MacCast 05.26.2010 - Show #303
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
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V News
V iPad's shipping abroad
* Had numerous reports the week of customers in the UK, Australia, Canada
* Due out on Friday, let me know if you get yours early.
V Looks like some Apple Stores in the UK, Canada, and maybe elsewhere , are opening at 8:00 AM (an hour early).
* Macworld UK reports that Currys, Dixons and PC World will carry the iPad at launch.
V New shipments and supplies seem to continue to be constrained
* Most US stores still sold out.
* Accessories no where to be found
* Ambiguous "June" delivery dates on iPads outside the US
* Cult of Mac reports that at least one analyst told investors that Apple has solved supply chain issues and will double monthly iPad production to 2.5 million units by September.
V New Macbooks
* 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB DDR3 memory ,250GB hard drive (5,400 RPM), 8x double-layer SuperDrive, NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics, Built-in 10-hour battery, Polycarbonate unibody enclosure
* Faster CPU, Better Graphics, more than 40% better battery life.
* Audio and Video out on MiniDisplay Port connector when using the Mini DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter.
* USD $999.00
V So what do you get if you spend the extra $200 bucks for a 13" Macbook Pro?
* 2GB more of DDR3 memory (4GB) - $100 to upgrade the Macbook
* FW 800 Port
* SD Card Slot
* Precision aluminum unibody
* Slightly thinner and smaller dimensions
* 0.2 lbs (0.09 kg) lighter
V Apple's Q3 shaping up quite nicely
V Based on Gene Munster report of April NPD group numbers
* 39% increase in Mac sales in April
* Munster expects a 19 to 23% Mac year over year sales growth for the quarter
* New Macbook Pros contributing
* New Macbooks will push it even further.
V iPod sales are down
* 17% in April according to the NPD numbers
* I think iPod has reached saturation.
* Based on the numbers speculation is iPad cannibalization is effecting iPod sales and not Mac notebooks.
V iPhone's importance to Apple
V 9 to 5 Mac did a nice revenue by category breakdown of Apple's 2Q results
* 40% of Apple's revenue ($5.45B) came from iPhone sales
* 28% from Macs, 14% from iPods, and 10% from iTunes
V Analyst Katy Huberty from Morgan Stanley
* Predicted Apple to sell 61.5 million iPhones in 2011 (25% higher than her Wall Street colleagues)
* Alphawise survey, 58% iPhone owners plan to upgrade next year
* In same survey, 16.8% of Verizon customers would buy an iPhone if it was on the network.
* Predicts Apple dropping the 3GS price to $99
* Suggests AT&T cutting data plans down to $75 from $90 could help sell 8 million more phones
V iPad numbers will be in Q3
* I expect that to be additive for the most part
* iPod sales might be the exception. I think iPhone is impacting that more than iPad, though.
V Apple is the 7th largest cell phone maker in the world
* Based on research from Gartner for the first quarter of 2010
* Apple owns 2.7% of the worlds cell phone market.
V My biggest fear realized?
V Apple is becoming less and less a "Mac" company.
* What happens when you lose your core focus? Sony, Dell, Microsoft
* Is mediocrity inevitable?
V So far they seem to be keeping a balance, but compared to 10 years ago
* iPod
* iTunes, now a Music, Movie, TV, and now Books distributor
V Mobile devices
* iPhone and iPad
* Web services. Mobile Me,, Lala?
* AppleTV (hobby)
* Mobile advertising
V 4 Operating systems
* OS X, OS X Server, iPhone OS (iPad OS?), Classic iPod OS
V Software developer
* iTunes, Safari, iLife, iWork, Final Cut Studio, Logic Studio
V OS X updates and soon to be updates
V Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 2
* Improved compatibility, security, and reliability by updating Java SE 6 to 1.6.0_20
V Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 7
* improved compatibility, security, and reliability by updating J2SE 5.0 to 1.5.0_24, and updating Java SE 6 to 1.6.0_20 for 64-bit capable Intel-based Macs
V Mac OS X 10.6.4 beta 4
* No new bug fixes in the release notes, so likely getting close to release
* Developers are being asked to check Graphics Drivers, SMB, USB, Voice Over and VPN.
V QuickTime Player 7.6.6 for Mac OS X v10.6.3
* Nothing noted in the release notes.
V iPhone OS 4 reaches 4th beta
* Tethering screen is enabled, but that doesn't mean we get tethering. Carrier profile.
* New background images
V String references
V iPhone, iPod, and iPad "flash", for camera not the Adobe thing.
* Images of an iPod Touch with camera surface in Vietnam (new source for Apple hardware leaks).
* Hints at OS 10.7
V Keynote set for WWDC. Guess who?
V Kicks off on June 7th. Steve Jobs has been confirmed.
* I'll be on vacation.
* Customer asked (via email) if the Gizmodo leak stole his thunder. Response: "You won't be disappointed".
V Predictions
* 4th Gen iPhone. High-res Screen, Flash, Forward-camera, A4 processor, etc.
V New carrier deals in the US (Sprint & AT&T).
* AT&T recently upped it's ETF fees from $175 to $325. De la Vega said contracts would keep customers on the AT&T network.
