MacCast 09.29.2009 - Show #280
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* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
* Band's MySpace page
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* TextExpander and TextExpander Touch
* Latest versions of all their apps are Snow Leopard compatible
* Free trial available
V News
V Mac fans ready to buy rumors
V MacNN says RBC Capital Markets' has surveyed Mac fans and analyst Mike Abramsky says they are more than ready to buy a Mac Tablet
* The study says of the 3,100 people interviewed 21% are ready to buy
* Assumes a price of between $500 and $700, much lower than the $700 to $900 in recent rumors
* To compare only 9% were looking to buy an iPhone in April 2007
* iLounge says the "5th Gen nano source" says the Mac tablet will be announced on or before January 19th, 2010 for release in May or June of 2010. Running the iPhone OS, not full OS X. 10.7" screen with 720p resolution
V Microsoft Courier
* Concept in "late-stage" development.
* dual 7" screen, booklet format, pen and multitouch based.
* 3MP camera, "touchstone" inductive charging.
V iTunes 9.0.1
* Resolves issues browsing the iTunes Store. 
* Addresses a performance issue where iTunes may become unresponsive. 
* Fixes a problem where iTunes may unexpectedly quit. 
* Fixes a problem syncing Podcasts in playlists to iPod or iPhone. 
* Fixes a problem sorting albums with multiple discs. 
V Addresses an issue with the Zoom button not switching to Mini Player. 
* Terminal command will switch it back: 'defaults write zoom-to-window -bool YES'
* To switch back to Zoom to Mini Player: 'defaults delete zoom-to-window'
* Improves application syncing for iPod touch and iPhone. 
* Genius is now automatically updated to show Genius Mixes.
V Apple got their accounting rule changes
* Apple lobbied the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)
* Prior to the change had to use subscription rules of accounting to offer free updates to Apple TV and iPhone
* Delayed when they could record revenue on their books. Spread over 2 years.
* So will we now see free iPod Touch updates?
V Rumors of iMac redesign
* AppleInsider and others are predicting that Apple may be set to refresh their iMac lineup
* Thinner design? No back bulge? Lower price points. Possibly have Blu-ray.
* October release?
* Also possibly a Macbook refresh at the same time. Lower pricing? Design with smoothed or rounded edges.
* Electronista reports that direct resellers were told by Apple that they would take no new orders for the existing iMac configurations or for the low end Mac Mini.
V Apple comes clean on green
* Apple set up a new site to disclose details of it's environmental impact including details of it's "environmental footprint"
V They list 10.2 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emission per year.
* Broken out by lifecycle
* 38% manufacturing, 5% transportation, 53% product use, 1% recycling, 3% facilities
* Product usage is further broken out and detailed
* The site also has specific Product Environmental Reports.
* Should help boost Apple's rank in the next Greenpeace report.
V Also a new updated "Apps for Everything" section.
* Highlights iPhone apps in a variety of categories.
* Staff picks.
V Is Apple collaborating with Intel on Lightpeak?
* TUAW points out a Engadget report that says they have an 'extremely reliable source,' who says Apple is behind a push to bring Lightpeak to market
V Lightpeak is a new new fiber optic cable technology they how would replace almost every cable and connector on your Mac today
* Data at 10GBps in lengths up to 100 meters. Hope to reach 100Gbps in the next decade.
* Combine with copper to deliver power to low power devices.
* handles a variety of communications protocols, so one cable standard could drive monitors, external drives, scanners, etc.
V Apple sends out unwanted Windows update
* IT World blogger Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols posted to his blog saying Apple's Software update for Windows recommended he install the iPhone Configuration Utility 2.1.
* Chances are you don't need it as it's a tool for IT administrators to manage multiple iPhones
V Also include Apache Server, which Steven says can be a security risk?
* Hold on, I don't think the app actually install Apache and kick off the daemon or anything. I bit of an over reaction
* A few hours after the report Apple had removed the app from software update.
V App store hits 2 billion
* Increased by 1 billion in just 158 days which, Mac NN says is about 6.33 million app downloads per day.
* According to Apple number is new app download, not including updates
* Store has huge choices, 85,000 apps with over 125,000 registered developers.
V How was your MMS experience?
* According to Macworld AT&T says they were happy with the launch
* I had heard of many people having issues or long delays in sending even through Monday morning.
V Former Newton developer back at Apple
* AppleInsider reports that the New Your Times confirmed that Apple has re-hired Michael Tchao to be their senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing.
* Tchao has been at Nike working as a general manager for for Nike Techlab and Nike+
* From June 1990 to August 1994 he was at apple working on among other things the original Newton.
* Apparently he is also given some credit in convincing John Scully to do a consumer devices that used Apple's handwriting recognition technology.
* Speculation is that Tchao is being hired to bring his experience to help market the rumored upcoming Mac tablet device.
