MacCast 11.01.2009 - Show #283
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V Opening Music
* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
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* Snow Leopard compatible.
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V News
V 27" iMac issues being reported
* I had one listener report a display flicker issues, but this may be isolated.
V Reports of poor Flash performance, hard drive spin downs, corrupt Snow Leopard pre-installed, and permissions issues.
* Flash seems to peg out the processor. Maybe a driver issue with the new Core i5 or i7 processors?
* Other speculate it's GFX card issue
* Latest threads in the discussions seem to indicate a problem in Airport and it going to 'sleep'. Turn airport on and off seems to fix the issue. At least until the system sleeps again.
* Might be related to Snow Leopard and not just the 27" iMac.
V Apple Insider reports that the Mini Display Port input only supports Display Port Out devices. Mans you can't use the iMac with devices that have DVI, HDMI, or VGA output even when using Display Port adapters
* Display Port uses a packet signaling format instead of serial video data formats of older standards.
* Will require a data conversion box to translate those signals to something the Display Port can understand. Expensive.
* The lack of HDMI to DisplayPort input is a bummer for those looking to connect AV devices like BluRay players
V DST issue on Snow Leopard
* TUAW has reports of some users seeing performance issues right after the DST change
* Between 1 and 2 am and mostly associated with having the menu bar clock enabled and/or having the clock automatic set feature turned on.
* Fix is to wait, or turn off the menu bar clock in System Preferences, wait, turn it back on.
V Snow Leopard 10.6.2 with developers, hints at new Macbook Pros
V MacNN has reports that Mac OS X 10.6.2, build 10C535 was released to developers.
* The release comes just a week after the 10C531 build.
* Fixes issues with QuartzCore and ColorSync drivers along with some Dock fixes.
* Apple notes no outstanding issues, but is asking developers to focus their testing of this build on graphics drivers, along with TrackPad preferences and virtual machines.
V A MacRumors report says a blog called Applesfera has found two plist entries that seem to reference unreleased Macbook Pro models
* MacBook Pro 6,1 and MacBook Pro 6,2
* Currently shipping Macbook Pros have 5,x designations.
V Recent rumors speculate a possible small bump to newer Intel 'Clarksfield' (Core i7) based processors.
* Models were just updated in June
* Some are speculating a late 2009 update, but earlier in the week Phil Schiller told Gizmodo that, "The holiday lineup is set."
V Apple 'Slate' rumor stirred up by NYT
* According to a post on the Nieman Journalism Lab, a Harvard Journalism Project, the New York Times executive editor, Bill Keller, held an "all hands" meeting on Oct. 21st to discuss upcoming initiatives in advertising, business development, and content.
* In the transcript of that meeting Keller mentions the newsroom getting more involved in delivering journalism to digital devices and apps. He mentions iPhone apps, the Times Reader, and the "upcoming Apple Slate".
V Not clear if he had secret insider info or is simply feeding off media speculation of such a device.
* Strong rumors recently that Apple has been in talks with various print media executives and organizations to supply content for an upcoming media/tablet device.
* Ars Technica cites a discussion RBC analyst Mike Abramsky had with Apple executives that seems to suggest the Apple Media tablet would have a video focus rather than a print one.
V As for the pricing for such a device
* AppleInsider mentioned a survey of 753 customers that showed PC users would be hard pressed to spend more that $600 for such a devices, while Mac fans would likely be willing to pay even more than $800 bucks.
V ZFS may never make it to OS X
V MacNN had reports this week that Jeff Bonwick, a project leader at Sun, said ZFS was dropped from Snow Leopard because of licensing issues.
* According to the report Apple wanted a special agreement that included technical support and indemnification
* ZFS is an open-source file system developed by Sun. Advantages of storage pools, data integrity, integrated device management, instant snapshots, etc.