V Apple has reportedly (Boy Genius Report) stopped shipping 8Gb 3GS to AT&T stores
* Mac Rumors reports 3G shortages in Australia and the UK
* Many predict a $99 16GB 3GS, actually Wal-Mart is already selling it for USD $97 w/ new 2 year AT&T contract.
V Apple's Back to School Promo is back
* Students, Teachers, and faculty at schools that qualifying for EDU pricing
* $199.00 online rebate toward purchase of an iPod Touch with purchase of a qualifying new Mac.
* Details on Apple's on-line store site.
V Sponsor
V Smile On My Mac
* TextExpander and TextExpander Touch
* Sync your TextExpander snippets to your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad.
* Use them in the app to compose emails, etc.
V SDK and integration with 25 apps
* Tweetie 2 (Twitter?)
* Twittelator Pro
* ToDo
* TaskPaper
* Pocket Informant
* Simplenote
* Free trial of the desktop version
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V German tax gone on all iPads
* Filip emailed to let me know that the German copyright levy (which was 15 Euro, not percent) was lifted on all models, not jut the 16 and 32GB
* The levy only applies to devices with more than 40GB of storage and more than 1GB of RAM.
V Controlling audio speed in Quicktime X
* Jason wrote in to tell me how to control it.
* Click the FF button multiple times. 2x, 4x, and 8x
* For finer control hold down the option key and it will go in 0.1 increments.
* Palyback Speed Applescript
V Adam's version of the iTunes Quicktime Playback Speed script
* Unzip and place the .scpt file in ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts
* Select or play a track in iTunes and then choose 'Set Playback Speed and Open in Quicktime' from the script menu.
V Beyond the basic Get Info
* Eric, a switcher, asked about how to use the Finder to get information on the size of more than 1 selected file at once.
* Selecting multiple items and choosing 'File-->Get Info…' (Command+I) will result in one Get Info Window for each item.
V Get Summary Info
* Selecting multiple items and the holding the 'Control' key down while selecting 'File-->Get Summary Info' (Command+Control+I) will give you one Multiple Item Info window with a summary of all the selected items
V Show Inspector
* Selecting multiple items and the holding the 'Option' key down while selecting 'File-->Show Inspector' (Command+Option+I) will give you one Multiple Item Info panel with a summary of all the selected items
* Now this may sound a look similar to the Multiple Item Info window, but has two big differences.
V Because it's a panel and not a window
* It stays on top of all other windows while it's open in the Finder
V If you make additional selections while it's open it will add those items to the summary.
* The Multiple Item Info window only includes the items originally selected
V Review: iPad Keyboard Dock
* I haven't found much use in it.
* Would be great if you plan to do a lot or text, and just text. Writers will probably love it.
* Proves my suspicions that a touchscreen iMac is a really bad idea.
* Breaking the plane makes no sense and there isn't enough keyboard control in apps and why would there be, they are designed for touch.
* Lack of landscape option is annoying to say the least.
* It's not portable.
* Get a Apple BT keyboard and a good case that converts to a stand, or buy a new Macbook.
V Apple is about function over features
* Play voicemail from David
V Mike Lee, Tapulous co-founder, has an awesome piece on his blog about Android and Google leapfrogging iPhone and why it's BS.
* "… a bigger feature list does not constitute leap-frogging, no matter how much bravado you project in your terrible commercials. Any idiot can throw features into a box and call it better. Actually producing something useful is significantly harder."
V Apple innovates hardware when it makes sense.
* USB, Firewire, touch-screen phones
V Next iPhone will likely have forward-facing camera
* Big difference is Apple will add software that makes it's existence relevant and compelling. Competitor's will just stick it in there and hope people care. Which they won't because the software experience will suck.
V Not just about innovation
V How does that feature fit the function?
V iPad "silence" switch changed to a orientation lock. They could have added a second switch, but why?
* iPad doesn't have much change of making noise when you don't want it to. Doesn't get calls (yet).
V How does that feature complicate the device?
V A million knobs buttons and features that yields a device that's complicated isn't better
* Being all things to all people makes no sense. Microsoft Office syndrome.
* How many people will actually use the HDMI output? When was the last time you saw someone connect their cellphone to a TV to display a slideshow?
V How does that feature make the experience better?
* Why doesn't the iPhone have an 8MP camera?
* MP only results in larger images, not necessarily better image quality
* Sensor size and lens make a bigger impact and in small device you really can't do much.
* Cell phone cameras are used in a pinch, but not for good quality shots.
V And software is every bit as important as hardware
* That is where Apple's advantage lies.
V Application switcher tricks
* Kurt wanted to know if there was a way to suppress apps from appearing in the list when you press Command+Tab
V I didn't know of a built-in way, but alternative App switcher Witch can
* Also lets you tab through windows within apps
* Lots more custom control and configuration
V Command+Tab Window switcher tricks
V Once activated continue to hold the Command key and you can use additional keyboard controls
* Command+Shift+Tab or Command+`(accent)
* Arrow keys left+right to go between apps. Also scroll wheel or hovering over with cursor
* Arrow keys up or down will launch selected app into Expose to show it's open windows.
* 'H' to hide the app
* 'Q' to Quit the app
* 'Esc' will exit and return you to the place you were
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