MacCast 07.10.2010 - Show #309
V Opening
V Opening Music
* Music is "Say Anything" by Manda and the Marbles
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* AirFoil
* Send wireless audio from any Mac or PC, any app, to an Airport Express, Apple TV, or iDevice
V AirFoil Speakers and AirFoil Speakers Touch
* Mac, Linux, PC
* iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad
* Touch now supports iOS 4 background audio.
* Send to multiple devices at once
* Airfoil Video Play to play video and DVD playback in sync.
V News
V Antennagate rages on
V Starting to see explanations and hard analytical data
* Apple claims it's simply a miscalculation with how they display the bars and will have a fix in weeks
* Seems to be backed up by some data
* Erica Sadun app showing the signal loss, may not affect areas with good signal
V There are many issues at play here:
V The bars and how they are displayed. Should really just be on or off
* Signal strength and knowing 'really" how good yours is plays a big role.
* The attenuation issue which impacts ANY phone
* Detuning seems to be the bigger culprit (bridging).
* Coating against detuning?
V Slow upload speeds in some cities.
* iPhone 4 has HSUPA (High Speed Upload Packet Access) which supports up to 5.8 Mbps
* Users reporting speeds of 100 Kpbs or lower.
* AT&T cited a bug with the Alcatel-Lucent HSUPA hardware in affected cities. They're working on it.
V Proximity sensor bug
* 86 page thread on Apple's discussion boards
V Reset Setting to Network Settings
* General -> Reset -> All Settings (Careful not to hit "Erase All Content and Settings")
* General -> Reset -> Network Settings
* BGR has report from an AT&T store source of a customer with a burn iPhone connector due to "faulty" USB connector? Did they mean dock connector?
V iPhone and iPad sales
V Kaufman Bros., Shaw Wu
V iPhone Supply chain concerns for screens, plus inventory drawdown
* Reduced his June quarter prediction from 9 million units to 7.5 million
* 10.5 million units in the September quarter with prediction for 2010 unit sales of 40 million
* Latest comScore numbers showed Apple as number 2 smartphone maker in the US for May at 24.4%. Behind RIM. Microsoft in 3rd (13.2) and Google 4th (13%). Google was up 4% from Feb while Apple dropped 1%.
V iPad supply still constrained but improving
* Still high demand.
* 3.5 million units in June
* 10 million units in 2010
* Apple is reportedly ramped iPad production for July up over 2 million units per month (Digitimes).
* Bernstein Research analyst, Toni Sacconaghi, is estimating 2011 iPad sales at 18 million units, but could go as high as 25 million.
* Ted Schadler, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research Inc. told Bloomberg that he is seeing iPads gaining traction in corporations. Companies like Wells Fargo, SAP, and Mercedes Benz are experimenting with the devices in various aspects of their businesses.
V Rumors of iPad cannibals may have been greatly exaggerated
* NPD Mac sales numbers were up 35% in May and expect Apple to sell 3.2 million Macs in June.
* Don't see a short term cannibalization from iPads and expect long term effects to be minimal.
* I wonder if the Halo may outweigh the cannibal?
V Is iTunes ready for the cloud?
* Rumors of wireless streaming, cloud sync, and wireless device syncing.
V Held up in negotiations of licensing agreements with the studios and labels.
* Labels and Studios (and Gov) are already under the impression that Apple has too much control over distribution.
* has a rumor of $0.99 streaming only TV rentals for a new Apple TV device.
V iTunes Store Account hacking
* Supposedly 400 iTunes Store users accounts were used to purchase eBooks from one developer, Thuat Nguyen.
* The apps were removed and developer banned.
* Apple has said any customers with fraudulent charges should contact their bank and change their iTunes password
* Not clear how the accounts were accessed, but likely weak passwords or phishing scams.
* Timing of July 4th holiday?
V Looks like Friday it may have happened again, but 5 hours after it was reported it seemed to be shut down
* This time a Chinese developer and Travel apps
* Doesn't help that Jobs stated at WWDC, we have "150 million accounts, with credit cards".
V Will iPod Touch get FaceTime?
* Pictures have surfaced of a supposed new LCD/Digitizer assembly for the iPod Touch that has a forward facing camera hole.
V Cult of Mac reports that there's not enough room in the iPod Touch for 2 cameras. So what will it be? Front or Back?
* According to iFixIt the current iPod Touch design is also too small to fit the iPhone 4's new 5 MP camera sensor.
* Video only like the iPod Nano. Much smaller sensor.
* Redesign or use older 3MP sensor?
* FaceTime is confirmed to work over wi-fi without needing to make a cellular call first.