* Macbreak Tech had a great episode on ZFS
* Apple had it's own open source port of ZFS that was dropped and discontinued
V An ArsTechnica piece seems to indicate that Apple may have decided to develop it's own next gen filesystem
* Indicating ZFS is more appropriate for servers than single machines
* Apple currently hiring filesystem engineers
* The MacFUSE project is working on ZFS support, but ZFS on the Mac will likely not be supported by Apple and rely on 3rd party implementations in the future
V Apple TV 3.0 released
* New UI layout. Horizontal, with Coverflow style content preview images on the top and drop down menus
* Support for iTunes LPs, iTunes Extras, Genius Mixes, and streaming Internet radio.
* Photo browsing supports Events and Faces
V New 'Internet' heading. Has YouTube and Radio. Maybe opening for more Internet features?
* Missing any 'streaming' updates, like Hulu or Netflix.
V Update was 'leaked' by the iTune 9.0.2 update a few hours before the Apple TV update.
* Adds an option for a dark background for Grid View, and improves support for accessibility.
* Disables Palm Pre Syncing once again.
V Apple dumping retail Windows Mobile checkout
* TMO and others report that Apple Retails Stores will switch from the Windows Mobile based handheld checkout devices to using iPod Touches. FINALLY!
* The iPods will have a 'scanner' attached for scanning barcodes.
* The TMO piece also notes Apple phasing out the multi-color shirts based on consumers saying it was confusing.
V Discuss Windows retail store opening and blatant 'copy' of the Apple retail store model.
* Colored shirts, store design with tables, employees clapping and high fiving customers, Windows-based EasyPay handheld checkout, Guru Bar.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V TimeCapsule may be covered by Applecare
* Play comment from Jason
V Magic Mouse Feedback
* Play review from Richard
* Many others have been very happy with the new mouse
V Using the term 'Directory' vs 'Folder'
* An astute listener, although a cowardly one or very geeky on who spoofed his email, pointed out my calling 'directories' in the UNIX underpinnings of OS X 'folders'
* The reality is in the Finder they are 'folders', but in the terminal the correct term would be 'directory'
V The Macintosh TV has already been done
* There are a number of theories flying around now that Apple is planning on making TVs, with iTunes integration and media functionality (like Apple TV) built in.
* 27" iMac is fueling these rumors.
V Funny thing is, Apple made a TV Mac hybrid back in 1993. The Macintosh TV
* USD $2097
* All in one Black LC 520 style case. Built-in cable ready TV tuner card.
* 14" display.
V Keeping the Macbook batteries fresh
* And other batteries too.
* Mitchell is like many of us and uses his Macbook like a desktop, always plugged in. That can shorten battery life.
* Apple recommends a full charge cycle at least once a month
* Set up an iCal reminder.
V Most batteries will last 2-3 years of normal usage. Actually rated in full charge cycles.
* End of life is after the battery will no longer hold up to 80% of it's original full charge.
* 300 full charge cycles for a notebook removable battery and up to 1000 cycles for the new sealed-in ones. up to 400 charge cycles on iPhone or iPod batteries.
* Using batteries in high heat, above 95 degrees F, can damage the battery.
* Store batteries with about a 50% charge.
* Apple has battery replacement and recycling programs.
* A lot more info on Apple's battery page
V Review: iFrogz Earpollution Plugz
* Earpollution Plugz
* I'm not an audiophile, but the sound range was good. As I find with most inexpensive earbuds the base response was good. Mids and highs were great.
V What put them over the top for me was fit and price.
* 3 sizes of silicone tips.
* The post coming off the bud is thin and slightly curved. Fit into my intertragic notch (notch right above your ear lobe) perfectly.
* Lightweight and stayed securely in my ear.
* Come in a variety of colors. USD $14.99
V Dealing with pesky routers
* 3rd party routers can sometimes be tricky to get working with services like streaming video, iChat video, Back to My Mac, etc. as Mark discovered
V Things to check
V Router firmware and PnP support. Note security risk on PnP.
V Open Source Firmware
* These can be trick to set up. Please use with caution as you could render your router inoperable
* Tomato Firmware
V Firewall settings both on Mac and on router
* System Preferences -->Security (Leopard and Snow Leopard) / System Preferences -->Sharing (Tiger)
* Firewall port mapping
* Buying an Apple Airport or Time Capsule can solve some issues if you just want quick easy setup and config.
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