, Eric Schmidt and Arthur Levison, also both server on Apple's Board.
* The Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914 prohibits members of competing companies from serving on each other's boards
V There is no doubt that Apple and Google have competing products
* iPhone vs. G1
* Safari vs. Chrome
* Mobile Me vs. Goggle Cloud apps.
* If the FTC decides things aren't kosher then Schmidt and Levison may need to resign from Apple's board.
V Apple may help with in contract iPhone replacements
* According to iLounge, Mac NN and others Apple is now offering a lower cost replacement for phones that suffer at the hands of their owners.
* Can now get a refurbished or new replacement iPhone for USD $199, according to Apple's Out of Warranty FAQ.
* Covers things like damage from liquids or cracked screens where device is still functional.
V Damage not covered includes:
* catastrophic damage, such as the device separating into multiple pieces.
* inoperability caused by unauthorized modifications
V Rumors of App Store Approval changes
* With parental controls in 3.0 OS more apps might be able to get approval. Some developers reported getting rejection letters suggesting they could resubmit without modifications after the 3.0 update
V Already approved apps my have issues if they don't work in 3.0
* Apple is now only reviewing apps using the 3.0 software (sign we are getting close to release?).
* Apple sent letters to developers letting them know that if their apps don't run under 3.0 they could be pulled from the app store.
* Most apps should run without modification under 3.0. Some however don't and developers are felling the Apple pressure.
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V Audible
* Free 14-day trial of Audible Listener Gold
* Over 60,000 titles to choose from
* I am using it a lot to "re-read" books. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, The Chronicles of Narnia
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Sharing Automator tips and tricks
* Play comment from Bob
* Set up a section on the Maccast forum, you can share and link to Automator workflows to share
V On line resources
* Automator World
* Automator Actions Downloads on
* Disclaimer about downloading programs. Community is somewhat self policing.
V Mac screen sharing
V Jack has pointed out something interesting to consider if you enable and use Screen Sharing
V In the System Preferences-->Sharing you can set this feature up in Leopard.
V Need to have Back to My Mac, DynDNS, fixed IP to make this work via the Internet. Also may need to open ports on your firewalls and routers.
* TCP: 5900 - 5902, (3389 for connecting to Windows machines)
* UDP: 4500 (for Back to My Mac users)
V If you use a user account and share a screen of a user who is logged in as an Admin you now have admin access
V Not too big a deal because:
* You need to have an account on the remote system. Would likely need direct access to the machine to set this up.
* Machine has to be on and logged into an admin account
* You still need to authenticate to perform most operations even as an admin.
V Securing the connection
V In the Sharing-->Screen Sharing preferences
* Don't need to always have it on.
* "Allow access for: Only these users:"
* Under "Computer Settings..." you can check the option for "Anyone may request permission to control screen".
V Easier way to share is to use iChat
* Has a "Share my screen with..." and "Ask to share screen..." option
* Don't need to know the users IP address.
* May still need the ports open though.
V Alternatives
* VNC, Go to my PC, Log Me In
V Review: Kensington Hands-Free Visor Car Kit
V Pros
* Battery charger and 2 batteries for up to 20 hours of talk time
* 3 "presets"
* Auto-off sensor
* Pair with up to 3 phones with a swap button
V Cons
* Speakerphone so even with the noise cancellation it still sounds distant.
* Cabin noise is still an issue
* Mic and volume controls on one edge, so can't use car visor without repositioning the device.
* About the same price as a nice BT headset USD $119.00
* Kensington Hands-Free Visor Car Kit
V Bluetooth issues with new Mac Pro
* Michael was having his Bluetooth mouse and keyboard lose signal and pointed to this thread.
* Issue is reportedly effecting a number of new Macs from the Mini's to the iMacs. Seems to be desktop Macs and I didn't see reports of issues with notebooks.
* I'm not a fan of Bluetooth for mice and keyboards for this reason. It just seems flaky.
* AppleInsider said back in April that 10.5.7 may contain a fix.
V Control your Mac with your head
* Eyetwig iTracker
V Allows you to control your Mac cursor using the iSight and head movement
* Menu item with hotkey to turn on tracking.
* pause to activate click
* I had to tweak the sensitivity settings and it took some getting used to, but after a minute or two it was working
* Demo on their site works for 10 minutes
* Have built a framework for other developers to be able to use in their apps. Free for Open Source and free apps. Contact the company for use in a commercial app.
V One iTunes + multiple Macs = pain
* Sal moved his iTunes Music to a NAS, but noticed that when he pointed his other Macs to the location they didn't see the Podcasts, movies, etc.
* It's all about the Library File. That's the metadata key.
* The trouble is it's easy to move the music files location, but much more tricky to have all iTunes use one set of Library files
* To quote Steve Jobs... Sharing one complete iTunes Library with multiple machines on the same network is a "bag of hurt".
V Some things you can try
* Move the entire iTunes folder to a central volume making sure the "ignore permissions" option is checked.
* Maintain multiple local copies of your music (one on each machine), but use a syncing tool like ChronoSync, TuneRanger, or SuperSync to keep them sync'd up.
* My advice is don't bother and use built-in sharing for streaming music from one iTunes to another. Won't work for movies or video. :(
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V Winners of Things Packs
V To make it more fair I just randomly selected from all submitted entries.
* Edward Lynn & Christopher Linton
V Some of my favorite "to-dos"
* Leave a message on Michael Dell's answering machine with a recommendation to shut Dell down and give the money back to the shareholders. (note: this time, try not to laugh before hanging up.)
* Iron black turtleneck and jeans while saying, "One more thing" into the mirror
* Re-park the car from the disabled parking space
* Have 'fridge restocked with bottled water
* Give Lauren from the Microsoft ad a free 17" MacBook Pro
* In a friendly but firm way, tell Cook to get his name off of my office door
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V "All We Need is Love" by Michael Rossback
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* Buy on iTunes
V EOL: The Many Typefaces of Jobs
* Designer Dylan Roscover created an awesome portrait of Steve Jobs using various typefaces and the text from the “here's to the crazy ones” TV ad campaign (via Cult of Mac)