* Jobs said at the iPhone 4 announcement that Apple would ship tens of millions of FaceTime-connected devices by the end of 2010
* Like upgrade to an A4 chip.
* All 3 generations of iPod Touch have been released in September.
V Tiny Apple Touch Screen surfaces
V TW.Apple.Pro has posted spy photos of a tiny (1.2" sq.) Apple-branded Touchscreen
* They have had pre-release Apple parts before.
* iPod nano or shuffle with touch interface?
* iGlasses, Touchpad with display for Macbook Pro. iWatch? Touchscreen Remote, Magic Mouse?
* Has a 2009 copyright, so could just be a prototype component.
V Two new Apple Store Architectural Wonders
* The Apple’s Shaghai China store with its 40-foot cylindrical glass top
V The Paris Opera Store
* mosaic tile floor
* marble columns
* wrought-iron
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* Deep Freeze
* Summer computer labs at your school or organization
* School is right around the corner.
* Free trial available
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Finding High Quality Album Artwork
* Andrew suggested Wikipedia as a reliable source for more mainstream titles
* James says that it artwork isn;t sticking on tracks then a repair permissions may be in order.
V Get PDFs in iTunes
* With iBooks for the iPad, IPod Touch, and iPhone you can now sync and read PDFs without a 3rd party app.
* Macworld has a great tip via MacOSX
V Create an alias of the in the ~/Library/PDF Services folder
* Once created rename the alias something like 'Save PDF in iTunes'
V You can also create by:
* File-->Print…
* Click the PDF button and in the drop-down choosing 'Edit Menu…'
* Click the "+" and add the iTunes app
V Now to save a PDF directly to iTunes for syncing with iBooks
* When you choose Print, click the PDF button and choose the 'iTunes…' or 'Save PDF to iTunes…' option.
* Back in iTunes with your iDevice connected click the Books tab and make sure your set up to sync the docs you want on your device.
* For web pages in Safari 4, use the new 'Reader' feature (Click the Reader button in the URL bar) to have nicer formatted PDF text when you print to iTunes.
V My thoughts on iAds
* Generally engaging experience
V Hard to find
* Acceleroto Air Hockey app and Mirror Free (App Cubby)
* See to stop popping up after you've viewed them a few times.
V Apple advantage of targeting based on iTunes Apps Store data.
* Dove for MEn Ads sent to iPhone owners who are Male, 30+ with kids?
* Apple not sharing specific data with advertisers, but allowing them to target apps and buyers.
V One developer is reporting earning $1,400 in revenue in just 1 day from iAds
* May be slanted due to many just wanting to get a look.
V The trouble with troubleshooting wi-fi
* The chain of possible failures is enormous.
V Some strategies for success
* Start at one end and work your way to the other. Source to device works best for me.
V Check connections. Cables, signal strength, interference
* Placement of devices is important.
* Closed and encrypted. WPA 2 is best choice if you can (backward compatible to WPA).
* Naming can matter. Change the default SSID to avoid device confusion. Changer your default admin password too.
* iStumbler
* Non-computer wi-fi devices
* If you can wire it do it. Reduce the number of wi-fi devices.
V Check your DHCP settings. Are you over your limit?
* Consider internal static IPs
V Avoid the crowds, separate your N devices to 5GHz if you can. iPhone 4 is n, but in 2.4GHz.
* 5GHz can reduce crowding and interference and increase speed, but has reduced range.
V Signal Boosters and receivers
* Airport express or other range extending router. Works best with all one brand.
* DD-WRT and add signal boost and add range
* BearExtender n3
* Reset, restart, reboot.
* Patch everything. Firmware and device OS.
V MobileMe and Windows
* Paul was asking about Mobile Me Syncing of bookmarks to his PC
* There are 3rd party tools like XMarks
V Apple has a Mobile Me control Panel for Windows
* Sync bookmarks, calendar, and contacts
* Mount iDisk
V Discuss how i use Mobile Me and love it.
* Secure file sharing with iDisk
* Mobile syncing
* Gallery for private sharing.
* Apps
* Find My iPhone
V Duplicate contacts issue
* Setting in iTunes "Info" tab for the device. If you enable both Mobile Me over the air sync and sync via itunes you'll get two groups. On my iPhone and MobileMe Account
V To clear them
* Make sure you have a complete full back-up of contacts and calendars
* Turn off the iTunes syncing for both services
* On the device go to the MobileMe settings and switch off the calendar and contact syncing. when asked choose to keep the data
* Switch them back on and when asked choose to "merge": the data.
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V EOL: iPod Touch Video Wall
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