MacCast 07.17.2010 - Show #310
V Opening
V Opening Music
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V News
V Apple iPhone 4 press event
* Invited select members of the press to it's campus
V Speculation was rampant
* Full recall of the iPhone 4
* $30 credit or free iPhone Bumpers
* Verizon iPhone in January (really?!!! ever hopeful I guess). Would be after the Summer of Droid.
V The State of Antennagate prior to announcement
V Consumer Reports said it couldn't recommend the iPhone 4 because of the antenna issues.
* Later said that a bumper "fixes" the issue.
V Bloomberg reports that Ruben Caballero, a senior engineer and antenna expert at Apple warned executives of potential antenna issue due to the design.
* Apple categorically denies the Bloomberg claim.
* Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar claiming that Apple has developed an "internal bumper" insulator to isolate the iPhone 4’s antenna connection.
V So what did Steve say:
* The iPhone 4 antenna song. Set the tone for what was going to happen next.
V It was a about "scope".
* Scope of the negative coverage
* Scope of the users having actual issues.
V Not just us
* Showed other phones losing signal with "death grip"
V Yes we did testing
* Spends 100 million dollars in testing
* Show images of how they test.
V Consumers are satisfied
* Only 0.55% of customers are calling Applecare with antenna issues
* 1/3 the return rate of the iPhone 3 GS
* More dropped calls than the 3GS, but less than 1% more
V Countered with a lot of data
V What is Apple going to do
* iOS 4.0.1 update. Bar formula fix and Exchange Bug fix
* Free bumper case, partner case or refund of bumper case. Through September 30th.
V 30 days for a full refund. No restocking fees.
* In Q&A asked bout AT&T contract refunds and Jobs said he believes so.
V Other odds and ends
V Working on proximity sensor fix
* No word about some of the reported BT issues. People on the receiving end reporting bad or distant sound.
* One listener reports the BT issue goes away if he picks up the call on the iPhone first and then switches to BT.
* White iPhone shipping end of July. Limited quantities.
* Launching in 17 other countries on July 30th.
V My thoughts on the event
* What I expected Apple to do.
* In totally agreement with him on the "scope" angle.
V Not sure they clearly separated the 3 issues
V Bar issue. Remapped signal strengths.
* Anandtech has looked at the numbers.
* bottom cut off has been extended from -113db to -121db.
* 5th bar still starts at -51db, but now bottoms at -75db instead of -91db
* all other ranges have been extended.
V Attenuation.
* This is what other phones (incl. iPhone 3GS) also suffer from.
V De-tuning
* This is what the case resolves. Or tape, and is unique to the iPhone 4 design.
* This is the "flaw" they don't share with other devices
V Sent some mixed messages
* Made a big deal about the superior design of the iPhone 4 antenna at the launch event (remember the slide), now shows that there antenna has the same flaws as the competition.
* Never should have touted the antenna design as superior and this argument would be more believable to the non-technical consumer.
V Speculate that there is a hardware fix. September 30th date is time for existing customers to take advantage of free case.
* In Q&A Apple said they are NOT re-designing the antenna.
* Doesn't rule out modifications to minimize the detuning effect.
* If you get a new iPhone for in the next week or so please let me know if you can drop a call due to detuning.
V They could have gone further to admit a design flaw, but they wouldn't.
* Made the right corporate decision and saved PR face.
* May or may not appease the media, we'll see. Most will probably blow over.
* There never really was a large customer issue (beyond the bad PR), and the free case will likely resolve that for a majority of buyers.
V Some are saying Apple should just admit the design issue, that they are fixing it and will exchange customers phones in September
* Make no sense if Apple's customer data shows less than 1% complaining about the issue.
* Your talking about 3 million phones with likely millions more out by September.
* Full recall costs were estimated at 1.5 to 1.9 billion
* They can just replace that 1% on a case by case basis. Saves them lots of money and they don't publicly admit a design flaw.
V My experience
* Using the iPhone 4 normally as a would have my 3GS. I have no issues and the iPhone 4 is a better phone.
* I can now drop calls, but I have to make it happen and before iOS 4.0.1 I couldn't drop.
* Death grip does seem to lower data rates, but seems inconsistent
* Case resolves the de-tuning drops.
* If there does turn out to be a hardware fix I will want my iPhone replaced even though
V iOS 4.1 update hits devs. 4.0.1 maybe hits the streets
V Apple released 4.1 Beta to devs on Wednesday
* Has new "bars" reception formula and "taller" bars at the low-end of the scale for easier reading.
* Better display of signal drop off in poor reception areas.
V A Greek iPhone sites claims 4.0.1 will be released publicly today
* Claim 4.1 is for a September release
V iOS 3.2.1 Software Update for the iPad.
* Improved Wi-Fi connectivity
* Fixed an issue that stops the copy/paste of single-page PDFs in Mail
* Addressed issues that causes video playback to freeze
* Improved reliability involving the video-out using the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter
* Added Bing to Safari's search option
V US Mac sales continue growth
* Gartner put Apple in fourth for U.S. computer shipments, showing 9.8% market share and unit growth of 24.7% over the second quarter last year.
* Gartner showed overall US PC shipments up 16% year over year, so Apple is outpacing the industry.
* IDC has similar, but more conservative numbers reporting Apple’s second quarter U.S. market share at 8.8% with a unit increase of 15.4% from a year-ago.
* IDC reports the overall PC industry growth at 12.6%
V Some say smaller iPads are on the way
* From Digitimes (again)
* 5.6-inch and 7-inch OLED displays
V Targeting eBook reader market.
