MacCast 03.18.2010 - Show #294
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* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
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V Gaming on the Mac
V Intro Guests
* Scott Johnson, The Instance, Film Sack, Fourcast, Extralife comic, Frogpants Studios
* Brian Ibbott, Coverville, Film Sack
* Charlie George, Tiredthumbs
V Valve and Steam on the Mac
V Teaser ads and build up to announcement.
* Never seen a gaming buzz or marketing campaign like this targeted specifically at Mac community
* Different ads appeared on various gaming and Mac sites and blogs.
V March 8th Valve announced that Steam will be coming to the Mac
* Titles include, Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Portal, and the Half-Life
* Also they will bring over Source and Steamworks for Mac
V What is Valve, Steam, Source, and Steamworks?
* Orange Box for Mac? What is OrangeBox?
V Also announced Steam Play and Steam Cloud
* Will allow you to play any title built on Source between PC and Mac
* Steam Cloud will let you stop on one platform an pick-up at the same place on another
* Both versions bundled at one price.
V They are using native versions and not emulation.
* Included WebKit into Steam and OpenGL into Source
* Is this better than other titles using Transgaming Cider technology?
V Does this change the game or just expand it?
V Do people really game on the Mac?
* Is this goign to convert the hardcore gamer to the Mac or just stop Mac users from buy/booting a PC
* What are Mac gamers current options?
V What about Streaming gaming like OnLive?
* Will launch June 17 for $14.95/mo.
* Games are rendered on the server?
* No porting of titles.
V Ye old Mac vs. PC as gaming platform debates
* Not as many titles on the Mac
V Macs are more costly.
* Hardware is is more expensive and not top of the line
* GFX cards and upgrades are limited
* Is a 27" iMac enough these days? Do you need a Mac Pro?
V Peripherals are limited
* Razer announced all future products will have Mac support.
* Is it a the dawning of a new day for Mac, and Apple, gamers?
V Blizzard, Starcraft II Beta for Mac in April
* InsideMac Games reported on a Blizzard Tweet that said the Mac version of the Starcraft II Beta “will be available in April, when it’s ready.
V Also planning a major content patch for the game in mid-April
* enable some basic achievements
* improved voice chat
* 3x3 and 4x4 maps
* Other unidentified features.
* Map editor will also be out before late April
* Not a priority, but will also eventually add critters.
V iPad, does it mean anything for gamers?
* Discuss gaming possibilities of the iPad
V Apple showed off some exisitng iPhone games at the announcement.
* X-Games Snocross
V Nova on the iPad
* Showed customizing placement of game controls, more screen real estate
* 3-finger twist to open airlocks
* Rocket launcher multi target system by dragging a box around targets.
* EA Need for Speed
* Gameplay and UI dynamics
* Processor and GPU performance, enough?
* Does it go beyond casual games?
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