V Apple adds 2nd "O" carrier in the UK
* O2's iPhone exclusivity in the UK is at an end and France's Orange has announced plans to sell the iPhone 3G and 3GS in the UK before the end of the year. No hard date given.
* No pricing details either, but there is an interest sign-up form on the Orange UK website
* Vodaphone also announced plans to carry the iPhone in Ireland and the UK starting in early 2010. Again little to no specific were available, but interested parties can sign up for notifications on the Vodaphone website.
* Apple insider also reported the the iPhone would go on sales in China via China Unicom on October 1st. Pricing is reported set at the equivalent of $732.50 USD, but no specifics on the model.
V Recent software updates
V iWork 9.0.3
* bug fixes and compatibility updates
* Reducing file size of images that have Instant Alpha applied
* Managing file size when inserting some movies
* Working with dates and durations in the Chart Data Editor in Keynote and Pages
* Exporting to CSV from Numbers when using table categories
V Updates to
* Password protected shared documents
* Improved comments
* Simpler invites to shared documents
V iPod classic 2.0.3 firmware
* Support for Genius mixes
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V Circus Ponies
* Notebook
* Snow Leopard compatible
V Something that if you have in your app arsenal you'll find you use more and more.
* Beyond notes and outlines
* Flow charts and diagrams, organizing PDF content and research, Lists and to do's
* Free trial available
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V More option tricks in Snow Leopard
* Arun points out if you hold option while clicking the Apple menu the "about this mac" changes to 'System Profiler'
* Also the ellipses on Restart, Shut Down, and Log out go away so you can use those options without a confirmation dialog popping up.
V De-icing Snow Leopard
* Play tip from Jason
V Dealing with the loss of creator codes in Snow Leopard
* Explain creator codes
V In Snow Leopard uses the Launch Services DB settings, which are controlled by the Get Info dialog.
* Will not always be the app that created the file.
* Issue if you use multiple apps for the same type of file (html, css, txt, etc.)
V To change globally
* Select a file of the type you want to change
* Choose Get Info...
* From the "Open with" section select the default app for that file type and click the "Change all..." button
V To change for a specific file
* Same as above, but don't click the "Change all..." button
* You can also hold down the option key after control+clicking the file. This with change the 'Open with...' option to 'Always open with.."
* If you want to open with a different app for just that one time, control+click the file and choose 'Open with..."
V Snow Leopard's 32-bit spawns
* Ashok pointed out the awesome 23-page in depth technical review by John Siracusa over at Ars Technica
* In it he explains how Apple uses a trick of spawning 32-bit process from their 64-bit apps like the new Quicktime X and Safari to run the 32-bit, like older 32-bit codecs and 32-bit plug-ins.
* You can see these spawn if you watch the Activity monitor
V The unrepairable permissions
* Apple has a tech support article with a long list of OS X permissions that will should up as not being repaired, but can be safely ignored
V You can also usually ignore any "ACL found but not expected..." message.
* These occur when you deliberately change the permissions on a file or folder, so are correct, but you don't want the system changing them back.
V Where are our iPhone hardware devices?
V Remember back when the iPhone 3.0 software was announced and Apple said there was this great hardware integration with apps
* Via dock connector and Bluetooth
* Showed an equalizer for a stereo dock, and as a blood glucose monitor with a blood-testing device for diabetics.
* Where are those apps and devices?
* Even the Tom Tom hardware is MIA (October launch).
* Griffin, just announced there new iTrip FM transmitter with app integration
* Is that it?? An FM transmitter?
V Review: EyeFi Geo
* 2GB SD card with WiFi and Geotagging using Skyhook Wireless
* Sold exclusively at Apple Retail stores for $59.99
* Add geotagging and wi-fi support to older cameras
* Comes with a USB reader. Installs Eye-Fi Manager app in menubar, links to web-based configuration tools.
* Have to set up each hotspot you will use the card with the card plugged into the USB adapter.
V If you are out of wi-fi images will be pushed when you get in range.
* Images flow through the EyeFi service. Option to have them queued there if your receiving Mac is not online. After they are delivered only a history and thumbnail is stored.
* Worked good for me, but because Geotagging relies on wi-fi if you are out of WiFi range, no geo-tags
* Go right into iPhoto, folder, or other app you designate.
V Minimize to Dock cool, but how would you know?
* Andy points out that Snow Leopard's new "Minimize Windows into application icon" option in the Dock preferences is cool, but once windows are minimized why is there no visual clue to indicate which apps icons have minimized windows behind them?
* You can use the click and hold Dock Expose trick of course, but you would still need to remember which apps you minimized windows to.
* How about changing the little blue beacon spot to a different color?
* Any 3rd party utilities to deal with this dilemma?
V Ignore Trackpad when mouse is present, not present?
* Wyane pointed out that this option has been moved in Snow Leopard
* Was in the Mouse and Keyboard settings, can now be found in Universal Access under Mouse&Trackpad tab.
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* Fold paper to create a simple and zen-like iPhone stand. (via Cult of Mac)