MacCast 06.26.2010 - Show #306
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
* Band's MySpace page
V Sponsor
V KamAlert
* Kamalert turns your iPhone into a portable Personal Safety Device with intelligent photographic Surveillance for the home, hotels, offices etc., along with Medical and Panic alert buttons using GPS technology.
* "Panic buttons" can be set up for medical or personal emergency situations
* at the press of a button SMS and/ or email messages are sent out several different people or organizations with GPS data and contact details
* Set up your iPhone as a motion detector
* Detects motion and can send email and/or SMS alerts along with photos
* Monitor your hotel room, sleeping, kids, or maybe room
* possible re-use for your old iPhone
* Based on user feedback, they Just released version 1.21 which has greatly improved the sensitivity of the motion detection and usability of the app!
* USD $4.99 on the AppStore
V News
V iPhone 4 is here
* 600,000 plus pre orders. 10 times higher demand.
V Long lines and shortages at many stores
* BGR had 1,000 to 2,000 reservations per Apple store
* No walk-in units at AT&T, but more will be available starting June 29th.
V Best Buy limited availability and only pre-orders
* iClarified posted leaked Best Buy numbers which showed between 10 to 70 per store depending on location.
V Many Radio Shacks didn't get shipments
* Were calling customers to apologize and tell them not to come in.
* Should have some this weekend
V White models were not available. Apple says mid-July
* "White models of Apple's new iPhone 4 have proven more challenging to manufacture than expected". Discoloration? Showing dust and dirt? Technical with sensors?
* Predictions of 1.5 to 2 million sold.
V Over 75% of "in line" purchasers were upgrading
* Separate informal polls by Gene Munster (608) and Yair Reiner, Oppenheimer (174).
V Shortages could continue through the Summer
* Although I've had reports that many Apple Stores has good supplies on Friday.
* Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kuma says the issue may be caused by multi-touch display shortages.
V And what about Verizon?
* Digitimes says Pegatron will make a CDMA (Verizon) iPhone shipping in Q4
* Droid Life and Engadget say that Verzion isn't interested in the iPhone and focusing on Droid as their platform for the Summer.
V First iPhone 4 reviews
* Seems to be living up to the hype
* Reviewers love the screen quality
* Speed also mentioned as a big improvement
* 5MP Camera and video quality excellent
V Facetime is said to be dead simple and flawless, although you need a "solid" wi-fi connection.
* Engadget did some Mi-fi tests
* Ed Baig (USA Today) and Mossberg mentioned dropping without damage
* Some complaints about AT&T from NYC reviewers.
V iPhone 4's issues reported early
V The great Antenna debate
V Apple has responded publicly and there are rumors of a fix.
* Software fix may be to deal with iOS4 and it switching to the most "reliable" vs. "strongest"
* Seems to switch slowly which may be part of the issue.
* Microcell owners don't see the issue.
* iPhone 4 seems more sensitive, but older and other phones seem to have same issue
* The Bumper and tape fixes don't seem to really work for me. Apple's "don't touch it there" fix does.
* Only some reports of "dropped" calls due to the signal issue.
V The glass
* Engadget's Ryan Block reported the back glass already having an "incredibly minor" scratch on his device.
* Back cracking on drops. May not be the same material.
V Yellow discoloration on the display (MacRumors)
* Apple responded saying it was residue from a bonding agent used to fuse the screen layers. Should resolve itself?
V My personal launch day experience
* Purchase
* Activation
V Restore
* Reauth several email accounts?
V Transfer of lines, sign up for new plans
* AT&T was on the ball.
V Impressions
* Display is incredible
V FaceTime is great
* Can call 1-888-FACETIME (188832238463) and talk to an Apple rep live over Facetime. 8am to 8pm CDT
* Super thin
* Speed not quite as big as 2G to 3GS
* Camera quality is excellent on both sides
V iPhone 4 still had some secrets
* Was revealed and confirmed that it has 512MB of RAM
* help with multitasking and 720p video
* AGD1 gyroscope chipset is designed by ST Micro seems to be an iPhone first or designed specifically for Apple.
* iFixit thinks the front glass panel made of Corning Gorilla Glass.
* Dust off your old 2G iPhone dock it fits perfectly (TUAW).
V iMovie for iPhone 4
* Released on Thursday
* Works pretty well, but did slow a bit fro me.