* Does that mean much lower price point?
* OLED is typically more expensive
V An Air of a new Air
V Digitimes is reporting that component suppliers tell them Apple has plans for a new Macbook Air
* 11.6-inch screen
* Intel Core i-series ultra-low voltage processor
* Also reporting a new A4 based iPod Touch with a 3 MP camera for stills and video capture.
V MacPro, iMacs maybe getting faster ports
* USB 3.0 ports in both new iMacs and Mac Pros. Up to 5Gbps.
* Firewire 1600 or 3200 connections in the Mac Pro with up to 3.2Gbps for FW 3200 connections
* Apple is still planning Intel Lightpeak, but might not show up in systems until next year.
V Apple eyed Palm,but lost to HP
* Silicon Alley Insider on Thursday reported that Apple was in the race to buy Palm, along with Google and Research in Motion.
* Apple looking to get their patent and IP library
* Also may have been interested in continuing their keyboard based phones to compete with RIM.
* HP ultimately purchased them for 1.2 Billion. Most speculate for their WebOS.
* Seems like a bargain to me.
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* Notebook
V Notebooks for everything
* Recipes, Household projects and to dos, Vacation plans
* Set up web clipping to easily dump in info from emails, the web, and other apps.
* Add section, flag, notes. Can even put in audio, video, voice annotations.
* Free trial available
V Feedback, Comments and Commentary
V Correction on resolving iPhone dupes
* I explained how to recover from iPhone duplicates if you enabled iTunes sync and Mobile Me sync.
* Step two I said you could "keep" the data on the device. You want say OK to delete it.
V The correct steps should be:
* Turn off syncing of contacts and calendar for the device in iTunes Info tab.
* Then turn off Mobile Me sync by going to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then tap your account, and slide to Off.
* When prompted, select Delete from My iPhone/iPod touch.
* Now you need to re-enable syncing:
* Choose Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then tap your account to slide the data type on.
* When prompted, select Merge with MobileMe
V Accessory not supported message
* Play comment from Claude
* "This accessory is not made to work with iPhone".
V iPhone not supporting some iPod Accessories
V Despite using the same 30-pin connector some iPod audio accessories will give you a warning about interference and offer to let you go into Airplane mode.
* I noticed on my iPhone 4 that I now get a "The accessory is not "optimized" for this iPhone" instead of not supported.
* May experience noise and decreased cellular signal strength
* In Airplane mode you can't get cellular data. Can turn back on Wi-Fi though.
* Check the connections on both the accessory and your iPhone. No debris also seated properly. Some cases can just slightly block a complete connection.
* Contact the accessory manufacturer.
* Make sure software is up to date.
* Do a full restore.
V "Made for iPod" vs. "Works with iPhone" logos.
* Watch out for accessors that just say the are iPhone compatible, but don't carry a "Works with iPhone" logo
V "Charging not supported" is another message.
* Scoche IFWA (PassPORT) - For the iPod nano (Gen 4), iPod touch (Gen 2), iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. Not sure about iPhone 4
V Review: Thoughtout Stabile
* 4 lbs steel stand in black or silver finish. Silver a little more "grey" than the aluminum on the iMac or Macbook Pro.
V "butterfly" style cradle with 4 padded fingers. 2 at bottom for the edge of the iPad and 2 behind the device
* 55 degree set viewing angle and low center of gravity
* Lives up to it's name
V Works in portrait or landscape orientation on any side, almost
* One of the holding fingers lines up with the volume rocker in 1 landscape orientation
* Both fingers line up perfectly with the sleep/wake button and headphone jack in the "upside down" portrait orientation
* Can compensate by shifting things off center a bit, so not a huge deal.
* Base matches the styling of the iMac base
* Slot in back for iPad cable management
V Works with or without a case
* I can even operate my Apple iPad case cover while it's in the stand or fold behind
* Made in the USA
* USD $59.99 for the Black and $69.99 for the silver.
V Create iOS Notes with Helvetica
* Yes you can rid your iOS device notes of Marker Felt without a "hack" or "jailbreak"
V Settings-->General-->Keyboard-->International Keyboard-->Add New Keyboard…
* Add one of the Japanese keyboards
V Go to the Notes app and create your new note
* Press the "globe" icon to switch to the Japanese Keyboard
* Type any character and then click Done.
V Now click to edit the note again, but switch back to your usual keyboard.
* Delete the Japanese character and start typing
* Your note will now be in Helvetica instead of Marker Felt
* Only bummer is you have to do this each time you start a new Note
* There is an app called Helvetinote for iPad
V Rate your iTunes Tracks
V To rate a track
* Select a track in iTunes
* File-->Rating-->Select 0 to 5 stars
V To see the ratings in the views
* If it's not already visible, Control+Click (Right+Click) the column header area and check on the 'Rating' column.
* You can then drag it to reorient it in your list view.
* You can also now click an drag over that column for a track to set it's rating.
V Set rating from the Info window
* Select the track and choose File-->Get info (Command+I)
* Click the 'Options' tab and you can set the rating there.
V Once you have ratings set you can use those as criteria for smart playlists
* Get 25 random 4 star or better rock songs.
V Hack to enable "half" ratings
V In the Terminal:
* Quit iTunes if open
* type: defaults write allow-half-stars -bool TRUE
* Hit enter and open iTunes. Now you can set half ratings
* To remove type the same command, but replace the word TRUE with FALSE
* Or use my favorite plist hacking System Preference Pane, Secrets.
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