* Easy to add in video, still, and audio. Themes are nice. limited transitions and title options, but enough for a phone.
V Things to note
* background audio track is limited to 1 song/file and no looping. No length indicator?
* Can't place tiles over photos
* Can't turn off Ken Burns for photos. can trick it.
* Can't share directly from app. Have to output to Camera roll. 3 size options. Can sync to Mac via iPhoto
* Video shared directly from the device (MobileMe, MMS, Email, YouTube) is limited to 568 x 320.
* Project files don't transfer, like iWork apps.
V iOS 4 update released
* Selective multitasking. Things like background audio, VoIP, Location Services, notifications, etc.
* Direct Calendar API access
* Spell check and text replacement
* Media player and orientation lock.
* Totally awesome and complete feature walkthrough at
* Voice Control, "What Time is It?" command.
* SMS: Spotlight search and message count.
* Calendar: Show or hide calendars. Birthday Calendars.
V Settings
* Home Screen Wallpaper
* Bluetooth keyboard support
* US Tethering on AT&T (additional fees)
* Control location services. Off globally or selectively. History of apps that used it in the past 24 hours.
* Spotlight search settings replaces Home Button options
* Passcode Lock, simple (4-digit) or advanced
V Mail
* Unified Inbox, new mailbox icons, threading
* Attachment support for other apps.
V Photos
* Events, Faces, and Places now supported
* Landscape mode
* Small, medium, or large version on email send.
V Camera
* Tap to focus on video
* 5x digital zoom.
V iPod
* Create and edit playlists
* Redesigned interface with focus on artwork
* In Settings can turn of Podcast Info and Lyrics which come up when you tape the artwork on the Now Playing Screen
V YouTube
* Watch in portrait mode
V Maps
* current location/current direction button now a pointer instead of crosshairs
V Notes
* Accounts button, notes on iPhone and on IMAP accounts
* Over the air syncing of notes via IMAP
* Notes in OS X Mail, label in GMail.
* MacRumors notes Apple's support document notes more than 60 security fixes, 50 in WebKit alone.
V Some upgrade issues and bugs being reported
V Sluggish response on 3G models
* Cult of Mac says a double hard reset may help.
* Error code 3002 or long install, you might try a restore (you have a full backup right?)
* Make sure you have a full backup of your device (maybe two) and backup your backup.
V iBooks 1.1 for iOS
* iPhone and iPod Touch support for iOS 4 devices
* Bookmarks (multiple), notes, highlighting, dictionary
* PDF shelf
* Georgia font and 'Sepia' background.
* Larger font sizes
V MobileMe Updated
* New "cloud" icon to switch apps (mail, calendar, contacts, iDisk, Find my iPhone)
V Mail enhancements
* Widescreen and compact views.
* Server side Mail Rules.
* Single-click archiving.
* Formatting toolbar.
* Faster performance.
* Increased security with SSL.
* Support for external email addresses. Select "from account" on reply.
* Improved junk mail filtering.
V iPad continues strong sales
* iPad sales reached 3 million units in just 80 days
V AppleInsider reported that Apple added Samsung as a 2nd supplier for displays along with LG
* LG is reportedly producing 800,000 to 900,000 per month
* Samsung will begin delivering 300,000 to 500,000 units per month starting in July.
* Estimates are now that Apple is producing 1.2 million iPads per month and could ramp up to 2.5 million at holiday time
V Tablets killing Netbooks, Desktops next?
* Steve said at the D: All Things Digital Conference that he things devices like the iPad are the future of computing for many.
* He didn't know when that would happen, but Forrester Research has a clue.
V Latest numbers show tablets getting 6% of the market vs. netbooks 18% in 2010. Desktops at 32% and notebooks 44%
* By 2013 tablet will overtake desktops 21% to 20%. Netbooks at 17% and Notebooks at 42%
* 2015: Tablets, 23%, Netbooks, 17%, Notebooks, 42%, and Desktops just 18%.
V Apple gearing up for iAds
* Some apps are already reportedly appearing with iAd placeholders. No ads yet.
* Servers should be up on July 1st.
V Can opt out of ad tracking by going to on an iOS 4 device.
* Need to for each device.
* Don't know how you opt back in.
V Quintet of new Canadian Apple Stores
* Quebec City, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.
* According to the MacNN piece Apple is already hiring for the locations
* Saying some could be open for iPhone 4 launch in July
V Sponsor
V Smile On My Mac
* Disc Label
* CD and DVDs don't have to be boring
* Great for archiving
* Makes giving photo discs of images from summer parties, graduations, vacations more fun and relevant
* Great themes, tools, and templates so you don;t have to be a designer, but you can if you want.
* Free trial available for the desktop app.
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Get "Hold" back on iPhone 4
* Hold the "mute" button for a second or so. (via MacRumors)
V AT&T Data Plan Confusion
* Play comment from Eric
* At first I thought the issue might be the move from the original $20/mo + 200 MSG plans to new plans.
* This was forced on 3G owners, but they were able to get a $30/mo unlimited with no SMS
* Since this is no longer a plan option I figured your being asked to pick one of the new metered plans.
* Called AT&T and they say you should still be able to retain unlimited, but if you get a new iPhone you will have to move to the $30/mo unlimited with no SMS.
V How to pick a new Mac
* Darryl is unsure how to go about choose which Mac. Base desktop iMac to High End 8-Core Mac Pro
V I personally almost always start off with application. How will it be used and what software will they be running
* Consider not just now, but in the future.
V The qualifier questions
* Desktop or Notebook
V Budget
* related to this is longevity. Spend little now, but replace earlier or longer plans.
* Personality, do they always need to have have the latest and greatest.
* Do they have a display or need one?
V The details
V Desktop
* Mac Pro: 4 or 4 core Intel Xeons
* iMac: Core 2 Duo, Core i5, Core i7
V Notebook
V 13", 15" or 17" Display
* Glossy or Anti-glare
* Core 2 Duo, Core i5, Core i7
V Other factors
* GPU, integrated or discreet
* RAM, more is always better. I will sacrifice a few GHz for more RAM
* HD vs SSD, size?
V Ports and Expansion
* Video, Display port, DVI, HDMI
* Firewire
V Look at "real-world" benchmarks for the applications you will use
* Core i5s and i7s bring performance gains to graphic intensive apps
* If gaming is your thing you likely want a better GPU.
V iTunes not keeping album artwork
* Play tip from Chris
* WAV files can't have album art, so maybe that was it?
V If you go under the Advanced menu and don't see 'Create AAC Version'
* Adjust the Import Settings
* iTunes-->Preferences-->General-->Import Settings...
* Select format, MP3, AIFF, AAC, Apple Lossless and encoding settings. iTunes Plus is 256kbps AAC
V To get album art automatically
* Select the track, albums, etc
* Choose Advanced-->Get Album Artwork
V Also 3rd party tools like
* CoverScout
V How to add album art manually
* Select the track in iTunes, Choose File-->Get Info, go to the Artwork tab. Drag in a JPEG, PNG file (or click Add...)
V Also drag and drop into the Album Art Viewer. Click the little square icon with the triangle in the bottom bar area on the lower left of the iTunes window to expand it if not visible
* Click the Viewer title bar area to toggle between 'Selected Item' and 'Now Playing'
* A track can have more than one album image, but I think only the first image syncs.
V Sometimes the iPod doesn't pick up the changes or mis-matches the artwork and tracks.
* Only way I have found to fix it is to turn off Music syncing. Sync the iPod and then turn back on and re-sync.
V New iPads, iPhones, etc. have higher resolution. You'll want bigger Album Art images. At least 600 x 600
* New iTunes preview pages have helped.
* Find the album in the iTunes Store
* Control+Click the album Art image and choose 'Copy link'
* Open Safari and paste the link into the location bar. Hit enter.
* Will likely launch iTunes, but go back to Safari and the iTunes web preview page should be there.
* Control+Click the artwork image and choose 'Open Image in New Window'
* Now look at the filename in the URL bar. It will likely have something like '.170x170-75.jpg' at the end. Change both 170s to 600s and hit enter.
* In many case it will return the 600x600 pixel version of the artwork. Not always.
* Choose Save As... or drag that larger image to iTunes to use as your artwork.
* Of course you can always try Google Image search or other online tools, but size and quality typically varies.
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V EOL: Stormtrooper iPhone 4 Unbox
* Even the Empire's finest want the new iPhone. (via Cult of Mac)